You’ll die – Grace ally warns Mnangagwa

Vice President Emmerson-Mnangagwa

HURUNGWE East legislator Sarah Mahoka (Zanu PF) yesterday warned Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa he risked “dying” if he does not rein in party officials abusing his name and campaigning for him to succeed President Robert Mugabe.



Mahoka’s chilling warning came at a gathering of the Zanu PF women’s league at the ruling party’s headquarters, while Mugabe and other officials sat stone-faced.

“Please, VP Mnangagwa, can you reprimand your people?” she thundered. “They are terrorising us. You cannot sit there like a duck and say nothing. We did not gather here to fight, but to support the President and we support the leadership he chose. We are not saying Mnangagwa must be removed.

“But if you let these things go unchecked, you my brother Shumba-Chikara (Mnangagwa’s totem), munofira mumba. Munofa nechekuchera (You will become a victim of your own machinations),” Mahoka said adding: “We do not have an issue with VP (Phelekezela) Mphoko. He has declared he is not angling for the Presidency. We also have not said the First Lady should be president or VP”.

Mnangagwa did not move a muscle, while Mugabe and First Lady Grace Mugabe watched in silence, as Mahoka turned her guns on the President’s spokesman George Charamba and The Herald, which she accused of lying.

“We want to know if the President sent him. He [Charamba] must not run his mouth and The Herald must stick to issues that help people,” she said, after asking the Minister of State in Mphoko’s Office, Tabetha Kanengoni-Malinga to read a transcript from Charamba’s interview with ZiFM.

Charamba had ripped into unnamed members of the G40, a grouping within Zanu PF said to be opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding the President, warning them he was speaking for Mugabe and that they would soon “come to grief”.

Mugabe acknowledged Mahoka’s claims, before narrating a cryptic story about a woman he once lived next to.

“She was in the habit of shouting at everybody whenever her child came home crying,” he said, “without even seeking to understand whether it was her child who was wrong or not.”
As Mugabe spoke, Charamba suddenly walked up to the podium and adjusted the microphone, before quickly disappearing to the back of the crowd. At that moment, Charamba was heckled by a number of women and youths that included Energy minister Samuel Undenge’s wife Letina.

“Charamba must be removed. The party must not be infested with termites,” they chanted.

Mugabe did not respond to the demands on Charamba directly, but said: “Yes, termites can only be exterminated with bicarbonate of soda and not gamatox,” to applause.

Women’s league deputy secretary Eunice Sandi-Moyo weighed in: “Our people are being intimidated in the provinces and we want that to stop. Some buses have been attacked, while others were denied the chance to come here.”

Mugabe said: “I think there was some miscommunication. I also only got to know about this the day before yesterday (Tuesday). Some people might have misunderstood and the political commissar will look into the issues where people were blocked.”
Grace called for unity in the party.

“We must unite and stop the discord,” she said.

“It is not necessary and the private media cannot be blamed because we feed them with these things. We respect our war veterans, but we have said people must forgive each other. Some people seem to have gone to school to learn obscenities. When you see us keeping quiet, it does not mean we are fools.

“We cannot be seen to be washing our dirty linen in public. There is the politburo. Bring your issues and let us discuss. We cannot overburden the politburo with these petty fights when there are serious national issues like the drought and delivering on the election promises.”

Mugabe said he had also taken advantage of Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting to reprimand his warring officials, while the politburo would also be seized with the same issue.

“We talked about it and I asked them to stop this nonsense,” he said.


  1. Comrade Mahoka do you have a husband,and kids do not be over excited from today onwards watch your back you will go the same way Solomon went how dare you………bxxxch takumaka and you will die first before ngwena its now game on hopefully you know that SAS (Special Air service) kill ask jonas Savimbi

  2. Pathetic! Zimbabweans would soon become a laughing stock in the region.Could it be an offence for an individual party cadre to aspire for the next higher office within the echelons of the party?Zimbabweans should learn from other SADC regional ruling parties like the ANCof South Africa,the BDP of Botswana,the Frelimo of Mozambique, the way the business of these parties is conducted.

  3. What would you expect from agrade 2 drop out? Is she even literate? People who threaten others with death always amaze me. Will she live forever? Everyone dies, time and circumstances only differ. But again, remember EM saying “I was trained to kill” soon after being appointed. What goes around….comes around,

  4. These things happen after every revolution. The cabal is gone, fine. Its time to tame the dogs, or else we experience another revolution.

  5. Maschool drop outs ndiwo anotumika kuita zvinhu zvisina brain. Hararambi coz they do not know the difference between new year and christmas

    • she was addressing the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe like that………. what rubbish…….. this woman needs discipline…….. and now…………her tail yavakutosvora vamwe kumusoro uko………. nxaaaaah………

  6. Even if Sarah Mahoka is a grade 2 drop out are death threats not serious matters in ZPF? Surely such threats should be reported to the Police. Why was Mahoka allowed a public political platform to issue such threats to the VP? These succession wars are getting out of hand. Until Mugabe annoints a successor these succession wars will only get worse.

    • what threats? the translation to English makes it look like a threat otherwise this was good advice to the VP. I respect Cde Mahoka, a fearless MP who takes the bull or is it the croc by its mouth!!! Grade 2 droup out or not, the woman is of commendable valour.

  7. With all the energy and guts to open her month, you can tell she was a chosen vocalist by the master minds@ via “handei tione” kkkkkkk

  8. That Mahoka woman is so dull,how on earth will someone wish someone to die ,ndiye mwari here anoudza the vp of the nation such words.

  9. how can 1 address our vp like that u must with draw your statement madam sarah mahoka in public:because thats a direct threat to the vp horaiti ngatiti Mwari vatonga nhasi and the vp dies tday would you defend yourself?tototi ndimi makauraya.also ther are serious issues to be addresd in this country hakuna mabasa the industry is long dead,the economy has taken a nose dive,there is drought to mension jus a few gadzirisai niyka not these fights amurikutiitira awa

  10. The difference is the same, death threats in public and secretive death threats, why should i be worried with a bunch of bloody mongers threatening one another, they have killed and are still killing, its a blessing in disguise for Zimbabwe that Zanu Pf is on the brink of collapse. i think the VP deserves what is coming his way, he is no honorable man and as such i have no semblance of pity for the insults he received.

    • i am not a politician, but V.P. Mnangagwa was appointed in accordance with our Constitution and like any other Zimbabwean the V.P.have got the right to aspire for any position including that of the President. if people like him they will vote for him or they will not vote for him. so ukatuka V.P. wenyika in simpler terms urikutuka the one akamu apointer. people must just be sober and and avoit kungofarisawo so. Kapfupi akati “dzungu akusi kungwara”

  11. Mukadzi uyu is threatening a seating Vice President with death in front of the world? Is it wrong for the VP to aspire to lead Zimbabwe one day. I thought that was wat the liberation struggle was all about. Besides this woman is illiterate and stupid. You dont attack the future president “Ngwena” like that in public..

  12. So it’s Mahoka who has been trying to kill Mnangagwa all along? Mahoka also talks about ‘kufira mumba’. Remember General Mujuru died in a mysterous fire in his house. Chihuri, do you still have those dockets? I mean the cyanide, vehicle smashing and office breaking cases, and also the Mujuru file. Now you can tell your officers where to look.

    • People stop accusing this woman. Even Ngwena saw nothing wrong with this woman. The woman was actually telling Mnangagwa that he must be careful anofira mumba like what happened to Mujuru. Vanozivana vanhu ava.

  13. ndoma funnies atirikuitirwa.if it was someone angadai ari behind bars for threatening our leader. apa iri kutisvuura. Ah Jehovah pindirai

  14. Hohoho Mahoka (a grade 2 dropout) warms EM (a lawyer) he is in danger of being taken out, in the presence of mad Bob ( a President and PHD holder)…and EM (who is also VP) keeps quiet like a puppy!!! I am renouncing my Zimbabwean citizenship. Shame shame on these ZANU PF idiots

  15. Guys these people were discussing party problems especially the factionism. Who the hell licked the discussion details to the public. Maybe thst is what the party define as freedom of expression. Maybe the VP understood the message and the person who licked the drama missed the point. Or was this on national TV, I missed lt.

    We wish they can sort their internal problems and then direct their collective efforts torwards helping our beloved country to economic recovery.

  16. This is pathetic indeed. This woman needs “parental guidance”. Worse thing is the “Mugabe acknowledged Mahoka’s claims . . .” and went on as if nothing had happened. Was a certain woman (was it a Mrs Nhari) not suspended or expelled for merely shouting a slogan denouncing G40?

  17. the so called solidarity demo for H.E turned out to be a platform for disciplinary action against the VP for what crime??? …for not telling his so called supporters not to “abuse” his name and that he must declare that he has no ambition of becoming president in the same manner that Mphoko and Dr Amai have. Does it mean that ZPF has no disciplinary procedures to deal with those ill-disciplined Lacoste supporters?? Shouldn’t the party should simply deal with the rogue elements in line with the procedures instead of trying to build a case around the VP over statements that do not originate from him?? H.E is complicit in this matter – he knew everything in advance including the Mahoka choreograph. The only thing that G40 and H.E must now do is to kill the VP altogether but if they fail do so then surely he will be the next president of the republic because they are already campaigning for him to take over. H.E is working through his proxies to put more & more pressure on the VP until they have a prima facie case against him

  18. You are not publishing my comments since yesterday.Panyaya iyoyi ndaposter mangwanani chaiwo asi nanhasi hapana. Out goes Wezhira’s readership of this paper

  19. This woman is Mahoka is stupinonsebish- stupidity+nonsense & rubbish ….How does she say they vice president Mnangagwa anofira mumba thts treason …if she had said vaMugabe vanofira mumba what was going to happen is not VP Mnangagwa part of the presidency, the president himself must have said something to repremand this woman if planning to bomb alpha omega a private entity is treason what more saying the vp anofira mumba.I can safely say noone still runs zanupfand even if its tru tht vp mnangagwa has a faction wc he leading he is justfied cuz some political opportunists are nw taking advantage of the president’s age.To me mahoka committed a treason and if anybody is to be a responsible citizen we should take to the courts

  20. Too little too late. The succession wars ripping the Z party asunder is the result of a carefully thought out strategy for one to prolong one’s stay in power. It obviously has not gone to plan and now one has to live with the monster that one created!

  21. this woman was totally wrong to disgrace the VP like that. she needs to be disciplined for sure otherwise she is going beyond her jurisdiction. how can she undermine the VP like that in front of everyone, where is her respect. that’s why she is a grade 2 drop out. dofo harizive kuti ririkupisira. she definitely needs to withdrew her words. I do understand right now she is now regretting.I do think madofo akadai should not be allowed to speak in public especially where there are respected officials. mark my words, one day people will fight in public and in front of highly respected people. how can this dull woman speak in front of the big government officials like that. she definitely needs suspension. zvino mhosva yeudofo inoiripa kusvika wafa amai. hona zvauri kuita manje.

  22. Thomas Mapfumo has a songs, Mamvemve. Corruption, Vanoita sevano Kudai and today all these old songs ring so true. Mamvemve talks about the country gone to rags and tatters. Corruption is explanatory given the current state of the economy. Vanoita sevanokudai talks about those who try everything to appease the President and yet its a gateway to self serving platitudes.

  23. All those advocating for and denouncing what this Mahoka lady said shud take a thought of the type of insults that were leveled against Mujuru and levered by team lacoste shadowy grup. Its just a game, and ngwena once said the revolution has a way of redefining itself after Mujuru was chased away. So let the revolution continue to define itself.

  24. In ZANU PF the only person with respect is Bob himself, all these jack and Jill VPs are useless even Grace is higher that the two VPS. A small country like Zimbabwe does not deserve and afford two VPs. There sins that backfires with time. This remind us of the misteriuos death of Solomon Mujuru. I hope the same VP who was insulted was not involved on Rex Nhongo,s death together with his boss.

  25. “The evil that men do lives after them”. But Mahoka is trying to show us that the evil perpetrated in darkness can live with the perpetrator. “Uchafira mumba”

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  27. Mahoka..reminds me of one Mahofa. Same shit comes out of their nouths. Drama of the year. Hanzi kuti ziiiii kunge dhadha ramayiwa… ndaseka. Politics dzeZim ava mahumbwe chaivo…icho 7 degreed Bob failing to manage. Things Fall Apart

  28. She did not only insult or disrespect VP EDM, but the President RGM too, when she dared ask HE if he had sent Charamba to say what he said? That was height of disrespect. And Charamba is his official spokesman who even said then he was speaking for HE! The fact that HE never came out saying Charamba spoke his own words and mind during that interview shows that HE agreed with what he said. For interest sake i, say, HE had answered Mahoka back and said Yes I sent him, what was she going to say or do? Blast the President or what? That was shameful and she must be disciplined. She was trying to act Dr Grace of 2014 but was offside. G40 was no doubt happy with her wayward performance, after abusing the vivacious grade 2 dropout

    • ukasekera benzi rinokukururira nhumbi ukanyara.this mad grade 2 dropout needs a psychiatrist.ndo ku tester hot plate ne magaro kwaakuita uku.vakuru vakati chinoda kufa chinovingira. imi amai imi musatuka ngwena musati mayambuka rwizi mune rumwa wee

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