Mugabe ‘breaks fall’ again


SWIFT intervention by security aides saved President Robert Mugabe from another embarrassing fall, as he stumbled while approaching the podium to deliver his last speech as African Union chairman at the continental body’s 26th summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Saturday.


Video footage of the incident, which has gone viral on social media platforms, shows the 91-year-old napping shortly before he was led to the podium by an aide, who later saved him from tumbling over after he tripped with his prepared speech in hand.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba was not available for comment and did not respond to a message sent on his mobile phone.

In one of the videos, Mugabe, who sat next to AU Commission chairperson, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, was captured with his eyes closed and apparently appearing fast asleep, while other Heads of State and government, including Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, were engrossed in deep discussions.

This is not the first time Mugabe has been captured on camera sleeping or tumbling.


Last year, Mugabe fell from the stairs at Harare International Airport after addressing Zanu PF supporters shortly after arriving from Addis Ababa, where he had assumed the position of AU chairperson.

Last October, Mugabe almost fell backwards, as he tried to climb a one-step dais in New Delhi, India, at the India-Africa Summit.

Mugabe’s aides have tried to defend his near-falls and sleeping in meetings, with Presidential photographer Joseph Nyadzayo saying his boss would be concentrating with his eyes closed. Mugabe himself has often downplayed the incidents, saying they were nothing unusual.

“Some people do not understand why he closes his eyes at some meetings. One might think he is asleep, but it appears to be one way of deepening concentration,” Nyadzayo wrote as part of a series of articles to be published by those who have worked closely with Mugabe ahead of his 92nd birthday celebrations in Masvingo later this month.

Opposition parties have said the falls and near-falls in Mugabe’s life were a sign that he was old and no longer fit to remain President, as he reaches 92 on February 21.


  1. Despite all that and the mess he has created for the people of Zimbabwe, he gave a good speech against the UN security council. When are we as Africans going to have a permanent member in the UN security council, we need reforms at UN

    • … and when are we going to have FREE and FAIR elections in Zim where a SORE LOSER like Bob paves way for the winner freely.

    • that can easily be achieved by the departure of the current office bearer but as africans there is a spirit of togetherness we need to harvest from this man before he kiss a goobye to this earthly world. it will be easier for this man to leave office either by votes or natural attrition but it need men of his calibre to make sure un security council reforms are instituted. lets be clear and be focused on what we want to loose before its actually missed. Tichamudemba robert uyu. mark my words.

  2. Africans will never achieve anything because we go around talking positive things to other Africans. wat Mugabe said at Addis Ababa makes sense. African countries must have permanent post .

  3. As Zimbabweans we don’t necessarily need permanent post, we need Zim to be habitable like other nations. We also need leaders who give others chance, transparency in elections, y no pension 2 politicians, who said that. They want permanent position in politics, and why not saynwenalso want others to rule Zim, bcz it does not belong 2 one person

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