27 people die in horrific bus accident

TWENTY-SEVEN people died in a horrific accident that occurred 20km outside Kwekwe yesterday afternoon, when a Harare-bound Pfochez bus collided with a Sprinter kombi heading in the opposite direction.


Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and mushikashika taxes

Although national police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba could not be reached for comment, Kwekwe mayor Matenda Madzoke, who is part of Kwekwe district’s disaster management team, confirmed the accident.

“We counted 26 people who died at the scene of the accident and one was pronounced dead upon arrival at Kwekwe General Hospital.

“Only two people from the Sprinter survived,” he said.

Madzoke said 16 were critically injured and were transferred to Harare and Gweru hospitals for treatment.

He said preliminary police investigations indicated that the Pfochez bus driver lost control of the vehicle after it burst its left front tyre and encroached into the opposite lane, causing the head-on collision.

The bus landed on its side and slided for a distance while the kombi was reduced into a heap of metal.

Madzoke said the drivers of both vehicles were crushed beyond recognition, adding fire brigade teams from Kwekwe and Gweru battled for three hours to retrieve the trapped bodies from the wreckages.

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  1. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace. To the family of the deceased please take heart, its hard to fathom.Maybe it was God’s time. Tongo chema netariro.

  2. Very sad indeed. May their souls rest in peace. I think Government should also ban the importation of cheap quality and second hand tyres that these operators end up using due to the economic challenges that our beloved Zimbabwe is facing.

  3. Very sad. We can only say it’s GOD’s way. Thanks ND for giving us a better siting of the accident scene. At least we have an idea. But you could have done better by indicating which direction 20km outside Kwekwe. The Herald only says “at the 231km peg along the Harare-Bulawayo highway”. Imagine!

    1. Ndikubatsire GUNGUWO hanzi “Harare-bound Pfochez bus collided with a Sprinter kombi heading in the opposite direction” kureva kuti direction yanga yakananga bhazi iHarare, kombi ichibvawo opposite direction.

      1. Thank you Mai 2 for trying to help but I think you didn’t get my question. I am asking which side of Kwekwe this accident occurred. Is it 20km towards Kadoma or the other side after Kwekwe towards Gweru? A reader should be able to imagine and correctly site it. I did not ask which direction the bus or sprinter was heading. The Herald talks about 231km from Harare. How do you cite 231km along a 495km stretch of road. Sometimes its prober to even say “at the flyover outside Gweru heading to Bulawayo”. It’s easy to locate it that way.

  4. Mugabe akaoma , can he please fix the roads

  5. May their souls rest in peace.Mweya rudzii wakukonzeresa maaccidents aya its like its the norm tyre burst ,driver loses control and head on collision ndozvakungoitika in most accidents .Asi picture yamaisa iyo ndaishaiwa payo pane vanhu 27 vafa moisa two ladies dzukusekerera ?????

  6. Ko kuzotiisira ma pictures ema smiling officers ndokudii? Please revise that picture, there’s nothing happy about this story…none at all

    May the souls of the deceased rest in peace

  7. Lezithombe ezibekiwe zingekhitshwe na ? Azihambisani nesehlakalo esenzakele.Lusizi lolu abalale ngoxolo abofowethu.

  8. Ndikubatsire GUNGUWO hanzi “Harare-bound Pfochez bus collided with a Sprinter kombi heading in the opposite direction” kureva kuti direction yanga yakananga bhazi iHarare, kombi ichibvawo opposite direction.

  9. May their souls rest in peace.the bus must have been over speeding.

  10. mabhazi anomhanyisa aya anogona kupinda mu 140 km with much ease and smthing should be done about regulating their speeds on the highways

  11. may their souls rest in peace.
    ND to me this is a very sad indeed it should have been the lead story, not all polical issues should be lead stories only.
    You picture for this story should be removed where is the editor? What time did this happen?


    Some countries are dumping their cheap fake pdts in third world countries. We always hear of tyre bursts. Tyre burst this, tyre bursts that. Those are fake tyres and their durability is questionable. Ban those fake pdts. Africa is not a dumping ground.

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  14. ya ya ya correct terence

  15. may their dear souls rest in eterna;l peace,,, zvakaoma veduwee,,, this might have been as a result of overspeeding hei bakhithi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ngwenayasvinura

    The bus burst a front RIGHT tyre resulting in the right side enclosing and it encroached into the right side,where the Sprinter was coming from opposite direction.

    Pictires of the bus even reveal a burst front RIGHT tyre.Who is saying left and why?

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