NewsDay was right on Stem – govt


HIGHER and Tertiary Education permanent secretary Machivenyika Mapuranga has criticised State media for distorting facts over implementation of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Stem) programme.

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He said claims Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo hijacked the programme that should ordinarily fall under Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora were false.

Mapuranga, in a statement, said the NewDay article on the subject was spot-on.

“The article appearing in the NewsDay titled Dokora denies sabotaging Stem programme is, in fact, a correct reflection of the position on the ground involving the collaboration of the two ministries in popularising Stem. In fact, the Stem campaign has its origin in the declaration by President Robert Mugabe on the importance of revolutionising education,” he said.

“In an endeavour to support this position, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development on January 21 2016 wrote to the permanent secretary of Primary and Secondary Education requesting for approval to film four secondary schools for the campaign”.

The senior bureaucrat said following consultations between Moyo’s deputy Godfrey Gandawa and Dokora, “the article in The Herald of February 9, 2016 titled We have nothing to do with Stem, attributed to Utete Masango, Primary and Secondary Education secretary, is at variance with the letter and spirit of the dialogue and approval given”.

He attached a copy of a letter ostensibly signed by the then acting secretary in Dokora’s ministry granting permission for the filming of the schools by Moyo’s department.

Mapuranga said: “In fact, the ministry does not believe that the promotion of Stem is its sole prerogative and would like to encourage and urge all those with the requisite commitment and capacity to do so. Stem should not be subjected to turf warfare, but should remain a national agenda item as His Excellency the President wishes it to be”.


  1. Problem yeHerald is that they are used to attack personalities. First it was Tsvangirai and the he went quite. After Tsvangirai was quite they went after Mujuru, Mujuru wacho is now quite what should they do, they have to go after someone. So they go after their own Moyo hopefully Moyo will be fired from Zanu and also keep quite. The cycle will go on and eventually they will go after the man himself. Kikkk

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