Stop yearning, start acting, be serious

Last week, I had a phenomenal time. So I was driving around, as seems common with my daily routine. I heard two brilliant sisters on a certain radio station talking to some gentlemen about being serious (be serious) and so, they inspired my reflection for this week.

Human beings have a propensity towards goodness and as noted by Nelson Mandela, no human being is born hating, it is a taught “thing” — and so is spending and being extravagant. I guess when looking at it, we all desire to be the next best millionaire.

However, very few are willing to go the extra mile so as to realise this. This week, we encourage each other to be serious, like to get focused and get on with it. Stop dreaming and start acting

iphone6-select-2014_GEO_US I recall that fine gentleman on radio last week questioning how you have an iPhone 6 in your bag, Brazilian weave, Gucci watch, latest exclusive jeans and are sitted in a kombi (our form of public transport this part of the world)

The current state of the economy makes it very difficult for most Zimbabweans to make ends meet. Whilst there is a burning desire to flourish and look our very best, the honest truth is that the heart and the pocket just do not seem to speak the same language. For some weird reason best known to those responsible for the economic development of this nation, this United States dollar is elusive to most people.

So having said that, the pretty obvious if you ask me, what exactly is new? What is new is that we each need to focus on making it work for ourselves and those we hold dear to our lives. It is about living within our means and making life make sense. I do know and understand the realities of attaining a certain level of high social status, but dear readers, not at the expense of your sanity.

I recall that fine gentleman on radio last week questioning how you have an iPhone 6 in your bag, Brazilian weave, Gucci watch, latest exclusive jeans and are sitted in a kombi (our form of public transport this part of the world). Now do not get me wrong, that is fine and every man and woman are free to wear what they deem fit. However, the challenge comes when you have all or most of that sited above, but then go ahead and borrow bus fare and are not serious about committing to bettering your life.

It is very good to look smart, but surely not at the expense of life long plans. A friend of mine last week spoke to me about how people can be renting an apartment and dedicate money to building a carport, putting an electric fence at their own expense and hence increasing the value of the property for their landlord or landlady. Good heartedness is noble, but not at the expense of acquiring your very own piece of land? At the expense of being progressive, in every meaning of the word? At the expense of just realising that you deserve to improve your life and secure your future. Oh come on, be serious!

There is a famous appendage that says that life is not a dress rehearsal. There is no-one that will eventually come and explain to you that now is the time to start living your life. We each have one life to live and since we do not have the magical nine lives a cat has, then we need to live our lives well. If it is to eat well, please do by all means. If it more than eating well and it is living a healthy lifestyle, please do start right away. If it is an educational goal, jump right into achieving it. Listen dear reader, there is absolutely no-one that will come and tell you that now is the time, it is a means of being serious and committed to whatever you want to see happening in your life be serious. Many of us are very good at complaining about the state of affairs. We name what is wrong with the country, our leadership, our communities and you name it. The truth is that this gives a negative vibe to life and all that we are all about.

So instead of waiting for someone or something to make things much better, let us choose to be serious about what we commit to do. It may be difficult and we will struggle a bit, but with enough focus and determination we will get there. Nothing is impossible and new under the sun, so we have predecessors who have nailed this before us, we could take that, improve it a bit and proceed with life at a much more higher level.

Zimbabwe needs men and women, boys and girls who are dedicated to ensuring that life becomes a continuous and improved state of affairs. The time where we used to point fingers has since long gone. So, let us stop looking at life with an eye ofsuspicion as things pass us by.

You and I need to hold hands and work towards the transformation of our personal lives, the lives of our family, friends, church, community, country and the list is endless. No one else, but you dear reader has that stamina. No one is coming to ring a bell that will indictate your salvation. So let us start schools, let us make it work and whatever, we do, we never ever give up no matter the challenges. Sometimes it will indeed get depressing, take your drugs and get on with life.

At times we will hot the lows that is fine, it’s all what life is about, discover your joy once again and get on with it. We will experience death, pain, disappointment, financial challenges and whatever life will hail at us. Let us focus on attaining our goals and not let failure to define who it is we are. They say that failure is the mark of an attempt so when you face it, get up, dust your self and try again until you succeed. All our needs are for us to be serious and we will see it all happen right before our eyes.

We will never give up or surrender. As long as we each have breath in us, we still have a chance to make things happen. We can do this for the future generations and us.

Live life today and at whatever level you are at, be serious and know that things will be just fine. Nothing will last forever and as we go through the motions of life, things will be fine despite the crap we have to sometimes face.

Get up, do something and focus on what you need to, the ball is indeed in your court and it is high time you realise that until and unless you and only you take action, you will be at that very same place.

We are made to thrive and in each of us is that ability to. No fear, no favour to each of us. Be serious as Mr Marara and team specially shared. Let’s do this!

 Grace Ruvimbo Chirenje writes in her personal capacity and loves stimulating conversation. You can contact Grace on, follow her on twitter @graceruvimbo Chat soon.

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