Zimta angry over heads suspensions

TEACHERS are unhappy over the recent suspension of more than 21 headmasters accused of numerous offences, including misuse of school funds, in what the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) alleges is a systematic purge of its members.


Zimta president Richard Gundane said it appeared as if there was an onslaught against teachers by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), which he accused of harassing educators even in front of students and parents.

“We have a total of 3 000 teachers who were removed from the payroll, even though they were present during the head counts that are going on,” he said. “Now there is a wave of headmasters, who are being suspended from work. You are tempted to believe that our members are being targeted.”

prisca-mupfumira5 Labour minister, Prisca Mupfumira

Gundane said while Zimta did not condone misuse of school funds by headmasters, his association felt the CSC should not act as the police, but work on capacity-building and human resource training to ensure efficient service delivery.

“Most headmasters are not managers. They are competent in teaching, not financial management. So they need training and capacity-building instead of hounds, who want to sniff them off their jobs,” he said.

In Gokwe, at Rugora Primary School, CSC officers were reported to have embarrassed teachers in front of pupils, allegedly insulting staff over their failure to dress properly.

Gundane said they had received a complaint from their members, adding Zimta was unhappy with the bullying tactics.

Parents who spoke to NewsDay, however, welcomed the action taken by CSC in suspending headmasters accused of maladministration and called for more action.

Rio Tinto School Development Committee secretary Owen Matava said those who helped themselves to school funds should face the music.

“We struggle to pay fees, but you find that some headmasters want to bypass the committees, make their own decisions and steal money from the school. They even influence elections so that they work with people who support their thievery,” he alleged.

Labour minister, Prisca Mupfumira could not be reached for comment yesterday, as her mobile phone went unanswered.

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  1. The headline is misleading, it is not linked/related to the the content of the story.

  2. This Gundane guy is one of the most confused educationist. ZIMTA has actually lost its glory and has been reduced to a money making entity, fleecing the teachers of the contributions without any meaningful representation. i think the Gundane guy just needs to revise and revise and revise the PSC Regulations of 2000 and see how government is renegading on its regulations. Gundane and crew have actually done nothing.

  3. Even during colonization civil servants were not handled the way they are been .Takabvisa humwe hudzvinyiriri hwevachena ndokuisa hwevatema.Zvinonyadzisa.Ko maaudit acho azoita tavamuZimbabwe sei.Kudvinyirira Kudvinyirira Kudvinyirira Kudvinyirira Kudvinyirira

  4. Mr Gundane !!! It is not mandatory that you have to make commends on all issues concerning teachers . You are making a fool of yourself by making senseless commends . Thieving headmasters must be arrested and jailed and you Mr Gundane should simply agree and tell your members not to steal . You say the headmasters are not managers , would you agree that we bring in professional managers to manage schools and the headmasters go back to teaching . Do not cry foul when that happens because you are calling for it . A thief is a thief and deserves to be jailed . Now that you cry foul about suspensions , I wonder what you will do when they get jailed . Teachers , please chose representatives who understand the laws that govern your operations .

  5. Thank you for being honest, Mr Gundane – Headmastes are not managers, hence the chaos in the education system! But clearly, the same School Heads do not want to acknowledge this fact!

  6. Meanwhile thousands of qualified teachers are roaming the streets without employment while unqualified teachers have been engaged in Mat North. It is embarasing to be a Zimbabwean, the education system is in turmoil

  7. Zimta is hunting with the hounds and running with the hares-those of us who have worked under these heads whom they want to protect know how corrupt and abusive they have been-let them face the music!

  8. these are teachers who were put in place by DEOS on local arrangements and usually attend loads of meetings to pay for their appointments using school funds,attending cluster meetings which do not benefit the school and pupils.if they cannot manage turn down, the offer and concentrate on what you were trained to do.they are also bullies themselves because Havana leadership qualities and no experience

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