Mugabe has no respect for war veterans: Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has little respect for Zimbabwe’s former fighters and is likely to pass the baton to a civilian, former Zanu PF Mashonaland West provincial chairperson, Temba Mliswa claimed.


Mliswa told journalists at a Press briefing on Monday that veterans of the liberation struggle have themselves to blame for the situation Zanu PF finds itself in.

“They heckled with (the late Mozambican President) Samora Machel for three months over Mugabe’s eligibility to lead the struggle and the fighters. Machel told them he did not trust Mugabe, but they went against his wise counsel to appoint him leader,” he said.

Temba Mliswa Temba Mliswa

Mliswa said Mugabe was not a war veteran, hence, he has little regard for them.

“They appointed a civilian and now he is going to leave power to his wife – also a civilian. Mugabe is not a war veteran, so he does not respect them or their opinion,” the former Hurungwe West lawmaker said.

After his famed crossing into Mozambique in 1975 to join the then guerrilla fighters, Mugabe was reportedly restricted to the coastal town of Quilimane by a sceptical Machel, before he was accepted as Zanu leader by military leaders, among them the late Solomon Mujuru and Josiah Tongogara.

A special congress held in Chimoio in 1977 installed Mugabe as Zanu leader, before his triumphant return to lead the country to independence in 1980.

Mliswa urged Mugabe to accept gays and lesbians so the country can access foreign funding.

“This idea of grandstanding about the issue of homosexuals does not help us. We all know that there are people sitting in high offices, with multi-lateral institutions who are gays. These are the same people we expect to give the green-light to the release of funding into the country, but then we turn around and berate them,” he said.

“I have nothing against gays, but I do not like the hypocrisy being shown by the system. They work with gays, but then claim to hate them.”


  1. Mr Mliswa do you have morals? How can you lobby that the president should allow gays and lesbians to be allowed to operate? I question you christian values that is if you have any, otherwise you do not have. You say you lead the youth but I wonder what type of values and social ethics they ill emulate from you? Zimbabwe is a christian country so we can’t be Esau who sold his birth right because of soup. If you want to be an American then apply for its citizenship and go and stay there. The practice gays and lesbian is condemned at all cost. God never said Mary and Lizzy you are going to be one flesh or John and Peter you are going to be one flesh and multiply and fruitful. Can somebody help this politician please. If thats the condition let America keeps its money. I salute the president for refusing the practise of gaysim and lesbianism.

    • What you are saying is loads of helpless moralistic crappy. Zimbabwe is not a Christian nation. Our constitution identifies us a God fearing people. Mliswa is merely speaking truth to power pointing out the hypocrisy castigating gays and lesbians as worse than pigs and dogs and accommodating the same people in his cabinet and party. There is nothing Christian about hatred and violating the human rights of a fellow being on the basis of sexual preference.

  2. Stupid young idiotic failed politician. How on earth can a man breath behind another man. You think that is enjoyable? I gues you are being sodomised by the Americans. Wake up ,MFANA . This aint America. Stupid. Thats why you are a political failure. Hauna brain.

  3. Mliswa nhamo inhamo zvayo mari yekufemerana mugotsi kwete. God created a man and a woman and after his creation, the bible’s says Mwari akazviona zvakanaka. Nyengwa hako upiwe mari if you are broke.
    I respected you soon after your expulsion from Zanu PF little did l know that you are worse than dogs and pigs.

  4. Unoda kuti vaberekwe kumusana here nhaiwe Temba?? Ko zvino ivo President zvavachembera, kkkk. Inga wakati hauchadi zveZanu wani? Enda unoita fitness trainer kuPeople First uko kune vacancy in the department of health.

  5. Mliswa has lost it..If Mugabe is not a war veteran then what is he? Are you saying the war vets themselves elected him their patron because of other unknown reason..ko kana zvekutaura zvapera ko kuridza muridzo samusha?

  6. this mliswa guy now needs urgent mental attention. the fact that he is broke and desperate doesn’t mean all morally correct Zimbabweans are also hell with your American/European gay financiers themba!! prosperity and riches and economic recovery comes from the Almighty God NOT gays.pliz zanu pf ,all mdc’`s and people first don’t let this broke,wicked flip flopper with no morals anywhere near your parties. baba mutasa pliz reign in yo confused nephew pliz

  7. mliswa get away iwe wakaita how many years in ZPF and enjoying our suffering now that u are out in the cold u want to bad mouth them when we all know what u really thiersty for is another stint with them. kana iwe uchida zvekufongoreswa nevamwe varume enda kwazvinoitwa ikoko pfutseki mhani yes dogs are better than gays nxaaa

  8. themba,america is the mother of all immorality hence nothing special about their”‘accept gays” financial aid attached conditions.we don’t need that as individuals and as a nation period!!I its only you failed and broke immoral chancers who need the cursed gay aid. on that gay issue I stand by my president HIS EXCELLENCY RG MUGABE.

  9. We cannot disallow gays and lesbians simply because the Bible says so. No one is forced to be Christian. One has to “willingly accept” Christ into their lives, so the argument that homosexuals are wrong simply because the Bible says so and because God created Adam and Eve is myopic and childish.

    The Constitution also guarantees freedom of worship, which means you can belong to any religion or choose NOT to belong to any religion. So you cannot disallow homosexuals based on what a religion YOU CHOSE says. As far as morals are concerned, morals are not laws and no one moral has precedence over another, how many morals do you break everyday?

    Let homosexuals be, I may not like them but I know for sure it is inappropriate and backward to discriminate based on sexual preference or any other grounds for that matter. We may not like homosexuals, but we have no basis whatsoever to disallow them or discriminate against them for that matter.

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