‘Mugabe, Cabinet should resign’


MKOBA MP Amos Chibaya (MDC-T) has called on President Robert Mugabe and his entire Cabinet to resign, saying they have failed to run the economy.



Chibaya said this on Tuesday while contributing to a motion on the Presidential speech, where he also angered Zanu PF legislators by saying it was impossible for any investor to put their money into a country full of “thugs”.

Acting Speaker Reuben Marumahoko ordered Chibaya to withdraw the word “thugs”, saying it was unparliamentary language.

“The ailing economic situation in the country proves that it is now time for President Mugabe to hang his boots and resign together with everyone in his Cabinet,” Chibaya said.

“They have failed to run this economy. The Auditor-General’s report named all corrupt individuals in the country, but Mugabe’s government has failed to bring to book all those fingered, including those named in the Premier Service Medical Aid Society scam.”

Chibaya said Zanu PF claims that sanctions were the main cause of the economic collapse in the country were false.

“Actually, the biggest sanctions in this country are not those that were imposed through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (Zidera) of 2001, but the biggest sanction is corruption,” the MDC-T legislator said.

Although Zimbabwe claims sanctions have run down the economy, latest statistics from the United States Census Bureau reveal that trade between Zimbabwe and the United States was growing.

In 2015, Zimbabwe exported goods worth $66,6 million to the US, while the US imported goods worth $32,9 million from Zimbabwe.

In 2014, the exports from Zimbabwe to the US were $64,9 million, while imports from the US totalled $48,7 million.

During 2013, exports from Zimbabwe to the US were low at $13,9 million worth of goods exported, while the US imported goods worth $60,5 million.

In 2012, Zimbabwe exported $52,5 million worth of goods, while the US imports amounted to $53,5 million.

The year 2008 registered a very high amount of goods worth $112 million exported by Zimbabwe to the US, while imports from the US during that year amounted to $92,9 million.


  1. If we are to go by those figures,then the sanctions mantra is simply a scapegoat,calculated at covering corruption and other shenanigans that had pulled down the economy, and there appears to be no political will to stamp out this cancerous evil.

    • I guess you think those figures are huge! Mind you these are national figures, not for some SME at siyaso.

  2. A generation being led by thieves, liers and dishonnest, corrupt selfish and greedy ministers. The day will come when your works will be counted and you shall be made to account. God is watching. Shame on you corrupt ministers who hide behind sanctions while looting public resources. Right now fuel prices fell drastically globally but because of your evil greediness, Zimbabweans never benefited from this move. Why,? Because vultures are benefiting from this mess. Saka should we blame sanctions here? You are not even ashamed that you have run down our economy hiding behind the non existent sanction mantra. Shame on you.

    • You guys you are not serious!!!! So you did not know that the sanctions where travel bans? You can export and import anything from anywhere. Why do we have so many band new cars from all over?

  3. The statement from Mkoba MP is a cliché and platitudinous. This will only happen until and unless donkeys grow horns. Meaning to say that the nonegenarian will keep on ruling for years and years to come. I feel pity for those who are waiting to succeed becoz they will keep on warming the bench. Really, a substitute bench is hard to sit on. The one man supposed to be substituted is clinging on and those on the substitute bench will end up hopeless and hangup their boots. A substitute bench is not easy to sit on. Just ask the VP.

  4. What. Really. Surprising. Me. Is this. 92 yrs old. Man. Feels. He’s. The. Only. Liberators. Of Zimbabwe? Besides him. No. One. Else?

  5. They do lie. Ian Smith lived under sanctions but Rhodesian economy was very powerful and kicking. The people whom we supported during the liberation struggle are the same people who turned their backs on us. ZANU PF failed Zimbabwe. they brought it to its knees. #Mai nababa ndakakunyeperai…mai nababa zvatakabva kuhondo…ndikati rugare rwauya…ndisingazive zvakanga zvirikumberi…nhamo yauya vakomana…nhamo yauya iweeee!!!#… (Thomas Mapfumo – Nhamo Zvekare)

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