Socialite Chivayo nominated as best young Zim businessman

SOCIALITE Wicknell “Sir Wicknell” Chivayo has been nominated as the leading young businessman by an internationally recognised institute, Ngoda Business Global, for his reported outstanding achievements in the alternative energy sector.


Chivayo, known for his extravagance and his widely publicised sponsorship of the country’s football, beat nine others that include property magnate Frank Buyanga, who came second, Pioneer Gas boss Genius Kadungure, who came third, and Affirmative Action Group president Chamu Chiwanza, who was fourth.

Munyaradzi Gwatidzo, who is into ICT, came fifth, with Gokwe Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena coming sixth in the Ngoda Under-40 Achievers class of 2016.

chivayo Wicknell “Sir Wicknell” Chivayo

Chivayo will soon be presented with a certificate for the top honour.

He said he was humbled by such recognition.

“ I refuse to be anything else than successful and enjoy being a real boss because I have no boss,” he said.

“My message to all the youths and upcoming businesspeople is: Do your future self a favour and work hard now, not having money when you are old is the worst thing you can ever imagine.

“The only person you need to convince that you are going to be successful is yourself. Always train your mind to see good in every situation, the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Ngoda Under 40 Achievers is meant to inspire the current generation of young people to utilise their abilities and potential in moving the country beyond current economic difficulties.

Chivayo will automatically be inducted into the Ngoda Hall of Fame.

Ngoda managing director Chad Mhako said they were still finalising on the date the certificate handover would be done.

“The ceremony will be done probably in March. We are still finalising the logistics,” he said.

The institute is partnered with SPE Media of the United Kingdom and Dindingwe Media, among others.

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  1. Zvenyu

  2. Ngoda is just targeting people who can fund its activities and who yearn for public attention. The next thing Chivayo will give ngoda a Toyota vitz for its operations. I believe there are many who have done better than these. The award should have been on media coverage etc.

  3. Ngoda, SPE Media and Dindingwe Media are companies owned by the same group of people. What is the Ngoda Institute credentials.

    Can you also give us the criteria used to give Chivayo the price, what are the businesses he runs successfully and how many people are the companies employing

    Every now and then a new award comes up from a company seeking attention, what are the credentials of these companies

  4. I don’t know about Ngoda, SPE,Dindingwe and all othe unconfirmed allegations….

    but what i am aware of is that Sir Wicknell won a 100megawatt solar tender Gwanda(ZPC) another 100megawatt at the Munyati Power Station as well as 30megawatt Gairezi hydroelectric power plant….!

    Apart from your allegations and insinuations on Ngoda, Wicknell Chivhayo is already unstoppably achieving….not too sure if your statements are an attack on Ngoda or hate on Sir Wicknell.Allow me to clearly state that most of your time seems to be unwisely spent on retrogression rather than positive thinking.#panenoisehapana bag

  5. Sad how primitive rich Zimbabweans are. The guy in the picture can’t even use his millions to pay for gym membership let alone a trainer. Kusadzidza zvakunoita kuomera kwacho kwakaoma ndosaka vachizoita ma doctoral degrees from funny places instead of using their cash to enrol in the worlds finest institutions like other rich people globally do.

  6. They should give him free gym membership with the award just saying

  7. This enterprising young man deserves all the recognition.At this critical time in our country through his hard work the country stands to benefit immensely. To hell with you jealous haters. Well done Sir Wicknell!!!

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