Multimedia: War vets in war with Grace Mugabe

WAR Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and members of his “suspended” Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) executive yesterday blasted First Lady Grace Mugabe, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere for allegedly abusing State resources by holding whirlwind countrywide tours to prop up their G40 faction.


Addressing journalists in the capital, Mutsvangwa’s group threatened to “go to war” to stop the G40 from controlling party issues.

“We sat in the (Zanu PF) politburo and all issues were discussed, they failed to get support and the President (Robert Mugabe), being a very understanding person, told us to go out there and work as one, not to love each other, but to work as people from the same party,” Mutsvangwa said.

War veterans' leader Chris Mutsvangwa reacts to President Mugabe's attack on war veterans. Mugabe accused war vets of using their war credentials to jostle for positions in Zanu PF . Pic Shepherd Tozvireva
War veterans’ leader Chris Mutsvangwa, captured at the Zanu PF national annual conference held last December  in Victoria Falls.
“They come from there and go to some rural place and start violating the politburo, running the party in your rural area and funding children to sing tribal songs like Zezuru Unconquerable . . . people cannot parade ignorance as national intelligence, we cannot allow that.”

Mutsvangwa was speaking at an emotionally charged emergency ZNLWVA national executive meeting where members openly chanted “Pasi neG40!” (Down with G40!)
The War Veterans minister and his executive were allegedly booted out over the weekend for alleged indiscipline and immediately replaced by an interim team led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene. But Mutsvangwa and his team have defied the suspension which they described as illegal.

They openly attacked Grace, Mphoko, Kasukuwere and Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, accusing them of abusing State funds, fanning tribalism and living in luxury while the masses suffer.


The war veterans attack on  the G40 faction appears to be a response to Grace’s recent address at a rally held in Mazowe South, where she, without mentioning names,  declared Mnangagwa’s days were numbered together with those of his allies, particularly war veterans’ chairman, Christopher Mutsvangwa, who has been in the firing line for some time now following clashes with the G40 faction.

Click to read the full  Grace Mugabe rally story here

Or watch the video below

In the video First Lady Grace Mugabe, believed to be of the G40 faction, attacks Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his loyalists.

War veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda warned the former fighters were being poked to stir trouble.

“We can see it, we are being pushed to war. We went to war and suffered not for the people in positions, but for the povo and, therefore, we are saying no to that abuse,” warned Matemadanda, who is believed to be a staunch supporter of Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

He lashed out at Mphoko for his tribal comments at the Chiweshe rally.

“Dividing and confusing the nation through tribal statements, we fought for this nation as one, leave us alone as one, in as far as I know there is no family which is still purely Karanga, Zezuru or Ndebele because of inter-marriage,” Matemadanda charged.

The war vets also defended the uniformed forces and accused the G40 of dabbling in dangerous territory.

“Our soldiers are a symbol of the State and they are guided by the Defence Act, you don’t attack soldiers at a rally in some rural area. It is clear that the centre is being disturbed, the centre that should be holding is having its power challenged at the instigation of G40,” Matemadanda said.

He also accused Mphoko – who refused to take up residence in a $3,5 million upmarket house and spent the whole year camped in a presidential suite at the glamorous Rainbow Towers Hotel – of “paying lip service to the plight of the poor” and tarnishing Mugabe’s “great image”.

He claimed the G40 group was buying allegiance from poor former fighters through token mobile cash payouts of $50 each.

“Sponsoring a Chiweshe rally of bogus votes of no confidence because they received $50 in (named money transfer platform) and because of poverty we are being bought,” he alleged.



VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday reportedly confronted President Robert Mugabe in protest over his verbal battering by First Lady Grace at a rally in Chiweshe last Friday.

Vice President Mnangagwa
Vice President Mnangagwa


Read the full Mnangagwa confronts Mugabe story here

Or Watch a video of the full war veterans press conference below.

In the video, War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and members of his “suspended” Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) blas First Lady Grace Mugabe, Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere for allegedly abusing State resources by holding whirlwind countrywide tours to prop up their G40 faction. VIDEO BY TAFADZWA UFUMELI. EDITED & PRODUCED BY TAPIWA ZIVIRA

Matemadanda said Chimene and her war vet associates had fired themselves from the association.

Main opposition MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday said the tension building up in Zanu PF could soon degenerate into internal war if unchecked.

“We are worried that a civil war might actually be ignited because of the reckless and ill-thought-out outbursts by some faction-crazy Zanu PF zealots. We get really worried when national stability and security is threatened by excitable political cohorts,” he said.

View pictures of Grace Mugabe’s rally


Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa also waded into the storm, telling journalists at a Press briefing that Grace had crossed the “red line”.


Listen to Temba Mliswa’s full press conference recording by Richard Chidza


“She (Grace) has overstepped her boundaries and there is no one who can stop her. As happened with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, Grace is again accusing people of witchcraft. Some of us are begging to question her sanity. In African custom, the wife is supposed to submit to the husband, but we seem to have a unique situation where the President is submitting to his wife. She is in charge,” Mliswa said.

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  1. Country does not want instability self caused by individuals. If peace is expensive war next door is not a solution.

  2. No one has capacity to go to war the soldiers are hungry,no food, they will be no civil war in Zimbabwe its all puppies vari kungorotomoka

    1. I have to agree..Why does the MDCT not just focus on the bigger picture rather than be sidetracked by internal ZANU trivia?

  3. kkkkkk, Zim is so broke the civil war will consist of people using catapults & withcraft to fight each other

    1. kkkkkkkkkk

  4. The game has started.


    You sacked Jabu Sibanda, if you and your Mutsvangwa are shown the red card, why crying? Remember that the nonegenarian said sometime last yr that ‘no one can stop the first lady’.

    1. Yes these guys suspended Jabulani Sibanda bcz he questioned who is comming from the bedroom and want to rule Zimbabwe they gathered and fired him now its their chance the same person comming from the bedroom firing them kkkk

    2. I have to agree..Well the ZANu folk have christened Grace Mugabe she is cleaning house. Mothers usually do this dont they?


    The Matemadanda guy should dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

  7. But really what was said at Chiweshe was uncalled for, accusing the army of supplying petrol bombs was tantamount to say the army is now treasonous.

  8. its sign that Mugabe is not in control . His wife is no behaving like a rabbit dog or dog on heat which can run in any direction without control causing commotion. How can you say soldiers dont bomb my family . Accusing people that are protecting her at the blue roofs at her house . It sounds strange biting the hand that is feeding you. she is a crazy woman. But war vets you are the problem in this country you have been propping Mugabe for long now you are dustbins wake up .this country is not for Mugabe only anyone can rule this country. This why the war of liberation was fought so that we can all do the same bt its only zanu pf

  9. Zimbabweans are still fighting to free themselves from the yoke of ZPF and these so-called liberators.

    Zimbabweans would like to vote freely for a leader of their choice we are so tired of yesterday men with yesterday ideas which cannot help us tomorrow. ZPF and these so-called liberators are an obstacle to this dream.

    A fresh start without both ZPF and these mercenaries is most welcome!

  10. Well, they can go on & have their own little civil war at shake shake building, otherwise for the rest of us Zimbabweans, besides the poverty, we are at peace with ourselves

  11. Knowing Lacoste, VaMutsvangwa is being used. He is going to be sacrificed by Ngwena. ED akatono kumbira ruregerero kunaMdhara paweekend. Akanoti sorry shefu ndiChiwenga naMutsvangwa vaindifurira…

  12. Nyaya iyi inorwadza maziso kuverenga ,magraphics are pese pese ,editing yacho ndeye2 cents

  13. Can these well trained soldiers be all that daft as to want to attack Gushungo’s well protected properties with crude, weapons. Something is vey amiss here.

  14. Hanzi we fought for the people (sic), the statement herein shows that the people are ours, we fought for u while u watched and we have the right to do what we want while u watch. This is the sickest statement i have heard in years

  15. Nhai vana Mutsvangwa, hanti Jabulani Sibanda said it in 2014 kuti paita bedroom coup mukati ngaadzingwe. Saka mazozviona nhasi manje? 2 years later aaah.

  16. these guys have an exaggarated sense of self importantance,besides being entertained by cde chinx in moza what did cde chris do such that this country should find itself beholden to him,actually mutsvangwa,the free farm we gave you is proof of our overpayment to you for those cold nights you spent in moza,and you were never short of pocket money there,whilst other comrades suffered,you simply stole underwear and sold it

  17. Absolutely disgusting all this bitter infighting but especially when you consider that it comes in the face of one of the worst famines in history. Instead of spending time on trying to work out ways of making sure that the country has enough food Grace Mugabe is promoting discord and animosity. Living in the comforts of State House I suppose she isn’t at all worried about not having enough food to eat? Sad days for our country.

  18. mugabe sunga vanhu ukande mujeri. enough of these hoodlums’ noise

  19. I love to see the end of this, when Robert was insulting the Kalangas, the Zezurus rejoiced, when songs are composed against them they feel the heat, whats going on? Tribalism and Racism has been the main driver of failed industry and infrastructure, one had to speak a certain language to be accepted into society, if the perpetrators are now in the mix they might be hope for a better future for all, maybe sanity will prevail.

  20. Admit you were better under Ian Smith. Mugabe is Hitler and Grace is the Marie Antoinette of Africa.

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