Another break-in at Cabinet minister’s office

Women Affairs minister Nyasha Chikwinya

WOMEN Affairs minister Nyasha Chikwinya has become the latest victim of a break-in at her offices at a government complex.



Kaguvi Building went into lockdown early on Monday morning after it was discovered that Chikwinya’s new office had been broken into.

“There was a virtual shutdown and the minister’s 8th floor office was turned upside down by police, intelligence and the bomb disposal unit as they searched for clues. Chikwinya was moved to a temporary office after someone left a tap running in the building resulting in the whole floor flooding. Furniture was damaged in the process,” a source told NewsDay yesterday.

“The temporary office has two unsecured doors and that’s how the break-in happened. Nobody can tell what was stolen or taken for now, but her official office doors were also tampered with although the culprits did not manage to get in.”

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the incident, but would not provide details.

“Yes, I can confirm, but I do not have details at hand,” was all Charamba could say.

Chikwinya could neither confirm nor deny the break-in when contacted for comment.

“It is a security issue and if you want information, ask the police,” the minister said.

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has had his offices broken into a record six times including a cyanide poisoning incident that left his secretary hospitalised on the eve of his appointment into the presidium in December 2014.

There has also been break-ins at the country’s Constitutional Court as well as High Court in the past two years as political temperatures continue to rise.

Chikwinya, according to impeccable sources, had been attending meetings at the African Union in Ethiopia when the “flooding” happened.

“She came back to find the office under water and now this. She is scared and thinks she is being targeted for political reasons,” said another insider.

It is also believed there was an attempted break-in at the Ministry of Health offices in the same building on the same night.


  1. If these break-ins happened to any member of the first family’s office, would the police genuinely fail to pin the culprits?

  2. I bet they were looking for the Blue Pills which she once distributed to folks in Gokwe once upon a time.

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