‘Mujuru must come clean on rigging’

OPPOSITION parties have challenged former Vice-President Joice Mujuru to come clean on her claims that she was unaware of Zanu PF’s election rigging machinery although she had been in the system until her expulsion from both government and the ruling party in 2014.


Mujuru recently claimed in an interview with a United Kingdom-based newspaper, The Sunday Times, that she was unaware of the alleged election rigging machinery, adding if indeed it occurred, “it was a very small clique that was doing it”.

But MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Mujuru was being “economical with the truth”, as she was part of the system that plotted the rigging and she should help the country in exposing “the evil machinations perpetrated by Zanu PF”.

Joice-Mujuru_3176184b Joice Mujuru

“It’s really difficult to believe what Mujuru is saying on election rigging, considering her position then both in the party and government. She is being economical with the truth, at least in our view. Instead of trying to cover-up for the evil machinations that have been perpetrated, she should help us expose this charade that has caused the untold suffering of many Zimbabweans through rigging,” he said.

Gutu said while Mujuru was welcome to join the opposition ranks, she should be aware of and be prepared to face the “brutality of Zanu PF”.

“She has to be prepared to face the brutal regime which thrives on intimidating people and at times, raping our women, torturing them and destroying people’s property. She has to brace for that,” Gutu said.

People‘s Democratic Party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the former VP should tell the truth unless she was “an innocent beneficiary of the rigging system”.

“I hope she was joking because for us in the opposition, she has no value. We want someone who knows that elections were rigged, how, by who and how they can be stopped. But we believe she is lying. Believing that Mujuru does not know that elections were rigged is like believing that there are two suns circulating mother earth,” Mafume said.

Mujuru, who now leads the opposition Zimbabwe People First, was kicked out of both government and Zanu PF on allegations of plotting to kill President Robert Mugabe, a charge she has persistently denied.

Political analyst Eldred Masunungure said although Mujuru could have been kept in the dark by the State machinery due to her perceived links to the opposition as far back as 2008, it would be difficult for ordinary people to believe that she did not know how elections were rigged.

“It’s a challenge that she has to deal with, because no one will accept her explanation when everyone suspects that the 2013 elections were rigged,” he said.

“For a person who understands Zanu PF politics, it should be known that Mujuru was being suspected then that she could be working with the opposition and also claims that she never wanted elections to be held then. It could be true that she was kept in the dark.

“People should give her the benefit of the doubt on that matter because this rigging was not done by the party or formal government structures, but by a clique which managed and monitored this Israeli group [Nikuv] that carried out the rigging.”

The opposition has accused the Mugabe-led government of manipulating election results in successive elections held since independence in 1980.

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  1. If people first in general and mujuru in particular needs people to take them seriously then they must expose Zanu’s rigging machinery because this will help in dismantling it. People have lost faith in elections and they dont take the opposition seriously anymore thats why you see the majority following the factional fights closely.

    If Mujuru was kept in the dark then Mugabe was right that she is lazy and docile.

    1. Prosper Tangenhamo

      If there was no rigging then it will not be proper to lie in order to be accepted. Mujuru has nothing to loose but everything to gain by lying or being untruthful. She knows and understands very well that she would be the opposition HEROIN if she lies that there was rigging at play.
      I particularly applaud her for being honest, truthful, open. this now gives the opposition time to introspect and see where they were missing the plot whilst jumping to the rigging chorus. Was taking the people for granted their mistake, to me that is where the opposition is at their weakest. They have this misplaced belief that if we go foe elections today because there is drought, people will not vote for Zanu(pf), the opposition has never done a thorough research on what motivates individuals when during elections. Zanu(pf) will always have any upper hand because of their consistence in policy and goals, to empower the citizenry not to make them workers who slave themselves for foreign capital tokens of bread and butter in the morning without creating your own family’s wealth.

    2. “If Mujuru was kept in the dark…” This statement condemns Mujuru to the gallows! Mujuru has to be very careful what she says going forward…She is digging a pit for herself with these half baked statements everyday. She needs to get a competent PR person really fast if her project is to get off the ground. As is, she is heading straight into the ground! Another issue is winding down of her late husband’s will..Has this now been done?

  2. nehanda nyakasikana

    Dr amai mujuru ngavatipe zvirinani. she was not aware of the controversies around mudede and voters roll sure?

  3. nehanda nyakasikana

    and when election results were withheld in 2008 havazivi kuti chii chaiitika zvese izvi havazvizivi… kkkkk

  4. How do they expect her to shoot herself on the foot. This shows how desperate has some of these opposition parties have become.

    1. @Gwedeja- Interesting point..The MDCT should find other avenues to explain the rigging they are always mourning about. Expecting Mujuru to do this for them is SICK. Perhaps they should stick with the fact that she was part of the rigging machinery rather than this idiotic tag of trying to corner her into saying things that harmful to her own case.

  5. i like Dr Mujuru so much, but i can give her more if she can open this rigging can of worms.

    1. And you will only think she’s saying the truth if she lies that there was indeed rigging, even though she either wasn’t aware of it or knows with certainty that there wasn’t any?

  6. Guys lets be honest in 2013 Morgan lost proper …he was asleep on the wheel enjoying being prime minister and so forth however 2008 he did win for sure and Mugabe admits this.even Jonso lost in his tsholotsho and only won last year.lets not mix elections please.I don’t support either but lets stick to facts.


    Dr Spill Blood muchine shavi rechiZanu richiri pamuri rinoda at least n’anga 20 to exorcise! problem makadzingwa kuzanu muchakuda. For your own information we dont need you ku opposition. My true advice for you is to go back and berg for clemency from your masters at the shake shake house. With the confusion in zanu pf now , i can foresee them taking you aboard!


  8. Would you think rigging of a general election could be discussed in the Politburo or Cabinet. Only a small group of securocrats would know. The opposition shld focus on why the lost, and it’s simply they became comfortable in the GNU.

  9. 2013 were clean election stop making noise MDC-T. inclusive gvt exposed you for i dont think you wil win any elections in Zimbabwe, you may try to campaign elsewhere eg Mozambique

  10. You are right cde Tongo but at least she must be aware of the role played by Nikuv she must play her role and reveal the weakness of Mugabe system not to just say mugabe sleeps in the cabinet. Chero mwana wekireshi unoziva kuti mucabinet munovatwa chero mujuru wacho aitovatawo achitosur.. futi.

    Iye ngaachiziva kuti zveuVP hwekungopuwa zvakapera chavapo kutoshanda. She must take the electrolate seriously kuti timutorewo serious. Achasveronyengerera vanhu vakamudzinga sembwa nokumuurayira murume nhai vakomana.

    Vaakutaura nhasi zvepetro yakapisa mujuru nemiwo mai mujuru muri mhondi manga makambonyararirei? Dai musina kudzingwa maizvitaura? Zimbabwe needs better leaders kwete mhondi idzi.

  11. Joice Mujuru has always been doormat – getting paid for something like 34 years for sitting on her backside doing nothing, singing praises for Mugabe. Cabinet ministers under Mugabe are just there for show – like nodding dogs. All decisions are made by one man – Mugabe.

  12. That lady is just a Zanu PF spy,she is still being used by Mugabe and his team,how can she say all this shit on the madia,being quiet was more than enough on this matter than to say she don’t know!

  13. Dydmus knows. Ask him.

  14. WHAT IF THERE WAS NO RIGGING….YOU REALLY WANT HER TO SAY THERE WAS RIGGING?? Zimbabweans let’s be serious. Why do you think all the Western countries only concede to voter intimidation in some areas and not vote rigging? Let the opposition work hard and prove their claims otherwise we are wasting energy tabling it. People have banked on Morgan, then Makoni and now Joyce…. Seriously? Anga anaka nguvai Grace? Let’s be focused in our support and we will eventually get our desired goal. We all the common enemy. Why should Lacoste be forced to divulge that he has Presidential ambitions? Does the incumbent not have them by claiming he is running for 2018? WE SHOULD BE CLAMOURING FOR GRACE TO DECLARE THAT SHE HAS NO AMBITIONS AND WILL NOT TRY TO SEEK NOMINATION. THIS THE REAL ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. mujuru is saying the truth. remember mugabe did not even know how he won this election. a lot of zanu guys were suprised. in zanu they are guys who will go the distance without being sent to promote this evil party for example the crazy jabulani sibanda in his days. what he did then no one had sent him. he was a clever dog for zanu. he just hated morgan and went overdrive. there is a section of cios at present who will do anything to have zanu win. i will repeat. one person who is doing it well for zanu and even going on overdrive is mudede and the cios. this guy knows how to act innocent. what a dangerous guy. if the opposition can get to his real secrets which he even does not allow the president to go to then things will be ok. he knows how to play around with numbers. that is why he will come up with laws which make it hard for urban voters to register. that is why he will use chiefs to get numbers for him in rural area. that is why he will not allow expatriates to vote. mudede is winning everything for zanu. i know laws are made by parliment, but he advises and asks for space to be given to him to do it for zanu. that is why zanu has kept him for so long in that office. he has to get a guy who can do it for zanu once he leaves.

    1. I wanted to call you a fool or idiot but then realized that it would not be published, saka ndaakungoti uri zeeretsi!

  16. those with evidence of rigging must furnish us,otherwise people must accept election results when they lose the same way they accept them when they win in urban areas

  17. Then i doubt if she is a smart politician because like one, she is suppose to be aware of such things in the game of politics. Mai Mujuru was in government for a long time. If she claims to be unaware then i urge the electorate not to be fooled. We want genuine leaders to take Zimbabwe forward.

  18. you know the truth

  19. she is bound by the official secrecy act and so is Didymas

  20. Why the opposition want mujuru to tell them it’s here secret maybe she wants to rig as well in the future kkkk.

    1. Just what I thout Tsotso kkkkk,you may never know what will hapen in 2018….we are watching the space

  21. Problem with us Zimbabweans is that we never believe in losing, anything. If one loses an election, it’s rigging; if one is beaten to a job, it’s nepotism; if another’s business is more successful than one’s own, it’s juju;, if a person dies, we believe it’s witchcraft; so on and so forth. Kana Dynamos yakatorerwa mukombe ne Chicken inn wani, it all goes down to strategy. I have never believed there has ever been any election rigging in Zimbabwe. Do you want to tell me that since 1980, there could never be just one person who got chucked out of or was disgruntled with the system such that s/he would have spilled the beans.

  22. True the real Dr. Amai we need answers on rigging because that’s not good enough to say you did not know how the rigging was done. His Excellence himself once blundered that Morgan Tsvangirai won the elections but you remained in power how did it happen. Tiudzei Dr. Amai you are a devoted Christian you apologized to the nation for your wrong doings whilst in Zanu PF and pachitendero manyepo haadiwi just let the cat out of the bag. This is what we call People First loving without any reservations.

  23. Asking her to fight the very system that raised and groomed her….don’t you think we asking for too much from her. Zimbabweans, we are now so desperate to think that whoever comes through the rank of the Opposition Parties is our “saviour”, this nation needs more than just a person. Lets pray for our nation, surely the God who created the ear shall he not hear the prayers of His people.

  24. Takakuudzai kare kuti mai mujuru ne People first is the new baba jukwa for 2018. she is a zanu pf and will not expose her masters period

  25. The MDC is good in blaming their elections defeats to rigging. Thats why you see that their emperor is fast crumbling and thats why Biti left the party. They are cry babies. These guys must come out with new strategies different from that of 1999. Cornering mai mujuru on something which she knows nothing about will not help the MDC in an way. The problem is ,the MDC is very comfortable with being in opposition for good thats why they are fighting mai mujuru because she may condemn them to opposition political dust bins. Mugabe is no longer their enemy because they are sure that they wont defeat him in any election. How can they claim rigging whilst they have got nothing little as evidence. Dont trouble mai mujuru she is the peoples hope for 2018.

  26. maMdc siyanai nesu kana muchida kutonga be serious ….did u campaign in 2013 .if intimidation is rigging then yes it was plenty but zve Nikuv zvamonotaura imbanje dzenyu vanaGutu. Put your house in order morega kutinetsera Dr vedu. Havasiwo vakati mupatsurane kuita mafragments it was going to be a miracle dai makawina imi.Bring us your evidence dont force our Choice Joice to lie.

  27. Shut up Joice. When you were in ZANU PF you never talked about this rigging nonsense and now that they have thrown you out of the gravy train you want to lie to us that elections were rigged in order to endear yourself to the people. We are not gullible as you would like to think. You and your Western handlers think that you can take us for a ride by pretending to love the people you have ignored for the last 34 years until ZANU PF showed you a red card. Where were the people during these so many years you now want to claim come first in your order of things.

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