Pictures: Pasuwa gets new vehicle

Businessman, Wicknell Chivayo on Monday afternoon handed over a new Toyota Hilux double-cab truck to Warriors coach Kalisto Pasuwa.

Below are the pictures of the event, which was attended by Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president Phillip Chiyangwa and other football officials.

Full details in Tuesday’s NewsDay
All pictures by Shepherd Tozvireva





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  1. Well done Wicknell for the support of the most beautiful game. I hope other members of the business community will follow suit in supporting the warriors.

  2. emilyedwards025

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  3. Thanx Blaaz Wickie Chivayo, ndimi moga mkoma. Thanx for your superb offer to Blaaz Pasuwa. God richly nourish & abundantly bless ol ur business endeavors.

    1. ane mari ndiye mukuru..

  4. Zvinotendwa izvi

  5. Saka mpfanha uyu achikomborerwa hake…… haana kuomera haanyime…. pazvabva ngapazadziswe, asi musazomutorera kana pane chashata.

  6. Matombo emuteuro anoshanda honai zvaitika izvi.

  7. fidza apera muviri

  8. What ll happen if the warriors fail to qualify for the Afcon and he gets fired

  9. What ll happen if the warriors fail to qualify for the Afcon and he gets fired. Will he keep the car? I don’t see Zimbabwe making it to Gabon.

  10. what we need are proper football structures and have them well funded and the rest will sort itself out. This game should be a business that sustains itself not rely on grandstanding and handouts to individuals. It should be an industry not a place for self actualisation and egoists trying to prove points. mota??? iye pasuwa anga asina mota here? what about the players, in the leagues, national teams and clubs? whats there to motivate them

  11. Chiyangwa arwara wena…kupera sesipo so!

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