Zanu PF tightens noose on Moyo


HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo’s political career appears to be on the edge as top government and Zanu PF officials recently used State media to berate him ahead of a politburo meeting next Wednesday, where his conduct is likely to top the agenda.


Since last week, Moyo has been receiving brickbats from top government and Zanu PF officials angered by his use of social media platforms.

President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba set the ball rolling in a stinging interview aired on a private radio station last week. As Moyo fought back, Mugabe — who has consistently spoken against discussing party issues on social media — on Sunday called on warring factions to unite and stop abusing each other in public.

Since then, Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo, party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo, war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri have joined the fray, warning against the abuse of social media in comments that could be seen as directed at Moyo.

On Monday, Moyo said the Zanu PF politburo will discuss social media abuse by party officials at its next meeting, while Chombo reiterated that the ruling party only had one spokesperson, a message widely believed to be directed at the Tsholotsho North MP.

Charamba, in his admonition of Moyo, said he was speaking on behalf of Mugabe and the First Family, warning Moyo and the G40 group, before war veterans’ leaders threatened to bar him from attending Zanu PF meetings.

Led by Mutsvangwa, who doubles as War Veterans minister, the former freedom fighters have come out guns blazing accusing Moyo of all manner of misdemeanours, including deserting the liberation war.

Insiders said fissures have emerged within the G40 faction amid reports some of the group’s alleged leaders, Zanu PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and
Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao have been conspicuous by their silence.

“You can see that all is not well because the group’s most talkative characters have suddenly gone quiet,” a source said. “Some of them are actually approaching the other side in the dead of night providing details of the deeds by G40 and their plans.”

Mutsvangwa has dared Moyo to a legal fight.

“I can’t wait for the discovery of evidence that should lay bare the claims and falsehoods of this Gregory Rasputin reincarnation in Zimbabwe. The courts will hear all that,” Mutsvangwa said.

“The courts would love to hear all those pertinent briefs, verbal and written, that our Rasputin professor has been despatching and journalists will have a smorgasbord of titillating political gossip and with it the downright lies of garrulous machinations.”

Moyo, who normally uses micro-blogging site Twitter to lash out at opponents, is bracing for the war against him.

“Mutsvangwa thinks he can do to some of us what he did to Joice Mujuru with Charamba’s and (The) Herald’s help. Handei tione! (Let the action begin and see how it ends!),” he wrote yesterday.

Mujuru, the former Vice-President, was removed from her party and government positions, on allegations she was behind a plot to unseat Mugabe unconstitutionally, while Charamba, the veteran leader’s Press secretary, has emerged as Moyo’s nemesis in the internecine struggles for power in Zanu PF.

Yesterday, former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa also waded into the fight as the storm clouds gathered around Moyo.

Mliswa defended the use of an army barracks for a war veterans’ meeting, something Moyo took issue with, saying the former freedom fighters are the army’s last line of defence and “an extended arm of the army”.

The former Zanu PF provincial chairman said it was disingenuous for Moyo to complain about the abuse of The Herald to settle political scores, as the Tsholotsho legislator had done the same in a bid to discredit Mujuru and her supporters.

It seems Moyo has also been frozen out by State media, as his statement hitting back at Charamba and Mutsvangwa went unreported, while The Herald has also described his penchant for social media as “frenzied tweeting”.

Moyo previously had unchallenged control of State media, but their lack of enthusiasm at his statement could indicate shifting attitudes.


  1. Quite interesting. So Moyo is now relying on the Dailynews that he once abolished? I f it was nomore, then where on earth would he resort to? Rino igore rema changes……..

    • LOL. Wishful Thinking. Moyo does not rely on sellouts in Daily News and Newsday.

      Moyo is on the correct side of Zanu-PF. Charamba and Mutsvangwa are delusional. They cant kick out Zanu-PF from Zanu-PF. Musvangwa must form his own party. He never formed Zanu-PF.

      • Biti uri dofo if you cant see that Moyo is on the way out then you must be a white guy or a zimbabwean in the diaspora

    • Brother.. politics is about constant shifting of allegiance and alliances as the situation on the ground dictates. There is nothing unusual about Prof Moyo having the Daily News as his mouthpiece.

  2. havambochigoni chi professor Rasputin ichi, the only person kudzingwa muzanu chichidzoswa, remember ndochakanyorera sekuru gudo manifesto yegore riya vana chombo vana vadiki muzanu professor is kule gudo’s best friend no matter wat…now following his “Inga ndimi makatanga nyaya idzi kunge ndimi mega munozvigona izvi. Mbabva dzemabhurugwa emadzimai. Handei tione!” tweets

    • Fine, the professor might have over played a hand but as the anointed jester at the court…he is going nowhere! He has fitted himself smugly into the shoes of one late Herbert Ushewokunze who was fired and rehired many a time..For this misfortune, Ushewokunze labelled himself a ‘whipping boy’ Moyo will not be going anywhere soon…The worst that will happen to him is some light sanction like getting his knuckles rapped and a reprimand..As for those he is fighting, worse will visit them.The sad thing about their lack of tact is that they continue forcing themselves into a trigger happy First lady’s gun sights! This will be labelled fairness as it takes two to tango…

  3. Prof Moyo is a twisted genius. He has a sharp political mind and plays his cards close to his chest. The likes of Mutsvangwa are no match for him. Hate him or hate him again the man is just too valuable for Zanu PF to dispose of and by Zanu PF I mean sekuru Mugabe.

  4. What a piece bad journalism. Did anyone observe how disjointed this article is? I really wonder if the editor is doing his job.
    Moyo merits this isolation, in spite of his shrewdness, he abuses his intelligence to strategize against almost every other person he sets his eyes on. It does not matter whether one is in Zanu Pf or the opposition, he makes sure they are victims of his evil machinations.

  5. With due respect to Prof Moyo, I kindly urge him to slow down a little bit on ZanuPF squabbles and concentrate on Ministry issues. There is total chaos in his ministry. His first port of call should be Polytechnics. I do respect him very much because he a hardworking individual, unfortunately politics now diverts him from his core business. If seems he now uses much of his time on Facebook attacking those he perceives as his enemies.

  6. I hope they start killing each other off. The nation and world at large will be a better place without these parasites

  7. Kunotsva demo pupini uchisara gore rino kuzanu. Dai wamudhara vambowuyawo pa tweeter tawona maskills avo ekunyora. Kwete kungosimbira ku taura zvisina basa vari etopiya.

  8. Strategy! Strategy! The one who has a better strategy wins. I doubt Mutsvangwa is as strategic as Jonathan Moyo but you can never know. Lets see the end game.

  9. Guys get this matrix well, Moyo z not going anywhere. This is a great trap and snare to Mutsvangwa, Charamba and team. As u can see, its only that they want these tactic disabled group to expose themselves of their support allegiance to someone. They can think that they are bailing themselves out of the problem whilst they are exposing themselves. Its a planned equation, & dont be surprised to learn in future that he was the brain child of the idea. I feel sorry for Mutsvangwa & team, they cant read a long designed trap 4 themselves

  10. Moyo is a political strategist zimbabwe has ever had…..destroying zanupf within .Vachapera kudzingwa vose Jonso chozotevera zvacho chaparadza. Gushungo itai mhanhi zviya zvenyu..dzingai vanhu kusvika pasisina wokudzinga

    • All of them, Moyo and Mutsvangwa, are secessionists and from an analytical point of view, those in attack of Moyo are pro-Mnangagwa and those in attack of Mutsvangwa are pro-G40. The Chief strategist is Mugabe and no-one else. CHECK HISTORY

  11. The Lacoste team has been drawn out of hiding and exposed their backs. G40 players have made a tactical retreat using Jona as a bait. Now these goons have swallowed hook line and sinker. Remember how Mutasa and Gumbo exposed themselves. Just wait until the CEO cracks the whip

  12. i enjoy this forum where great ideas and brains are on show. We are polarised in our views but i can see we are going towards the end of an era, maybe the worst or the best in the history of our country. the agitated waters would soon settle down

  13. Can I profecy?……..The ZANU pf guys will never throw away MOYO. Moyo is a work horse for the party and is even more dangerous outside the party than inside. Most of the ZANU Pf manifestos are done by Moyo while others are asleep. So let them pay for putting Moyo in the forefront, But kumudzinga ummmmm, handioni anoshinga kuzviita.

  14. Moyo akakwirirwa chimbwido nanamukoma akanyeperwa kuti ndabirwa snickers. In zanu there is nothing like havamugoni Rex Mujuru akadhirizwa wani, mwana wamoyo aripi???Saka kutaurisa handiko kugona otherwise kutaurisa people vanobva vakuronga. In a proper mafia vana Moyo ndivo vano nyudzwa nekutaurisa. Moyo haazivi pekutaurisa nepekunyarara …sakakupata

  15. “The courts would love to hear all those pertinent briefs, verbal and written, that our Rasputin professor has been despatching and journalists will have a smorgasbord of titillating political gossip and with it the downright lies of garrulous machinations.”

    Murikuzama kuti kdii apa Cde Mutsvangwa. Ndaimboti chirungu chenyu ndecheku memoriza vavhoko asi haaa makaona ndatotadza kuhwa kuti murikuti kudii.

  16. “The courts would love to hear all those pertinent briefs, verbal and written, that our Rasputin professor has been despatching and journalists will have a smorgasbord of titillating political gossip and with it the downright lies of garrulous machinations.”

    Zvinosimudzira nyika izvozvo varume vakuru kusweroita sepwere dziri kumbudzi, mukawana nguva mukwane.

  17. Somebody is holding an ace somewhere, could be Charamba could be Jonathan, but Jona must understand Charamba is akarateka akavingirwa muoffice achabudamo achiita se a rumwa nembwa kana pane akamboona Logan’s War.

  18. Jonathan Moyo (G40) fights with Chris Mutsvangwa (Team Lacoste); Charamba (Team Lacoste) fights with Christ Mutsvangwa (Team Lacoste): Unobva watoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvirikumbofamba seyi uye kuti zvichaguma sei.

  19. Whilst all this is happening the real Mafios boss is zizi zvake. He does not make his hands dirty but uses his foot soldiers to wash the dirty linen. Bob planned the demise of Zanu pf well. By the time the Mafiis boss dies there won’t be a party left.
    The rest is history

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