Soldiers lose property over debts

SEVEN soldiers stationed at 2 Infantry Battalion and 1 Air Defence Regiment lost their property to the Messenger of Court (MoC) after failing to settle debts with a local clothing chain.


The MoC attached several properties belonging to the soldiers over various debts owed to the clothing store and will put them under the hammer within seven days.

Shylon Make, Anold Mavhuna, Again Mucheni, Garikai Gweto, Innocent Zhou and Deniss Manyongori had their property attached on Wednesday over the debts.


Make, in case 394/15, owes Edgars Stores $245, Mavhuna owes $243 including judgment costs, with Mucheni being sued for a $365 debt, while Gweto who took clothes for $238 is now required to pay $282.

The MoC was still searching for Zhou who was transferred from 5.3 Infantry Battalion, but no information was available, according to comments entered in the return of service form.

Zhou owes $302, while his fellow barrack mate Manyongeri, who is yet to be located, has a debt of $325, which he has failed to pay since July 2014.

Another soldier, Boswell Magwizi, faces civil imprisonment after failing to pay a B Munemo $2 021 over a debt which he accrued in July last year.

Magwizi hired a vehicle belonging to Munemo and has been evading paying the debt.

He faces imprisonment of up to 90 days if he fails to settle the debt by the time the MoC gets hold of him.

According to entries by the MoC, Magwizi has been evading arrest since June last year and several visits to 5.2 Infantry Battalion have not yielded any results.

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    Thats the Zim soldiers. They want everything for free. Rent is not paid in barracks, they live for free. In kombis they dont pay. They just use their uniforms to beg the conductor for a free ride. Are they not getting paid? Zvimwe zvino makisa.

  2. but is that news. the govt is struggling 2 pay its civil servant adquate remuneration ,so it goes down the chain. surely there are other important news to report on.

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