MP urges Parly to look into Mugabe’s fitness


PARLIAMENT has been urged to look into the fitness of President Robert Mugabe to determine whether he should continue in office.


Chitungwiza North MP Godfrey Sithole (MDC-T) raised the issue in the National Assembly while contributing to debate on the Presidential speech yesterday.

Sithole said Mugabe should not have returned to work in January, adding he should have stayed on “holiday forever”.

President Robert Mugabe on edge etched President Robert Mugabe.

“This House should discuss this as a motion and look at the issue of his fitness. People complained about Mugabe going on holiday when the country was burning,” Sithole said.

“But I beg to differ with them and say that actually Mugabe must go on holiday forever, especially right now that his daughter Bona is reported to be expecting.”

He said Mugabe and Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko had “upside down and vulgar priorities” where they preferred to enjoy luxuries while people suffered.

Sithole said they should take a leaf from Tanzanian President John Magufuli who has cut luxurious spending by government officials in order to solve people’s problems.

“Zimbabwe has some of the most educated ministers including Professor Jonathan “Twitter” Moyo and we have one of the most educated Presidents in the world, but there is no political will to end the economic problems,” he said.

But Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda urged Sithole to desist from debating about people who could not defend themselves in Parliament.

Sithole then turned to the forthcoming 21st February birthday bash which he said was another misplaced priority where Zanu PF was targeting to spend over
$800 000 in Masvingo where thousands of people were reportedly staring at hunger due to drought.

“This month the President will be turning 92 years at a time when he has declared a state of national emergency for food. I find it difficult to understand that people want to raise $1 million. We have a good example of a selfless President in Tanzania,” he said.

“Leader of the opposition in the National Assembly Thokozani Khupe has used her money to pay fees for 100 schoolchildren, but Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko has been reportedly staying at a hotel for more than 300 days and the $160 000 that he used could have paid school fees for 4 500 students in my constituency who pay $30 per term. The reason why this country is in a mess is because of corruption and vulgar priorities.”

He further said it was also high time Mugabe apologised for the Gukurahundi atrocities.

Binga North MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda (MDC-T) said Mugabe had failed the country.


  1. Thank you MDC MPs for hitting the nail right on the head. Jacob Mudenda had nothing to defend here that’s why he gave this excuse of people not being there to defend themselves. What defence does Mugabe have on all valid issues raised here? Why can’t he come to parliament?

    We have very reckless people pretending to lead us, their “education” is completely useless because it is not being applied to resolve very simple problems.

  2. Mwenezi is in Masvingo province where the birthday bash is gonna take place. Its a drought prone area and watching the SABC news yesterday, i nearly shed a tear seeing a man, wife and kids seaching for army worms to eat. They have got nothing to eat. Isn’t it possible to allow the Mwenezi people, especially the school going kids to attend mudhara’s birthday and feast. It will be the day they will never forget considering the fact that, it will be their first time eating decent meals fit for a king.

  3. First of all, ZANU PF did not cause a drought. Also, I feel these people in the drought stricken area looking for aid just need to get up off their bottoms and make things work for themselves. That man ainhonga madora anogona kuita zviri nani nehupenyu hwake, ane njere sevamwe wani nemaoko ake maviri.

    Ukaona uri munhu mukuru anomirira Government kuti ikuchengete there is everything wrong with your outlook on life.

    And do people not celebrate birthdays now nekuti kune vanotambura? Imi Willard naSagittarius I bet you still eat out at fancy places every so often with no regard of vanhu varohwa nedrought.

    Let’s just all get on with our lives and appreciate the brilliant leadership we have in Zimbabwe. They took our land back and redistributed it to us.

    And we live in a world that has people less fortunate than most, this will never end. The function of governments is not to spoonfeed vanhu vakadaro, government exists to regulate federal activity and ensure a free market economy runs well and in our instance they even redistributed the biggest economic commodity we have.

    Ungadei chimwe?

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