Mugabe bans Grace rallies

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has given in to pressure from the army and war veterans to put a stop to First Lady Grace’s controversial rallies “because they had become a national security threat”, NewsDay has learnt.

BYstaff reporter

Since her dramatic entry into mainstream politics in mid-2014, Grace has addressed a series of rallies, most of which have been aimed at raising her political profile and create a platform to undo the political careers of her opponents within the ruling Zanu PF party.

Following the Chiweshe rally two weeks ago that seemed to set the tone for Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s removal and potshots at the country’s securocrats, Mugabe — after representations from the army’s top brass — reportedly ordered the rallies to stop forthwith.

Firts-lady-Grace-Mugabe-greets-the-crowd-as-she-arrives-at--Mutambara-Mission-yesterday-1 First Lady Grace Mugabe [/Caption]

“The army demanded that the rallies be stopped because they had become a national security threat. They were being used for nothing, but to divide people as well as a platform for vilification of other people. One of the most dangerous things to come out of these rallies was the ethnic rant by Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko. That was a very low point,” an insider said.

Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka — who seemed to have taken over the position of “head agitator” for the ambitious G40 faction — yesterday refused to comment.

“I am not the person, find him and talk to him. If you do not know him, call the party headquarters,” Mahoka said sarcastically.

Quizzed on why she would not comment when in the past few weeks she had been speaking on behalf of the Zanu PF Women’s League in which she serves as secretary for finance, Mahoka retorted: “When I said those things I was doing it for myself and not for anyone.”

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo referred questions to Women’s League deputy secretary Eunice Sandi-Moyo.

“That will be under the Women’s League, I would not know if they have any programmes coming,” Khaya Moyo said.

Sandi-Moyo, Grace’s deputy in the Women’s League, said there were no planned rallies.

“Not that I know of, we will give you information if there is any programme,” she said.

Information ministry principal director Regis Chikowore also refused to comment on the matter when contacted for comment yesterday.

“Please do not abuse me and do not abuse the President. How do you expect me to comment on hearsay?” Chikowore said before dropping the call.

Reports last week indicated Grace was planning a rally in Manicaland’s Buhera district at which “Mnangagwa will be finished” with another slated for Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo’s Tsholotsho North constituency as well as Bulawayo between then and this week.

At the Chiweshe gathering, Mphoko gushed: “We hear some people think after Mugabe, a Zezuru, there will be a Karanga leader. It is not going to happen.” The remark attracted condemnation across Zanu PF circles.

The security chiefs were said to have convinced Mugabe that the nation was in danger of disintegration if the rallies were allowed to continue particularly given the fact that “they were being used by the G40 (Generation 40) faction to further its interests against the broader national interests”.

The G40 faction — reportedly fronted by First Lady Grace — has in the past few months been angling for Mnangagwa’s removal from his positions as VP both at party and government level.

Last night, it was understood that hundreds of T-shirts with the VP’s portrait were printed. The T-shirts would reportedly be distributed to delegates at the President’s birthday bash to portray Mnangagwa as “a power-hungry person” as a way to infuriate Mugabe.

Mnangagwa was elevated into the presidium following former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s removal on allegations that she wanted to depose Mugabe by foul means.

But before the ruling party could heal the wounds of Mujuru’s unceremonious removal, a group of Young Turks that reportedly includes national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Moyo began plotting for Mnangagwa’s political demise.

With Grace having used rallies to force Mugabe’s hand in Mujuru’s removal, the same modus operandi seemed to have been proposed in the Mnangagwa case, but it appeared to have hit troubled waters after apparent resistance from the army and war veterans.

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  1. Dr Amai will be in Buhera,Chief Nyashanu area next Wednesday.Roads are being upgraded here by DDF.Takatovamirira Dr Amai.Yesterday the venue for Dr Amai’s rally ws painted.

    1. The irony of it all. Why should roads be upgraded because she is visiting Buhera ? Obviously to create the false impression that you have good roads down that side. Munondinyadzisa vana vekumusha.

      1. taura hako how can an insane person rejoice kuti road yagadzigwa cause Disgrace is coming to shout att Munangagwa, instead of bringing food to the hungry. svinurai vachihera mokanganisa mutupo wedu toziva vahera vakangwara isu.

      2. taura hako how can an sane person rejoice kuti road yagadzigwa cause Disgrace is coming to shout att Munangagwa, instead of bringing food to the hungry. svinurai vachihera mokanganisa mutupo wedu toziva vahera vakangwara isu.

  2. Newsday these are pure lies.Grace ws supposed to held the rally this wk but it ws postponed to next wk coz of bob birthday.He will be in Buhera next wk.MaCIO atozara mu area.Nezuro chaiye vana vakatobva kuchikoro vachiti kune rally next Wed

  3. muchamama chete

  4. mozah b gamatox wezhira

    Actually the rallies are good for the opposition ..thy campaign more for the opposition than to zanu pf

  5. Grace will stop at nothing, she said it before only a bullet can stop her. It’s too late for the Army to intervene now. They agreed to be partisan & be used by bob now he’ll dump them, they will probably be replaced since their current terms are illegal anyway. Chihuri should have been out in 2011 & his counterpart in Chiwenga is also serving at the mercy of Bob. He’ll just replace them if they work against his plans to establish a dynasty

  6. Tikadyiwa tinomurova cnt she realise kt we heading for slaughter house in 2018

  7. Newsday ndozviroto & a false story that disappoint your sponsors. Goke rakapera takadzidza ” Munhu wese kuna Dr Amai” bt you are still thinking & dreaming backwards…ndokusara chaiko uku. WATCH THE SPACE…more rallies coming

  8. Handei Tione!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Tampering with the security sector was the last thing Amai did kufunda kwaka naka pamwe pacho as you can see what is ahead of you. She was treading on dangerous grounds so I say Mutsvangwa 1 G40 0

  10. zvamwa mwari ipai kuna mwara zvakesari ipai kesari

  11. Usanyeperwe zvokumhanya…there is nothing by the name “G40” bt exist only in your ignorant & foolish mind. Beside how can Mutsvangwa(uner descipline) score 1 against a non existing faction…atidi madofo shamwari…enroll & register STEAM ungware!!!!!!!

    1. humba wakapusa zvekurevesa chaizvo.

    2. STEAM or STEM????? Just asking

  12. Humba unogara muchirugu chenguruve kani? Kutongobvunza ndichipfuurawo zvangu.

  13. If the News is true yes Mutsvangwa has won and Grace lost , the news might be true because of the damage control story in Herald and all the news outlets, where they are saying Grace does not want to be Pres when its obvious she has been campaigning all along

  14. Iwe chaporonga futseki mani, Zimbabwe ayisi danga renguruve..thats an insult to Zimbabweans.Ndiya stop lying to yourself , she never said she wanted to be Pres…madzikirira anokunetsa…hope inodzinyanya. She is already a leader by default”The First Lady” and Leader of the Womens’ League in the Ruling Party…usatipengere ndiya…

  15. Mai vari kutonga

  16. Munhu anonzi Humba please mubatiraneyi chero akaramba mumuendese kuIngutsheni . Why do you deny the existence of G40 when the President himself acknowledged it. Maybe unogara mumwena hatichazivi because so many things skip you

  17. Boggles the mind how some people reason.”Mai varikutonga”. Vaani? Don’t you have a mother of your own? How our people are so brainwashed as to crave for a dynasty. Kusafunga. Mr President is an intelligent politician who knows when to apply brakes.

  18. Grace haasi kutonga but ari kuzvikwanisa paasinga kwani. Kuti first haisi public office but its title just to show some respect to the lady who looks after the President. Zvichamu sungisa chete zvaari kuita kana Mugabe akangofa. I am ZANU PF but I have taken a backseat because of the problems created by her. Even if they vote for her as party president, they should forget ibhora musango. I advised my family that we will vote for Tsvangirai, 4 guaranteed votes coz tinopera kuurawa nemukadzi uya. Anonyanya kutarisira vanhu pasi akanganwa kuti haana kuvoterwa kuita first lady. Bofu rakanonga roro.

  19. Ukavenga Mukaranga wavenga Zimbabwe..manje Masvingo hatidi matuzvi

  20. Iyo Cde Humba inguruve chaiyo kkkkkkkkkk

  21. Pakaipa Grace wants to be the president, Mugabe is fully behind her the army doesnt want her , Mai Mujuru is in her own corner supported by liberation war stalwarts like Rugare Gumbo etc, Themba Mliswa aakupenga , Tsvangison is finished now openly enjoying himself with scantly dressed ladies, Simba Makoni is he even alive, maybe he is broke becoz politics is expensive. Mnangagwa is powerful as long as he remains in zanu pf if he goes the way of mujuru he is finished, Mphoko is a stooge nothing more anything less

  22. The Grace rallies have not been banned. There will be one next week.
    These rallies are meant to distribute govt equipment to farmers to make Grace popular.

    The problem is Grace has nothing substantial to say and so she ends up scolding other people even people within Zanu PF. That may change now but she will continue along the same lines.

    Lets wait and see what she says at the next rally next week.

  23. Ko…Weevils..iripiko…kkkkkk? Kana..kuti..ndiyo..Lacoste..+ G40… Zvipfukuto..zvomene……usadherere….

  24. Since when have Doc Amai’s rallies become a security threat?Dindingwe rinofara richikweva mavara evamwe, kana iro……

    Munhu wese kuna Mama.

  25. So where are we going to get the free shows now if she is banned


    Please take note that the rally has been postponed because of Mugabe’s birthday celebrations. Of course we now need need a new leadership, but lying to ourselves will not unseat Mugabe and his government. I belong to the opposition, but this time our camp is lying. Our media has been polarized. This is mere day dreaming to say that Bob abolished the rally. Dear cds, Newsday wants to fool us.

  27. WEZHIRA WEZHARA: akuna ZANU PF inopenga kudaro voti yako atiidi you are just a crazy drop in the SEA…Unopengachete kana usirimutengesi.VHITORI your language represent who you really are! HARARE ayo manyepo nezviroto zvisina kana $. FUNGAIWO respect our African Leaders asi urimubhunu here…then for your own info Zimbabwe will never never be a colony again…believe that!!!! TAWANDA thank thats my totem.TANETE awuna nyaya.QAWE LAMAQAWE…mfowethu uyimbulu engela msila

    1. who is this humba guy? he needs help. he shouldn’t even call himself comrade he has no idea what it are shame kuvana vfvhu do youself a favor and stop posting crap please ukutinyadzisa.

  28. I e­­­arn 2­­­5 do­­­llars e­­­very 3­­­0 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­Its original site……..Try Must for your future………


  29. This infighting which is causing such instability within Government and the ruling party is the prime reasons why external investors including our big friend China are shying away from investing in this country right now. The disgusting behaviour exhibited by certain members of Government including the First Lady is making everyone so insecure. Given the very fragile state of our Government how can President Mugabe guarantee anyone a secure future? To all you politicians we beg of you to stop thinking solely about your own self interests and focus more on what is good for the people and country.

  30. ko gud news todzidzwa kupi marally amai if banned. pamberi na dr amai nepfocho yawo

  31. Wavenga Mukaranga wavenga Nyika (Zimbabwe.) Chenjera kusesera nereza apo!!! Kkkkkkkkkk.

  32. Yaa pakaipa hama Dzangu. ini zii zvangu mukaranga.

  33. @Humba haikona sekuita semunhu ari pambanje, we are not kids very grown up kids entitiled to our own opinions we been following politics and Grace G40 has flopped uchida usingade live with it with your 0 Iq

  34. VaChihera Professor

    Dear Zimbabweans,
    Thanks for the peaceful intervention to the madness. If it was possible the patients should be admitted to Ngomahuru Hospital for further diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. We can not afford to repeat such dangerous and destructive behaviour.
    For the second time the Women have failed dismally in their quest to be at the helm of national politics. The questions are why and how?
    I have observed that some women do not mind being used to fulfill other people’s agenda. They are too emotional to make correct judgement when given false promises. It’s a lesson we can all learn from. Any women in political office beware!
    The women have to restart, re-brand, re-strategize and find genuine nation builders to take up leadership positions and make good the representation which is vastly lacking in Zimbabwe. I wish you well in this noble national building exercise. A national Women Congress is suggested to move forward. VaChihera: Professor

  35. @ Humba Just Shut up you are so annoying go and take a chill pill

    1. humba inguruve chaiyo l wonder where he leaves such an annoying brat

  36. I e­­­arn 2­­­5 do­­­llars e­­­very 3­­­0 mi­­­nut­­­es. Wo­­­rk f­­­or fe­­­w ho­­­urs a­­­nd ha­­­ve l­­­ong­­­er ti­­­me wi­­­th fr­­­iend­­­s an­­­d f­­­ami­­­ly. ­­­ch­­­eck it o­­­ut th­­­is li­­­nk fo­­­r de­­­tails.­­­…….Try Must for your future………

    ——> W­o­r­k­p­r­o­s­p­e­c­t­s.c­o­m

  37. This Newsday story is all hot air. If the ouster of Mujuru was a non-event in the army, one wonders how that of Lacoste could be any different considering the two people concerned’s linkages with the security forces. This is an effort to derail a fast moving train, or a palliative measure in the hope that Team Lacoste can find a way to regroup after the bruising humiliation of the past week; namely the tear gasing of the war vets and the public dressing down of their minister. The age of Mugabe puts “time sensitive” to every move each side makes; besides Bob’s birthday has to bring a semblance of unity, at least this weekend. “Let the music play on”! Handed tione!

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  39. MaGorira rambai makashinga ma Gorira. For how long? Kuzadabuka ibhrugwe lendoda. Handei Tione okwatsho uChamp.

  40. first lady with no moral values

  41. Imwi mwese hamuoni kuti kuita kwaGire ndekwechodofo here/ Yes angade marally ake kuti aite continue, but for what? Even agricultural equipment yaari kudisher, inobatsira ani? Matrctors, irrigation equipment ‘yakapihwa’ mumarallies of the past is lying idle at police stations, endai kuCashel Valley,zvotoora! Even nedrought yakadai ndiyani aonblinjder kufarira tarakitor kusina mvura? Let her continue her stupid rallies, that’s how we see kuti Zany yaparara.

  42. she is a crazy chicken

    sense of insecurity has forced Dr (Pull Him Down) ,Grace, to be a disgrace to the nation.she is not aware that she is working with her enemies to destroy her self ,same cabal she worked with to destroy Mai Mujuru are the same people she is yoked with to destroy Mnangagwa after Ngwena the same people will be baying for her blood she knows quite well what will be of her if Joyce wins 2018 elections.

  43. Pachabuda zuva ,zvese zvichaoma izvi.
    Pamberi nekunamata tisiye mbwa idzzo dzzichirwira maSadza.
    Tichauyako kana dzarara dzaneta nekurwa.

  44. well, its no secret any more that Grace Mugabe is now the person who is charge is the ruling party. She has made tremendous changes in this conservative rulling party which nobody wld have dared to make including the president himself. She is a powerful ,strong woman and above all she is self driven ,only a bullet can stop her. G40 is a breath of fresh air for the majority of Zimbabwean youths. The war Vetarians hv failed the country.l personly belive G40 can bring sanity to the zimbabwean economy.Viva Amai,viva G40

  45. Cde Humba writes the Prof.His ideas are the Prof’s.Maybe he is Jonathan Mwoyo as usual

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