Shut up, Mugabe tells G40, Lacoste


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday blasted warring factions in his party telling G40 and Lacoste to “shut up”, as he hammered War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa for organising a demonstration by hundreds of ex-freedom fighters, which was brutally crushed by police in Harare on Thursday.


In a State of the Nation Address, which was more of a Zanu PF address, Mugabe seemed unhappy at what he described as insults against him and his wife, First Lady Grace Mugabe, describing them as culturally wrong.

But he reserved his wrath for Mutsvangwa, warning that “action would be taken where action needed to be taken”.


“We take exception to that,” he said. “This irresponsible manner brings the name of the party and Head of Government into disrepute. People are beginning to wonder whether in fact we are governing properly in accordance with the rules.

“Let Mutsvangwa not blame the police, he deserved the teargas, but the rest did not deserve it.”

Mugabe, who was flanked to his right by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his counterpart Phelekezela Mphoko on the left, apologised to war veterans who were on the receiving end of police brutality, but said Mutsvangwa deserved it.

He said, as patron of the war veterans, he was unaware of Thursday’s war veterans meeting and neither did the security cluster ministers, that of Home Affairs, Defence and State Security.

“I don’t know in what capacity he invited war veterans,” Mugabe continued.

“Even if he invited them as chairperson, he is still minister. And a demonstration against what, a government in which he is minister?

“He has channels in government to express his grievances and suggest to us what measures to take. But for him to call a meeting which we knew nothing about?”

Mugabe claimed that Mutsvangwa misled war veterans that the President would address them, warning he would be made to answer for his actions as a Cabinet minister.

The rather subdued President also spoke against tribalism in the party.

He also warned youths to stop insulting their leaders, saying if they were motivated by drugs, they should stop taking dagga.

On factionalism, Mugabe told the ambitious G40 and Lacoste factions to “shut up”.

G40, which is sympathetic to Grace, is opposed to Mnangagwa succeeding 92-year-old Mugabe.


  1. Mutsvangwa go on man.Dont be silenced by this foolish idiot.Ko hanty ava madiro aJojina.As war vets we are fully behind yu cde Mutsvangwa.Tired of hudzvanyiriri from Mgabe and his whore Grace.Pasi naRobert Mugabe nemkadzi wake.Isu maWar vet tinoti pamberi nacde Mutsvangwa

    • Furiranai muchidaro!! Hapana kwamunosvika!! Right now Mutsvangwa ari paTight ; busy kumhanya nemakarimwa!!! Kkkkkk

  2. President u forgetting kt yo wife z running a parallel gvt so mutsvangwa countered.To say mutsvangwa or Ngwena kana ani zvake is a mistake Mugabe is the one.He must stop his wife first

  3. Comrade President RG Mugabe the patron of war veterans please be warned the act of changing can never be seen with naked eye.Today we are one thing tomorrow another the transformation is an unseen mystery.

  4. Wen Grace was going round the country denigrating & even using her youths to prevent a sitting vice-president from proceeding to officially open a new hosp in Chiweshe a certain old man put it bluntly that Grace had every right to do & say wht she wanted. Nobody stepped up to stop it or order her to shut up. Now that the old man feels threatened he wants everything stopped pronto. Sadly, it won’t stop until the violence get to u man. It’s e spiral effect of violence.

    • That is very sad indeed, what did the President say about? Absolutely nothing< then today he sees it necessary and fit to have a state of the nation address simply because he fears for a public uprising. It's not making any sense hey!

  5. It’s very sad indeed to learn that it has pushed the President to have a state of the nation address simply because the war veterans have come up in the open to show that they are being disheartened by the first lady’s public utterances. Very shame situation has befallen us the patriotic citizens. Let’s call spade a a spade, do not discriminate to such an extent that when the same act is done by different individuals then you try to justify that so and so is wrong while alienating other group because of status. We are in this muddy we are today because of your misrule sir. There is need for a paradigm shift, surely we can rebuild our lovely Zimbabwe. The G40 you are protecting is the one group of greedy politicians who are moving around the country falsely backing the First Lady as a bonafide group as if they love you, yet they are pushing for their agenda which the First lady is not realising that she is being used by these crooks Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao, Savior Kasukuwere and the entrusted Vice President Mpoko. Continue watching this space for more advice comrades.

  6. mutsvangwa sowing.seeds of discord in zanu pf government.he fired from.cabinet and zanu pf soon.shame.on him.

  7. seriously the old man failed. shd have told grace to stop it and shut up. she is the reason why the party is crumbling not chris. had chris not done what he did Mugabe nagire wld have done a mujuru on ed. vakanyangira yaona. there are no winners and losers for now.

  8. People u should understand nicely than rushing to make comments, all side have been rebuked, look then,groups are separated and Mtsvangwa as a leader is now delt as individual and it’s unfortunate to him,how can a minister organise the meeting without the blessing of the leader meaning to say he disobey and infect he should have to consult his leaders for his issue and addressed in a right manner than getting offside.

  9. As we have all experienced President Mugabe can bend, twist and turn upside down our constitution to suit himself and his agenda. He is a law unto himself and acts with impunity. He is to blame for all these deep divisions and has hurt many people who were loyal and committed to the party. The injuries he has caused are not going to heal easily, too many people are now extremely bitter and deeply depressed about the state of this country. He has created so many enemies, individuals who will not ever forget or forgive him for the damage and the pain and suffering he has caused. It is time for new leadership.

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