Silva loses it

DYNAMOS coach Paulo Jorge Silva lost his marbles and physically attacked journalists who sought an interview with him in full view of shocked players and assistant coaches.


The controversial Portuguese, who had a brawl with the Premiership football club’s goalkeepers’ coach Gift Muzadzi just four days ago, scuffled with a ZBC female cameraperson, injuring her in the process.

Silva imposed a ban on all his players and backroom staff from giving any interviews while he also vowed he would not speak to the media.

DYNAMOS coach Paulo Jorge Silva Paulo Jorge Silva [/Caption]

He has been angered by the reports that have been carried in NewsDay Sport over a number of misrepresentations about his coaching experience with some clubs contacted by this publication denying ever employing him at any stage or in any capacity.

After the attack yesterday, he later phoned the ZBC crew apologising, telling them he thought they were from NewsDay.

While the ZBC crew declined to share details, it is understood that they had sought and been granted permission to conduct interviews from team manager Richard Chihoro.

But the combustible coach told the news crew off before trying to stop the cameraperson from recording a video, spraining her wrist.

“He said he didn’t want to talk to the media because they were writing bad things about him, but they had been granted permission to talk to him by the club’s top hierarchy,” a source who witnessed the incident, said.

“Coach Lodza (Lloyd Mutasa, the assistant coach) tried to calm him down, but he was having none of it. He has an attitude problem.”

Silva then told Chihoro in front of everyone at the Prince Edward School soccer pitch that he would have no one granting interviews to the Press or they risked getting fired.

Dynamos president Keni Mubaiwa yesterday said the club would definitely take action.

“I haven’t been briefed, but if it’s true, then we will certainly take action,” Mubaiwa said.

“As Dynamos, we don’t want to risk unnecessary bad publicity. We are a big brand and we should lead by example. Such behaviour, if it’s really true, is not acceptable. We will have to sit down with him and hear his side of the story, but we always want to work well with our stakeholders, especially the media because they are the ones who promote our brand. If he has problems with any particular journalist, there are other ways to solve it without necessarily resorting to violence.”

Silva has got a reputation over his aggressive behaviour from his playing days.

The coach claims to have a wealth of coaching experience with 12 clubs which he says he worked for during a period of three years.

Investigations have however, shown that he might have worked only at COD United of Nigeria where he lasted for just two months before he was booted out. The other clubs that he has included on his CV include Al-Sharjah FC in the United Arab Emirates as well as Austrian Bundesliga sides FC Admira and SV Grödig, German’s VfB Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Greuther Furth and Aalen.

He says he started his coaching career at Sporting Lisbon guiding their Under-17 squad in 2011, before moving to an unnamed club in Albania as an assistant coach.

While he claims to have been the coach of Stuttgart’s Under-21s at some point, the club said he was never on their payroll at any point.

An online search on Silva’s coaching history only yields his shortlived stint with COD United.

Information from the Sporting Lisbon website suggests that their junior team was under Telmo Moura Costa in 2011, before he was replaced by Jose Lima the following year. The team is currently coached by Joao Couto.

Evidence also shows that Silva never coached at FC Admira and SV Grödig in the years 2013-2014.

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  1. jojo sirivha muputukezi

    saka Newsday makarovesa vanhu nacoach kaimi

  2. Muguwe Matambo Muzhandu

    I’ll go to the kitchen, pop the popcorn and get a drink. I’m gonna sit on the couch and watch the entertainment unfolds. Mr. Silva will be the main act.

  3. The team manager is wrong because he cannot allow news crew to cover their training sessions without the consent of the coach. I think he is trying to sabotage the coach’s efforts in trying to bring professionalism in the team. The team manager must be fired.

    1. you are correct, how do they grant an interview without the consent of the human-being interviewed, I wouldn’t like it if it were me either.

  4. Obviously the Newsday reporters have been to recent Dynamos matches. I would wish to know what’s their take on the kind of play being exhibited by Dynamos ever since the day Silva took over.

  5. fraud or no fraud he is now our coach and as long as he gives us results we don’t care. Let the man be, there is a lot going on in sport to write about u can’t spend the whole year writing about Silva’s temper. Zvinopedzisira zvakubhowa

  6. Ko nhai imi MA-DEMBARE, mwanyanyopererwa ngema coaches zvakadini such that you import mad coaches into Zimbabwe. Kutsvaga mbiri chete yokuti coach wedu Muvheti ????


    1. yeah true hey he is the head coach who was interviewed and successfully employed by a full board SILVA SILVA SILVA SILVA its now boring what is it that you want to say now that will change dembares decision to employ him nxaaaaaaaaa write positive things mhani

  7. Caps untd reporters

  8. Experience, experience experince what. Mourinho has experience,Brendon Rodgers, etc were all fired. We want results not experience. how do you expect Silva to entertain reporters who are putting spanners in his work.Experince is earned , let him earn it. that reporter didnt have experience when he joined News Day , so whats the fuss. Noone is born with experience. we only want results. Charles Mhlauri didnt have experience bt he is rated as one of the best coaches to have graced our domestic premier league, ko Chitembwe, handt akangotanga ku Caps bt he is doing wonders.Mr. Silva I dont support violence though, bt be on the lookout these vultures are ready to destroy yo works.

  9. Do not always consider these white couches without gathering adequate previous working experience .I’m afraid kuti tinozviruza on this coming new season. Please bury grievances and concentrate on the main objective. We need to maintain our good brand .

    1. it’s not about racism, is professionalism, if the employers are not professional what does that have to do with color, do not enslave your mind.

  10. I thought we are educated enough to understand tht gone are the days when we used to worship muru gu. Chiiko nhayi vanhu.chii.? U find tht that reporter who got manhandled ddnot report the case coz murungu is involved.munonyadzisa.shame.let tht stupid bogus coach be arrested.

    1. True boss but gone are the days when people are discriminated because of their color. This guy got a job at Dynamos and let him do his work without interference from the media, or anyone. People are going through a training and you (the journo) bring your cameras and microphones interrupting. Respect other people please journo

  11. Will see handiti season yaapedo kutanga

  12. While the press is making noise about Paulo’s credentials, we are not being told of his qualifications. Does he hold UEFA A badge or Caf or Portuguese certificates? Inform us please instead of fighting a man who still has to prove himself.
    The press has a duty to inform the public. They never sort audience with the executive to ask them why they settled for him. I guess Mubayiwa and his cronies are intelligent enough to make right decisions. Surely dynamos can’t high the Van Guuls or the Maurinhos. So given their purse they settled for him. Hopefully the white face will bring attractive football and winning ways to the team.
    Perhaps they want to emulate Highlanders for bringing in Eddie May and sundry. May had a successful run.

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