Tsvangirai should mend broken political bridges, build others


HAVING been leader of a political party in Zimbabwe since 1999, I thought you had learnt the dangerous pitfalls of opposition politics. I was disturbed to hear you tear into People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti and Zimbabwe People First interim leader Joice Mujuru.



While it is your democratic right to air your opinion and views to your supporters, it is important to avoid the mistakes of 2008. Arrogance does not take us anywhere. Focus on the man who has the ball and in this case Zanu PF.

Your mindless bayoneting of the two and answers proved that you are still staying in your political dreamland of easily dislodging President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF in spite of your past failures even when the environment was clearly favourable to you.

Most accuse you of doing exactly what Mugabe is doing in Zanu PF: hounding out potential successors and clinging to power by force and subversion of party democractic processes.

The two shots you fired at Mujuru were unexpected as you had earlier expressed willingness to work with her in the future.

What you must remember is that there is nothing called the biggest opposition in Zimbabwe. The problem is you brag of holding the gong of being the biggest opposition party forgetting that political parties are formed to assume State power and not glorify being in the main opposition party while the people continue to suffer. You have an opportunity in the coming election as opposition parties if you somehow come out with a workable plan to unseat Zanu PF in the first round of the 2018 polls, do not even talk of a run-off.

It is high time you changed your political attitude towards other opposition political parties and their leaders because they also have a stake in this. No one has the sole political birthright to contest Mugabe and his party.

Stop accusing others of being sellouts and failures.

Tsvangirai, this is time to mend broken political bridges and build others.


  1. Newsday kana mashaya nyaya haizi mhosva. dont give us cheap politics powered and written by Joyce Mujuru and her People First My foot campaign Train. Chakurwadza pakuti MDC haidi kushanda nemunhu akadzingwa Ku zanu-pf chii?l.

    • You and your like ndimimunorwadziwa pasina.

      No one is perfect, even in the best democracy

      It is people like you who create people like Mugabe…and now Tsvangirai

      You mindlessly worship leaders and make them feel faultless.

      They can be wrong, as can you and I. They are not perfect.

      How much more do you need to hear and from whom, if you are so dumb not to see faults.

      The uncensored US diplomatic cables said so about Tsvangirai

      The closest and right-hand men & women within MDC said so about Tsvangirai

      It has been highlighted by EU nations & representatives countless times.

      Most importantly, his history in leadership and results show for themselves in the current state of MDC. HE HAS FAILED TO KEEP IT TOGETHER.

      Now how dull are you to still believe the path and stubbornness will work for his and MDCs political future?

      You and your like are the worst part of the equation. Tsvangirai would just be a worse Mugabe

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  3. Pardon Maguta, all you have been rumbling on in your article is totally incorrect. MDC T is on record of having the big tent. Therefore, they are ready to work with all people from all walks of life in Zimbabwe. Naturally, there is no way Tswangison can just throw his hands in the air, and say, “lets now follow Joyce Mujuru now” No! no! it is not going to be like that. People First must first show Zimbabwe their capacity. As a matter of fact, they need to, all of them, apologize immensely to the Zimbabwean populace. For 34 years these PF have been looting while in Zanu PF. Why just trust them? Viva Tswangison!

  4. nyorai zvenyu Mugabe 36yrs achingondipedzera nguva yangu Morgan 17 yrs now woda kuti hee chino waona zuva woda kuita sewe uchanaisa muchanotongwa zvakaoma mberi kwatiri kuenda

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