Stop attacking NGOs, Zanu PF urged

OPPOSITION parties and political analysts have urged Zanu PF to be consistent and desist from attacking non-governmental organisations (NGOs), saying this creates unnecessary hostility in the face of need.



Opposition parties urged the government not to create unnecessary acrimony after a spirited campaign by the ruling party to lampoon NGOs.

“Needless to state non-governmental organisations, as usual, will have to come onto the scene in order to provide food to the starving millions in the villages and towns,” MDC-T spokesperson, Obert Gutu said.

“President Robert Mugabe is pretty good at lampooning and trashing NGOs at various public forums, but he is woefully incompetent when it comes to the basics of running a viable national economy. Mugabe should stop talking about this regime change mantra.”

On his return from the African Union summit in Ethiopia, Mugabe accused NGOs of pushing a regime change agenda.

People’s Democratic Party’s spokesperson, Jacob Mafume weighed in saying: “Mugabe has always followed the diplomacy of cutting his nose to spite his face.”

“The government wants to maintain a cat-and-mouse relationship with NGOs and international donors, yet the country is at its most vulnerable because of Zanu PF mismanagement. On the contrast, he has the begging bowl, Oliver Twist approach, with the bombastic speeches at international conferences showing a nation full of words, but short of food to feed its own people,” he said.

MDC spokesperson, Kurauone Chihwayi said: “The shameless Zanu PF administration is exhibiting chameleonic behaviour by taking the begging bowl to the humanitarian agencies in and outside Zimbabwe.”

He said it was shocking that the government would turn to the same NGOs, it usually attacks equating the move as spitting into a plate while others are still eating.

Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe spokesperson, Pishai Muchaurayaurged Zanu PF officials to refrain from bad-mouthing NGOs, particularly when government cannot feed its own citizens.

“However, Mugabe is known to do anything in order to gain political relevance. The plea for food must be left to independent food agencies,” he said.

Political analyst, Gladys Hlatywayo said there was a lack of coherence and consistency in government policies.

“Sometimes partisan political objectives are valued more than pragmatism and the interests of Zimbabwe as a whole. You cannot be carrying a begging bowl in your left hand and a machete in your right hand,” she said.

Zimbabwe has asked for $1,5 billion from the international community to feed the nation due to the El Nino-induced drought, which has resulted in massive crop failure in most parts of the country.

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday addressed aid agencies, including those under the United Nations, diplomats and other stakeholders as he launched the appeal.

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  1. “No one will starve”is a favourite ZANU-PF slogan. Visit a nearby rural area and you find the local MP donating a cup of rice per family, frothing “zvakabva kuna president vedu, vanoda vanhu”. How a cup of rice can feed a whole family until the next harvest remains to be seen. Sometimes cramming high sounding English words without knowledge of what they mean does not help the situation on the ground. People need sadza not flattery. Do not blame any society for “regime change” . If you lie to your own people, knowing fully well that you are lying, do not expect any sane persons to respect you. Two plus two must equal 4 at all time.

    1. The baffling aspect of all this is Zimbabweans buy it! Why is that for a country that is reputed to have the most literate people in Africa?
      Literate but far from intelligent perhaps hey…..

  2. Those who shout loudest against NGOs are the same who approach these organisations when life and livelihood threatening disasters hit the nation. They berate NGOs for their stance against allowing partisan politicians to manipulate their organisations and programmes. One other thing of interest is the fact that a substantial amount of hard cash circulating in Zimbabwe originates from the presence of NGOs in our country.

  3. ZANU pf takes advantage of hunger to campaign . With ZANU PF this is a good opportunity to campaign for 2018 they will simply use maize and food from NGOs to convince people that Mugabe gave it to them.

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