Video: Mugabe stumbles, sleeps at AU Summit

WATCH VIDEO: President Robert Mugabe was saved from another embarrassing fall, again!

Mugabe, who turns 92 this month, was due to address an African Union summit in Ethiopia.

In another video, Mugabe is seen napping, while other heads of state are engaged in serious discussion.


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  1. The man is Old Bantu-bo….he must use a walking stick for his support to aid him not to fall………..

  2. Mashaya news, kwenyu hakuna here vanotadza kutsika voita sevowira pasi. These reporters travel kilometers and kilometers to report that President Mugabe vadonha heee President Mugabe vakotsira munotogwara nepfungwa chaidzo

    1. kkk…why does he stumble anyway? ngaafambe kwazvo semuchinda. why is he in the habit of modelling like that? is he a gay now?

  3. I don’t know what the die -hard’s think but, that man is tired and really needs a rest, how could he travel all the way to say such nonsense, he is right when he says he feels 10yrs old he indeed reasons like one.

  4. a yu saying RGM wasn’t speaking any sense? yu must be crazy . i advice yu to go en watch the YouTube reviews posted by fellow Africans. you jus criticize without really thinking busted ,sometimes yu don have to be personal .and this stupid journalist flied to Ethiopia to record a stumble ,!pathetic

    1. Yes, I am saying he wasn’t speaking sense on this particular post, how can a Leader be so racial to the bone in this century? What then do you think his starving militia will do to the innocent people with a different colour? A true Leader should not be inciting violent behavior, not in this century. Why do you think slavery was abolished? It was outdated, a human being is meant to evolve and be a better person with time, even dogs have stopped biting each other, there is even parks for dogs to socialise and yet your beloved Mugabe is getting worse than the dogs. What exactly are your positives from the video?

  5. And he is Zanu PF candidate for 2018? What a joke.

  6. It’s gud 2 be 2018 candidate

  7. He is certainly old and needs to rest.He used to run when climbing steps of his presidential plane. The bodyguards and team are now more concerned about his movement than watching hidden snipers. You can’t dispute that.

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