AMHVoices:Let’s dismantle looting machine

The Zanu PF patronage formula is clear. The government procures loans for State enterprises from China. These loans, by the way, will eventually be paid by the taxpayer.

Corruption, conflicts of interest and patronage is the culture of Zanu PF and this is not going to go away until we have a new government and new political leadership. At some stage we will have to quantify the amount of looting that has been going on and we are all going to be shocked. Zimbabwe will never progress as long as Zanu PF is in power.

Vince Musewe,PDP secretary for finance and economic affairs

We anxiously await for the forensic audit at NetOne, but that is not all. In our view, all State enterprises should be audited in a similar manner in order to expose the theft of public resources that is now the new normal.

The Zanu PF patronage formula is clear. The government procures loans for State enterprises from China. These loans, by the way, will eventually be paid by the taxpayer. The funds are then spent on projects which are authorised by the line minister and procurement is then authorised by the CEOs and boards. Projects are given to “approved suppliers” who are, of course, part of the looting machine.

Line ministers, State enterprise CEOs, State enterprise boards and approved suppliers are all cogs of this looting machine which is plundering the country’s resources and everyone gets paid.

This also happens within local government contracts and every State institution. This is what we term “the looting machine” which is oiled by patronage and homage to the President who, of course, has the final say on who gets appointed as what and where.

It is highly lucrative to be approved by him and one must remain loyal to the party and the President or else. In Zimbabwe, we, therefore, have a typical example of “State capture” by Zanu PF and a sitting President.

Because of this looting machine, Zimbabweans continue to lose billions of dollars that could be used to develop the country and benefit its people, especially within State enterprises.

In addition, the pricing of goods and services provided by State enterprises is uncompetitive and inflated in order to meet the cost of corruption and patronage. This, of course, includes high employment costs and benefits paid to State enterprise senior managers and executives.

As People’s Democratic Party (PDP), our approach will be to dismantle this looting machine first through forensic audits to expose the extent of the graft and then transforming State enterprises into viable business entities by appointing new non-partisan professional managers and executives to run them, including ensuring that we have independent and ethical boards. Those who have stolen from the people must face the consequences.

In addition, we will ensure that no government official does business with government. We have to remove conflicts of interest and ensure accountability and transparency to save Zimbabwe from this cancer of patronage and theft.

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  1. The misconception of corruption that its a ZANU PF trait is totally wrong. Even MDC T. ZPF, MDC M, and a lot of other non aligned individuals are corrupt. We have to fight corruption all of us. If today there is a political party whose ideology is to eradicate corruption in every sphere of the Country, i tell you that Party will win A LANDSLIDE VICTORY IN 2018. a serious Manifesto about ending corruption and recovering the looted wealth is what the Majority of Zimbabweans want now. Not this hogwash of he Mugabe old, he Grace power hungry, thats all nonsense. We say no to corruption.

    1. I am not at all attempting to say the truths, but something that I think may make sense to other people. The fish rots from the head. If there is corruption and rampant looting in a country, then the Government of the day should be accountable. If corruption is the new norm in a country then the Government of that country can not be regarded as upright and ethical. It is common knowledge that a ZANU PF government has presided over a dying economy characterised by rampant corruption. It is common knowledge that the same ruthless security machinery which has kept ZANU PF in power is utter corrupt. Do you want villagers in Mudzi to come and do forensic audit in government owned entities. ZANU PF said they won the elections, so they should at least stop the rot. I mean that they should stop corruption and looting. Time will tell. You think it will never happen, not even over a thousand years!! Fool yourselves.

  2. One good example is Wicknell Chivayo. What qualifies that small boy for say example the recent US$128ml at the expense of well and long established companies? No wonder he will parade himself as mzukuru wa the late Veep Nkomo; he parades himself with Veep Mnangagwa; he parades himself with Veep Mphoko. You dont need rocket science to understand that he does most bidding for these guys. Look at Strive with his billions. It’s hard earned cash which he will not throw down the drain like this boy does.

    1. Tell them Nyimo. Very soon they will tell us that the boy has died and has left no running business. That is typical of a corrupt system, you are a businessman today and tomorrow you are a thief or nobody. We have seen all these shapeless lies. Time will tell. We will see who the actual business person is.

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  4. Corruption is now so ingrained into the fabric of the country its become the done thing. Everyone wants his/her palm greased before anything can be done. It’s going to take a lôoooong looooooong time before that culture is rooted out .And it has to be by example – a top down exercise starting with our now fabulously wealthy president.

    I am not holding my breath lol!

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