‘Zanu PF split imminent’


HERALD columnist, Nathaniel Manheru, strongly believed to be President Robert Mugabe’s aide, George Charamba, has warned of a looming Zanu PF split, if the shadowy Generation 40 (G40) faction is left unchecked.


“The idea is to have successive breakaways that would leave Zanu PF anaemic and softened for defeat. Expect more exfoliation,” Manheru wrote in his weekly column published on Saturday.

The ruling party is currently engaged in nasty internecine factional fights centred on Mugabe’s succession.

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In his article, Manheru rechristened the G40 as G-Wikileaks, saying members of the group, like ousted Vice-President Joice Mujuru, would soon meet their end because of their alleged links with the US.

“The splintered MDC-T is being slowly re-soldered by the Americans, with the strategy being to exaggerate intra-oppositional differences in the hope of engineering a surprise for Zanu PF, but unlike in 2008, the two shards out for Zanu PF, then playing out as Mavambo and then Zapu, will have to happen now in order to reunite before 2018,” he wrote.

“Mujuru’s PF is now in place, virtually. A Zapu-like follow-up tear-away will soon pass in the form of G-Wikileaks, not G40, as the group prefers to call itself.”

Manheru said the fall of Mujuru was mainly because of the unforgiven sins of consorting with Americans, which was exposed following the leaking of diplomatic cables between US and Zimbabwe by Wikileaks, a whistle-blowing organisation.

The shadowy columnist, also accused the opposition MDC-T of fueling the recent demolition of houses along Airport Road in Harare, a move he said was aimed at tarnishing the Zanu PF government’s image.

“The urban housing demolitions are in full swing albeit under an MDC-T council. When this is couched as a human rights story, it is the Zanu PF government, not MDC-T council, which gets convicted. Even the cholera story is back with a resonance familiar to the 2008 scenario,” Manheru wrote.

But, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday dismissed the claims as “a pack of lies” and reminded Charamba that the demolitions were ordered by his principal.


  1. Silly Claims by mad Charamba tht the Mdc were behind the airport demolitions completely invalidates his cause.
    Kwakushaya kwekupengera.
    He is out of touch with reality.

  2. @Kango, No entirely that he is not in touch with reality, that’s how propaganda is churned out. Right now he knows he is lying, but if he repeats it a few more times he will start to believe it himself.

  3. Politics is a dirty game. Come 2018, some power hungry politicians will start to tell those whose houses were demolished that, its MDC that instructed the demolition of hses. Even an insane person could see that the flags erected on those bogus housing cooperative sites are not MDC flags. Come 2018 you will see the same houses constructed, only to be demolished after 5 yrs when another election is conducted. What i have discovered is, politicians always capitalise on those who dont use their common senses.

  4. HCC should be given the powers and mandate of allocating stands to those on waiting list. Those houses destroyed were an eye sore and paints a bad picture as they were so close to the Airport. I blame the greedy bogus land barons and also those who were allocated stands illegally for not using their common senses.

  5. You are right Mubvumbi. Some of these people Havana kukwana like vana Chinx vakaputsirwa ivo vachizviti maWar vet. Kuvhotera vanhu vanonyepa. Kasukuwere recently was telling people is it in Budiriro or Marimba that their houses are safe but they were destroyed. Zanu believes in lying to people and they do anything to buy votes. Izvezvi they are sacrificing infrastructure devepolment for mabonus because Mugabe anoda mavotes. In 2018, he will tell people that they will sort out the dilapidated infrastructure which they are ignoring now and that circle will continue. MaZimbo makapusa and I do not apologise for that. Tsvangirai is not educated as claimed by some circles but ndibaba vanoziva kuti muvakidzana anombopa mhuri yako upfu haatukwe nemashoko akadzama pamuno tukana. Keep your England and I will keep my Zimbabwe. Makato personalizwa kare because you are corwards. Ukarohwa musi weballot you will be alone so whats happening. Iyo mhosva yeminda iyoyi will haunt the next Governments because there is need to compensate those evicted whites. How can you say its lawful if someone is ordered off a farm and is only allowed to take his clothes. Mombe, wheat, and other property zvolootwa then you say hapana lawsuit. Shame that even young people’s minds catch up easily with old ideologies and are brain washed.

    • Interesting that there are people who actually still believe Tsvangirai still has anything to offer. Equally interesting is how a black person cries for the white man losing “his” land and not taking a moment to think how the white man came to “own” that land in the first place, the fact that the ones who “lost” the land might not have been the ones who dispossessed blacks initially notwithstanding.

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