Mugabe unpacks Hungwe’s duties

ZANU PF Masvingo strongman Josaya Hungwe was a butt of social media jokes when he was appointed Psychomotor minister by President Robert Mugabe in September 2013.
Hungwe’s portfolio grabbed all the attention when Mugabe announced his new Cabinet after cruising to a comfortable electoral victory over Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T.

BY Everson Mushava

Most people, including the minister himself, seemed unsure of what the new ministry entailed.

Observers were quick to interpret Mugabe’s decision to create such a portfolio as a balancing act to manage the factitious Masvingo province, after Hungwe’s political rival, Dzikamai Mavhaire, was appointed Energy minister.

MUGABE President Robert Mugabe [/Caption]

But on Wednesday, while the nation was still grappling to understand Hungwe’s duties, Mugabe made another move, this time elevating Hungwe to a full Cabinet minister, bringing to two the number of full ministers from Masvingo after the firing of Mavhaire.

“Globally, countries have realised the importance of entrepreneurship, practical, technical, vocational, arts, sports, agricultural and other life skills in the 21st Century labour market,” part of a statement spelling Hungwe’s mandate released at State House on Wednesday said.

“In this context, Zimbabwe is faced with the challenge of increasing unemployment, which is partly attributed to the academic-oriented education that has been pursued at the expense of psychomotor philosophy principles.”

The statement added: “In order to address these challenges, His Excellency the President appointed a Minister of State to facilitate the broadening and enrichment of the education and training curricula through the mainstreaming of psychomotor activities into government ministries or department and other institutions, inclusive of the private sector.”

Hungwe, according to the mandate sheet, will be responsible for developing relevant psychomotor policies, instruments and regulations strengthen the existing national competencies and standards in psychomotor skills developments and capacitate training institutions to enable them to offer flexible psychomotor programmes.

He will also promote the development of relevant psychomotor training programmes within the framework of the overall socio-economic plans and national policies.

Hungwe will also undertake regular inspections, monitoring and evaluations of training institutions to ensure compliance with set standards and guidelines as well as effectiveness of psychomotor policies and programmes and mobilise resources for psychomotor programmes and projects.

The minister will facilitate research aimed at strengthening psychomotor training programmes and making informed decisions and facilitate capacitation of training institutions with appropriate infrastructure, equipment and skills.

Some of the functions will include liaising with stakeholders at all levels in both public and private sectors on both strategies relating to psychomotor polices, programmes and projects and advise and make recommendations to Cabinet on all matters relating to psychomotor policies, programme, projects and activities.

Hungwe, after his swearing-in as a Cabinet minister, said: “It means more areas of responsibility that will cut across all sectors of the economy.” He added: “I must mobilise and we are in the new area of change, particularly in education and new skills.”

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  1. Perhaps the president knows some special talents possessed by Cde Josaya Hungwe, most people really don’t. The man is hardly inspiring to anyone.

  2. mgobhozi wezintabeni

    Pay back for boot licking, other wise this responsibility should fall under the ministry of Higher Education.That’s why there is no cohesion in this government because of duplication of responsibilities.Zimbabwean cabinet is among the largest in the world.

  3. So, what was he doing since his appointment?

    All the stuff he is suppose to do is covered under the 2 education ministries. Yawn.

    1. You have asked exactly what I wanted to know exactly….for the last two or so years what was he really doing?

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  5. The guy gets a job description after two years; one wonders what he has been doing all along! Only in Zimbabwe.

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