Poet captures war, jail stint on paper

BULAWAYO — Poet Kevin Matongo Nkomo is set to release a poetry anthology titled, First Things First, which carries 120 poems written over 30 years tackling a wide range of social issues.


Nkomo told NewsDay that the poems were inspired by his experiences during the time he was in the Rhodesian army and a stint he had in prison in 1991 after he was convicted over an undisclosed crime he said he never committed.

Nkomo said although his poems were fictitious, they were inspired by true events and he employs colourful language to capture his emotions on paper.

He said some of the poems were written while he was incarcerated and he was expressing his feelings at that time.

“I started writing in 1986 and I also wrote some of my stories while I was in jail in 1991. Some of the poems like Confusing – Wicked System, were written at that time,” he said.

Nkomo said he has managed to get a sponsor who will help him launch his book which took him 30 years to be published.

He expressed gratitude to Crispen Ndlovu, an author who has helped him in the publication of his book.

Nkomo who attended Insukamini Primary School and Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo is also a musician.

Ndlovu said the book was an interesting collection and it was a pleasure working with Nkomo.

“It is quite an interesting collection, very mature and deep written in different poetic styles and can appeal to all types of audiences,” he said.

“As Mediaplus it is now our third year of providing to people who cannot afford to get their works published since I faced serious challenges myself to publish.”

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