Woman confiscates ex-hubby’s clothes over lobola


A HARARE woman confiscated her ex-husband’s clothes and cellphone over non-payment of bride price to her parents.


The woman, Nyasha Bera, told Harare Civil Court magistrate, Trevor Nyatsanza that her relatives had advised her not to release the clothes until her former husband Kumbirai Chikumhu paid lobola for her.

Bera made the remarks while making an application for $75 maintenance for the couple’s child.

The court heard the two separated on November 30 last year, and, on the same day, Chikumhu started living with another woman.

Bera said Chikumhu was in the habit of assaulting her and as a result she sustained permanent injuries on her body. “I am now ailing because of the physical abuse I went through during my stay with Chikumhu,” she said.

Following these accusations, the two broke into a verbal war with Bera mocking Chikumhu for being initiated into marriage by a woman.

“You are the one whose hand was asked for in marriage by your current wife because you moved to her house,” she said.

This did not go down well with Chikumhu, who hit back telling Bera she would get the bride price from the clothes she was holding on to.

“The clothes you are holding shall pay the price for you,” he said.

In her determination, the magistrate ruled in Bera’s favour and granted her the $75 maintenance order.