‘Mugabe’s birthday is like that of Jesus Christ’

The Zanu PF Youth League yesterday said celebrating President Robert Mugabe’s birthday was like celebrating that of Jesus Christ, claiming both were sent to “free” the people.


Responding to questions on whether it was proper for the ruling party to take its festivities to Masvingo, where thousands face starvation due to drought, Zanu PF youth league secretary, Pupurai Togarepi said Mugabe’s birthday will be celebrated even in a war situation in recognition of the “great works he has done to free” the people.

“We won’t force anyone, people who are paying know how the party operates and no one was forced. The birthday is important, it is like the birth of Jesus, who was born to rescue us, the same way President Mugabe was born in 1924 to free all of us, including you journalists to start writing like you are doing now,” he said.

mugabe-celebrates-his-88th-birthday-data President Robert Mugabe

Mugabe turns 92 tomorrow, with the main festivities set for Masvingo next weekend, where an over $800 000 fete is planned.

Togarepi said Mugabe and the youth league were not to blame for the hunger and drought in Masvingo.

“This is not unique to Zimbabwe, but they celebrate the lives of their heroes. So why is it an issue to relate the two? It has been there in drought and bumper harvest and there are authorities in Zimbabwe that are supposed to look at the drought issue. Are you not celebrating your birthdays? We are going to celebrate this day even in war situation because to us it’s important,” he said.

The Zanu PF youth boss was also on record pushing for February 21 to be declared a national holiday and be called the Robert Mugabe Day or Youth Day.

Togarepi distanced the youth league from a declaration of war against former liberation fighters by his deputy Kudzai Chipanga, whose statements angered the ex-combatants.

“If we say let’s go to war today, how many war veterans are there? They are very few. We (youths) constitute 65% of this country…so be ready and we are going to call you when the time comes,” Chipanga was quoted as saying.

But Togarepi said the youth league “was in love” with the war veterans.

“As the youth league, we don’t belong to any faction and we wouldn’t want any of our members to purport to be in any faction as advised by the leadership of the party.

“We support our President; we don’t belong to any groups, whether they are there or not. We support our President and it is him, who we believe in and I am speaking as the leader of the youth league and chief executive of the youth league,” Togarepi, who was flanked by Chipanga, said. “There could be issues and other people could say something at certain events, but we belong to the President of the party and not the so-called factions.”

Togarepi said the youths were not happy with officials attacking the party leadership in public.

“There are people, including the media, enjoying denigrating the leadership, our President, our two Vice-Presidents and our First Lady. As the youth league, we are not happy and anybody, anywhere, whether in Zanu PF or outside must not attack our leadership,” he said.

This was in apparent reference to some party officials, among them Zanu PF women’s league official, Sarah Mahoka, who belittled Mnangagwa in public recently last week.

War veterans have been accused of bringing the party into disrepute by denigrating First Lady Grace.

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  1. When the time comes,all this praise singing would mean nothing, it won’t stop the inevitable.There was once upon a time, when a big man said he would had been happy if he were to be the first born of the First Family,but when the time came that praise singing never saved him.He is now partial in the political cold.His political career is hanging by the thread.Is this praise singing out of genuine love for the president which borders on blasphemy?

    1. That reminds me….. CREMORA. Yakapera cremora iya.Kkkkkkkkk

  2. The ZPF Youth League are a totally lost entity with utterly misplaced loyalties. What freedom???? And how dare they compare their RGM with Jesus Christ in any way. I find it sickening.

  3. Jesus Christ was born ari mwana mutsvene baba Josepha vakasurudzwa kuchengeta mwana wamwari naMariah amai muvirigo vake muvirigo zvino ndinokumbira kuti mundisvitsirewo kuna Jesu,chichemo changu chekuti ndicheneswe chose,ndifunge zvakanakazvoga,ndide zvakanaka zvoga ndiitire mwari nomwoyo mutsvene
    Comrade Pupurai Togarepi please pupurai zvokwadi do not compare Mugabe to Jesus Christ you can compare him to Idi Amin,Hilter,Saddm Hussein,Ossama Bin Laden,Mummar Gaddafi just to mention a few within Mugabe circle

  4. “This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased” said God at the baptism of Jesus Christ. Jesus and the Father are the same. I am the way, the truth…..” . Lets be careful bout such comparisons for the President is only human. I rest ma case.

  5. Chibhodhoro Mukaka

    there is no problem in celebrating the birthday of our President but problems comes when the manner in which this event is going to be conducted millions are going to be spent just for one day while people are poverty stricken and drought aggravated the livings conditions of zimbabweans why dont you use that money to save lieves because many are dying of hunger ….the government has to put this verdict into cognisance


    They are very few people who love the president. The majority who are saying ‘our president this’ ‘our president that’ have got ulterior motives. They are thieves who are ‘praising’ the president, so that when they commit crime and are in trouble, they think that since they came out in newspapers ‘praising’ the leader, they would be exonerated. He is not the only one who is likening the president to Jesus. Some politicians who are late now, likened the president to God. Another former minister, Shamu, always likened the president to Cremora, but he was booted out inspite of the fact that he, called him Cremora. What Shamu did not know is, Cremora is not milk, JUST READ THE INGREDIENTS, its a fake milk. So, he was just saying the incumbent is a fake milk. Infact its an insult. Zino irema rinosekerera warisingade.

  7. Can someone tell me what’s the max age for someone to be in the youth league?coz in Zimbabwe they are 50 year old youths kkkkkkk

  8. Stupid youth . You compare an evil person with Jesus. You will be cursed for life. Mugabe is worse than Smith. How our the people of Zimbabwe free? You guys you are said to be youth when you are all ver 30 and you should be married and looking after your family. Semifinals you graduated 10 years ago if you had the brains to go to Uni , which I doubt very much. You still d not have jobs and you compare Mugabe with Jesus. Mhuri mahatma dzevanhu Shut up and enjoy whatever you got from ZANU pf whilst it lasts. Bold idiots.

  9. This ignorant moron, Pupurai Togarepi, says Mugabe “freed us all” from what? This guy was a infant or not born during white rule and has no clue what was happening how can he say Mugabe freed us all? Mugabe’s education was funded by whites if he does not know. Little knowledge is dangerous..
    If Mugabe had come from planet Mars with education then I would have a different view but the mere fact that his education was funded by whites when he was a boy makes the whole concept of Mugabe freeing or liberating anyone very silly and illogical. In any case blacks were a BILLION times better off under whites rule.

  10. It’s the whites who forced Pupurai’s tribe, Karanga or Vhitoris, to be part of the country with the Zezuru, Ndevele, Shangaan, Manyika, Tonga etc. There was no nation-state before whites came. Zimbabwe is a nation created by white people. This is unpalatable but the truth is that Zimbabwe is a state created by whites and blacks in Zimbabwe should be grateful to the whites.

    It was whites who liberated or freed black people from backwardness of having no schools or industries or clothes or lavatories or electricity.

    1. Or the wheel

      1. Willard Mubvumbi


  11. These are the signs of the times


    Pupurai you are fast becoming a threat to innocent Zimbabweans. I can equate you you Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels! How dare you are to compare this terrorist with JESUS CHRIST? Please check your boot licking tendencies before it’s too late

    1. true

  13. Pupurayi ndokuda mwana wamai asi haungaenzanisi kirisito navaMugabe.Unorobgwa neshamhu hazvihwango.Jeso ndiMwari.

  14. Jesu vakamboverenga bepa risiriro kupi?

  15. Kkkkkk god says he owns the leaders and their people.if yu go against even in yo own heart,hazvikufambire until he his time comes again to apoint yet another leader.lets be honest in al wat we do or thnk,lets not hate vasina kubva vatitadzira

  16. Willard Mubvumbi


  17. Willard Mubvumbi

    We did not have toilet papers b4 the whites came. Kikikikiki

  18. This Togarepi fellow is seriously misplaced in how he views things. You say you are a people’s party but one leader of your great organs dares to say that you’d rather go party in a war situation??? Just in order to gratify one man, his shameless wife and his pot smoking son(that Chatunga fellow). You really need to think before you speak comrade!!!!!

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