Mujuru campaign jolts Mugabe, Tsvangirai


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and opposition MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai have lined up a number of nationwide campaign rallies amid reports the two politicians have been shaken by the tremors caused by former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s underground campaign, particularly in the rural areas.


Mugabe told Zanu PF supporters at Harare International Airport on Sunday that he would soon launch provincial campaigns to touch base with the electorate and mend rifts caused by factionalism.

“We will come to the provinces for meetings, telling you, with those who will organise the meetings, about the new ideas that we have to go ahead. And these issues of unity in Africa and going forward, the issues for women empowerment, youth advancement,” he said, addressing hundreds of party supporters gathered to welcome him, as he landed from the African Union Summit in Ethiopia.


Last year, the ruling party sanctioned a series of provincial rallies that were addressed by First Lady Grace Mugabe, where she handed over government-sourced farming equipment and food to party supporters.

Tsvangirai has already started his nationwide campaigns with party spokesperson Obert Gutu saying the meetings were meant to enable the MDC-T leader reconnect with the grassroots ahead of the 2018 elections.

“The president will be meeting the grassroots and I wish all of us, from the standing committee to the branch, could learn from him and emulate his politics. This is what Zimbabweans want, a hands-on person” he said.

Tsvangirai started with Harare, where he reportedly advised party members to avoid being “bought” by emerging political outfits.

“His message to Harare was that with the imminent formation of other opposition political parties, MDC-T supporters should remain alert and not be swayed by money to follow other outfits,” a source, who attended one of his meetings, said.

This followed reports that several former MDC-T officials, including former councillors, were now campaigning for Mujuru’s yet-to-be-launched party.

MDC-T Harare provincial chairperson, Eric Murayi last week confirmed that Tsvangirai met with his party structures in Glen Norah, Highfield and other suburbs in the province.

After Harare, the MDC-T leader visited Bulawayo and Masvingo last week, where he also rallied party members to remain united and resist the temptation to jump ship. Tomorrow, Tsvangirai is also expected to visit six districts in Masvingo, where the party has lost its Chiredzi North district chairperson Josphats Chapfidza and Mangezi Mangezi of Bikita to PF.

Zanu PF also lost its former Chivi South MP Irvine Dzingirai to PF a fortnight ago, while the entire People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Masvingo provincial executive has defected to Mujuru, dealing a body blow to its leader Tendai Biti.

MDC-T Masvingo provincial chairperson James Gumbi confirmed that Tsvangirai would be touring six districts in the province.

“For now, the president is not going to have a star rally in Masvingo, he said he is going to visit six districts in the province. He will go to Masvingo rural, Gutu, Chivi, Chiredzi and Bikita and we are negotiating so that he visits Zaka,” said Gumbi. “We will arrange for a star rally thereafter if there is need,” he added.

Asked if these were not emergency meetings held in reaction to Mujuru’s penetration in Masvingo, MDC-T provincial spokesperson, Dusty Zivave brushed off the suggestion.

“The coming of the president is just like any other ordinary visit, it was a provincial council meeting provided for in the constitution done every three months,” he said.


  1. saka joice atanga neunderground campaign before launching her said party? Aifunga kuti kuva neparty inyore?

    • Nelson Chamisa please leave zip open you are encouraged to join Mai Mujuru because your brutal force of language is required there

    • She is only attracting her former disgruntled colleagues from zpf. That’s as far as she will go.who in their right mind would vote for her,after what they did while in govt.

  2. Yaa but we must be wary of these new outfits formed by rebel/ expelled officials. Let s pray that one day they will not be swallowed in rebellion or one of the leaders would wake up one day and say I am going to re-unite with my mother party. It’s a lesson for all of us. But the leader of this PF has not even said any word against the current regime, how deep is she genuine? Let’s wait and see.

  3. It would be folly for Mujuru and company, or any of the other opposition parties, to think that they can go it alone in this battle for democratic change and win against ZPF.What they need is a Grand Coalition of ALL democratic forces come 2018,otherwise it is just re-dividing the ‘opposition’ cake and it will be more of the same ZPF rule post 2018.

    • Mangoma do not campaign for MUDHOSVO to join Mujuru after all what democracy are you saying when a house of suspensions to counter other suspensions, where the suspender gets suspended before he rounds up his fellow suspended comrades so that they might in turn suspend those that dared to suspend them in the MUDHOSVO Tsvangi?

    • An exercise in futility for sure, much ado about nothing – all this activity by the opposition! The presumption of course is that if they garner enough votes the old man an his cronies will gracefully step down and allow them to waltz in, and so will the Chinese. I am stupefied by this reasoning! Has anybody not learnt anything from previous elections? Unless the integrity of the ballot counting process is restored to transparency nothing will come of it, grand coalition or not! Trying to carry water using a bucket full of holes. What is required is a change of strategy.

  4. The greatest favour Mujuru & Gumbo can do for Zim for now is to reveal how Zanupf rigged the 2013 election, then we can start talking


  6. If one closely looks at the political developments in the continent,the parties which managed to upset the status quo are those which broke or rebelled against the ruling parties.The reason being that they have an in depth knowledge about the web of intrigues that are employed to thwart political opponents in any electoral playing field.Therefore it is futile to keep on denigrating Joice and her colleagues she may spring a surprise.In any case the people of this country would decide at the ballot box who to give the mandate to run the affairs of the state.

    • True that, but “rebelled” not “expelled” – but then these are semantics. Perhaps you are right but yery often the new parties end up mirroring the old parties, lacking in creativity, naturally, being a chip off the old block. Same mindset different situation.

  7. I thought Tsvangirai had gone into exile or gravely ill!! Where is he? Faded. Disappeared into oblivion. Tsvangirai – waste of space.

  8. Zimbabwe needs a fourth chimurenga ..forget these do called elections. Where in Africa have we seen free and fair elections? Keep the idiots out of power thats the only langauge they understand and respect

  9. People like Taipa needs a doctor to examine their way of thinking. Mai Mujuru is geared for victory nomatter come thunder.all this shit about her past in Z PF are the utterances of ammateurs in politics. Zpf is hundred percent controlled by bob so what do you think she could do under the dictator. For nw,yes, we gonna judge her leadership . Do you still remember after that congress when Mnagwagwa was made the vice president, Mugabe said that he would tell them what to do. Despite all these CIO negative writings about Mai Mujuru , its a fact that she commands more political support than any political party in Zim Zpf included. Go Mai Mujuru go.

  10. In 1999 MDC campaigned for a NO vote, just to prove their popularity, but that was the perfect oportunity for zimbabwe to have a fresh start. By now we could be having the 2nd president in his/her last term of office. This country needs a new political leadership, a lot of patronage is at play in zpf. People First is the best option for ZIM

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