Tuku endorses Tsuridzashe

Oliver Mutukudzi

MUSIC superstar, Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi on Sunday endorsed Tsuridzashe, a gospel music outfit from Glen View Methodist Church, during the launch of their second album, before joining them on stage to sing the hymn, Hakuna Zita Sera Jesu, which he once recorded on his Hymns album.


Tuku also appended his signature to CDs of the album, Wauya Mununuri, whose copies sold at between $20 and $25 each.

The music legend encouraged the 15-member group to ensure that their music brought healing to the listeners’ souls and even dared them to sing in dens of vice like beerhalls.

“Do not sing for the wrong reasons. Mean what you say. Your music should be able to heal people’s souls. We don’t sing for money, we just get appreciated. People will not appreciate you if you don’t touch their souls,” he said.


“Do not be afraid to go and sing in the beerhalls because we need those people. That is why we sing gospel, to bring back lost souls. If we don’t go there, who will? So l say go out there and do it.”

Tsuridzashe (The Lord’s trumpets) started singing together as a group of youths in 2003, becoming popular at funerals, memorial services and other gatherings.
Two years later, they formalised the group, marking its official launch at Waddilove Mission during the church’s Harare West District Youth Convention.

The group’s chairperson, Daniel Matimba, said they recorded their first album, Tirivakundi, in 2007, but had to wait for seven years to release the second, as they wanted to perfect their music.

“We took a long time between 2007 and 2014, singing and practising until we felt our music was good. We then recorded Simba Remuchinjikwa in 2014, but we still felt we needed chibvuwi (the Methodist music tradition) in our music so we approached our colleagues, Vabvuwi, to help us and that is how we came up with Wauya Mununuri,” he said.

They also engaged veteran producer, Peter Mparutsa, to ensure they had a top-notch product.

The album has 10 tracks, Mununuri, Jesu Wakauya Pasi, Makanaka Ebenezer, Tora Zita Rake Jesu, Move on Move On, Chinhu Chinotyisa Kwazvo, Tererai Mwari, Sedera Mweya Wangu, Mweya waBaba and Jesu Ndisededzei Pedyo Nemuchinjikwa.


  1. Yes you are right Tuku. They need that money from beer halls because they pay. Some drunks even pay twice under the influence of beer forgetting that they have paid already. .

  2. mudhara tuku munokoresa zvinhu rambai makadaro musimudzire music industry.

    aiwa mune chipo chenyu itai sababa munyaya dzekuimba vaudzei vana ava mafambiro chaiwo munhau yezvemimhanzi.

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