Mutare appoints two acting town clerks

MUTARE City Council resembled a circus last week following the appointment of two acting town clerks within two days to run the city’s affairs after the resignation of Obert Muzawazi last Tuesday.


First to land the hot seat was housing director Stenard Mapurisa who was booted out within 48 hours and replaced by city engineer Donald Nyatoti after residents demonstrated against the former’s alleged corrupt record.

Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare yesterday confirmed that Nyatoti had been appointed acting town clerk by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, but declined to give further details or discuss the confusion surrounding the appointments.

“It’s true [that Nyatoti is now acting town clerk], but we are waiting for the official communication and I will not comment further,” he said.

However, a close source at Town House said councillors were demanding a written letter from Kasukuwere after Nyatoti’s appointment was communicated verbally.


“The ministry made a verbal communication to senior council officials that acting town clerk Mapurisa should be replaced immediately by Nyatoti, but as a council we are demanding a letter from the ministry notifying us about the changes,’’ the source said.

“Nyatoti refused the offer at first, but was threatened that he should resign if he turns down the offer.”

Some councillors claimed that Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene had influenced the decision.

“I think Chimene is now running two ministries because she now has a lot of influence at council and we are not happy about that,” the councillor who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

Muzawazi resigned last Tuesday following a damning audit report by the government which showed massive corruption by his management.

The councillors met on Wednesday and accepted his resignation and appointed Mapurisa as the acting town clerk.

Nyatoti has a mammoth task of turning around the city’s financial fortunes and clear the 18-month salary backlog Muzawazi left.

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  1. vivian v siziba

    The affairs of the Town House of Mutare City should be handled with care.The administrative matters of that city may be plunged into permanent paralysis.There appears to be unnecessary meddling of politicians with varying hidden agendas in the running of that city.Councillors should be allowed to carry out their duties as mandated by the Constitution of the country and the Urban Councils Act.

  2. Alheit-nemoyowese

    Maybe you can try Inspector Tomu as he is just too over zealous in the Municipal Police

    1. Tomu is just too much….we will demonstrate again if they try him.

  3. Kana munhu anzi ariCorrupt saMuzawazi. Haasungwi sei???????????????????????? Audit yaitwa pobatwa Corruption but he is scot free at the expense of us the Rate payers!!!! cant government act pakadai???????????

  4. Its good to audit Local Authorities to weed out corrupt elements but am wondering why it is taking so long to come to Chitungwiza the most corrupt of all Local Authorities.

  5. Chiremba Honestly

    Management of mutare city is okay lt is the politicians who have caused poor service delivery plus non payment of salaries.mind you most residents are not paying their moda kuti management iwane mari yacho kupi?the so called audit report is biased towards management.gore riya marares makakanzura maiti zvinozosvika kupi.

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