Shun corruption, police told

Zimbabwe Republic Police officers have been urged to shun corruption and work hard in pursuit of hard-core criminals who can do anything to evade justice.


Police Deputy Commissioner-General (Human Resources) Levi Sibanda told an awards ceremony to honour the best Criminal Investigation Department cops on Friday that hard-core criminals were prepared to bribe police officers in exchange for freedom when they have been cornered.

He warned his troops never to sacrifice professionalism for money.

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“The hard-core criminals are prepared to do anything and have no respect for the sanctity of human life. They are prepared to do anything from killing, maiming, and even offering a police officer a bribe of a moon so that they could not be arrested,” Sibanda said.

“It is the duty of a detective to ensure that when our people lose their things, we recover them. A good detective will do all tricks available to ensure that all lost property is recovered and justice is served. He will ensure that peace prevails.”

At least 94 police officers from the CID section were awarded with various awards for their sterling work in fighting crime and investigating cases reported to the force in 2015.

According to Sibanda, the department which specialises in crime investigation last year increased its effectiveness with a 4% crime detection rate. Sibanda said in 2015, the department also busted a robbery syndicate that had terrorised people in Harare, Bulawayo, Kwekwe, Chinhoyi and Bindura.

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