Woman accuses ex-hubby of killing 3-year-old child

A HARARE woman, Sarah Chimhuru, on Wednesday accused her ex-husband, Pharaoh Mbazo, of killing the couple’s three-year-old child through black magic due to disgruntlement over the infant’s name.


Chimhuru made the revelations at the Harare Civil Courts, where Mbazo had made an application for downward variation of maintenance for the couple’s two minor children from $350 to $200.

Mbazo told the presiding magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza he wanted the maintenance fees reduced because their third child had passed away in January last year.


In response, Chimhuru claimed Mbazo was responsible for the child’s death, as he always threatened to visit prophets, who would kill the child.

“He accused me of naming our child after his mother and always said the child would die because of that,” Chimhuru said.

“The child died 10 days after Mbazo made these threats.”

In his application, Mbazo also told the court Chimhuru had bragged she did not want his money because she was making her own through prostitution.

“She is always at a bar, even the police in Kambuzuma know her,” Mbazo said.

In response to these claims, Chimhuru admitted to spending a lot of time at the mentioned bar, saying she was a vendor.

“He knows I have business to run at the bar, but he is now jealous because I have since found another man,” Chimhuru said.

In the end, the presiding magistrate granted the downward variation from $350 to $300 a month and urged the two to deal with their issues amicably.

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