Have you seen Jairos Mhazo?


A GUTU family is appealing for help to locate Jairos Mhazo, who has been missing since last December.


Mhazo, who was a teacher at Chiguhune Primary School in Gutu, Masvingo, was last seen in December 2015.

His brother-in-law, Michael Munyaradzi said Mhazo left his work station when schools closed in December, but did not get home for the holidays. He also did not report for duty when schools opened last month, raising suspicion on his whereabouts.

mhazho Jairos Mhazo

“After schools closed, he was expected home for the holiday, but he never came. He also did not report for duty when schools opened last month. We are worried about what could have happened to him. There is rumour that he was seen in Masvingo last week, but we haven’t verified the report,” Munyaradzi said.

Mhazo, aged 42, is tall and light in complexion and comes from Chisheche area near Gutu Mission. The family is appealing to anyone with information on Mhazo’s whereabouts to contact his relatives, Evelyn Mhazo Charumbira on cell number 0775 934 212, Melody Mhazo Munyaradzi on 0774 341 938, Michael Munyaradzi on 0772 390 828 or report to the nearest police station.