AMHVoices:Mujuru now conveniently disowning govt policies

Zimbabwe People First leader Joice Mujuru wants to make people believe that she left Zanu PF on her own accord, yet the public knows quite well that she was fired from both government and Zanu PF by President Robert Mugabe.

By Matitemba,Our Reader

Joice Mujuru
Joice Mujuru

Actually, Mujuru wants the people to believe her side of the story surrounding her dismissal as a way of making people embrace her newly-launched political outfit. She wants to mislead the electorate into believing that she is a principled someone, who stands for the truth.

Mujuru,in trying to appear respectable, has sought to dismiss the notion that she was sacked from both government and the ruling party, Zanu PF, by choosing to tell her supporters recently that she moved out of the party of her own accord.

Mujuru said she was not dismissed by Mugabe, but decided to move out Zanu PF after realising that the barrage of attacks she received from First Lady Grace Mugabe during her meet the people tours around the country had no end in sight.

Mujuru further said her departure from the ruling party had been “inevitable”, as she was always clashing with Mugabe over policy matters up to the time she decided to leave.

Surprisingly, Mujuru, who spent the better party of her life in government, waited for the 2014 debacle to leave the party. She was always in government, but did not see any reason to leave the party until the attacks on her from Grace.

Could such a person, who values her personal interests more than those of the masses, become a good leader? What Mujuru is not aware of is that everything is in the public domain, and that her alleged policy clashes with Mugabe are fictitious because Zimbabweans never came across such allegations before her dismissal from both Zanu PF and government. If it was true that she was ever-clashing with Mugabe on policy matters, she could have shown the world by leaving the party like she is claiming that she did in 2014 after attacks from Grace.

What Zimbabweans know about Mujuru is that since 1980, she was in government holding different ministerial posts until she was appointed Vice-President of Zimbabwe in 2004, making her second-in-command in both the government and the ruling party, Zanu PF. With that influential position being in government, Mujuru got into the comfort zone of being the Vice-President to amass great wealth using State machinery.

Now that she is no longer in government she wants the public to believe her that she was regularly clashing with Mugabe on policy matters.

Is that not cheap politicking?

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  1. mai mujuru ehe tazvinzwa Asi matauriro enyu anoratidza kuti muchirikuda zpf kana Mugabe ari kuuraya party handiti zvonakira imi muri opposition here .rug are gumbo ngaapote achikunyorerai zvekutaura .musaite sa biti anosevenza tsvangirai .my sister the audience you are trying to please are fewer than millions who want to hear about how you are going to govern .matotanga nekurasika

  2. Mujuru’s ZPF and Mugabe’s ZPF are twins sharing the same umblical cord, only their progenitor can separate

  3. Mai Mujuru you are a politician henyu so we expect you kutaura zvamurikutaura izvi even though deep down you know henyu kuti you did not do anything pamaiona zvinhu zvichiipira Zim.Now you should at least apologize to the whole nation monyatsakutanga in truth nekuti iyi yekuti Mugabe Mugabe iyi isu tozongoona kunge you are a person who doesn’t own up to her mistakes anongoda kuti vamwe ndovakaipa chete asi iye aimbovewo achisupporter wacho aitadza until azorasiswa.

  4. Everyone with a bit of common sense knows that everytime a politician opens his/her mouth,half of what comes out usually utter garbage and you have to sift through it to find the truth.That said,I reckon Mujuru has presented Zimbas with a real chance of toppling the Zanoids come 2018.

  5. True Makepekepe

    She was a hardliner as some point, going to the extent of insulting the then Vice President Joshua M N Nkomo over the later’s directive to grant Econet the operating licence.

    Mujuru was the Minister in-charge of communications ministry…she was doing that to pave way to protect her Telecel which had the Makambas, War Vets and people close to her! You called the affable Father of The Nation a senile man! VP Nkomo was have had ‘a chuckle’ when Grace was dishing out a tongue lashing in 2014.

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    ——> A­l­p­h­a-C­a­r­e­e­r­s.C­­O­­M

  7. 1/5 Mujuru says the corruption allagations against her are false but cannot explain her wealthy which place her amongst the richest in Africa
    2/5 Mujuru has sorrounded herself with people with history of graft(corruption) eg Bright Matonga,Mutasa etc Explorers & Revisionist with a repetition of fraud
    3/5 Dr. 10% Mujuru can not explain the cover up on a culpable homicide charge case when her daughter run over and killed pedestrian (abuse of office)
    4/5 If Mujuru was not dismissed on corruption & abuse of office …she would not have formed a party
    5/5 I remember in 2013-2014 when graft(fraud) scandals started, Mujuru said”People who are fighting corruption want to destory ZANU PF from within because they know what keeps Zimbabwe moving” I do not know what bshe meant by that.
    I ARREST MY CASE…this woman is not & will never be a presidential material…PASI NA Dr. 10%

  8. Mujuru Panyanga

    Asi cde Humba muri mutumwa wa Bob kani? She did not declare a dogma of infallibility. Please give her a chance to prove her worth.Is it not true that even Morgan Tsvangirai was once Zanu PF? You seem to be resisting change and people like you are dangerous.

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