Moyo threatens to sue Mutsvangwa

Zanu PF factional wars could spill to the courts after Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday threatened to “teach” War Veteran minister Christopher Mutsvangwa “a court lesson”.

by Everson Mushava/Silence Charumbira

Moyo, who has been brawling with Mutsvangwa in recent weeks over the hot Zanu PF succession issue, took to micro-blogging site Twitter and promised the war veterans boss a dose of his own medicine in the courts.

“Some statements attributed to Chris Mutsvangwa in this piece are patently unlawful. I will teach him a court lesson,” Moyo warned.

Last week, Moyo had a serious verbal fight with President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba after the Information secretary accused the minister of being a “successionist”.

War veterans responded by threatening to bar Moyo from attending politburo meetings, accusing him of undermining Mugabe.


But Moyo on Monday said no one except Mugabe could stop him from attending Zanu PF politburo meetings and accused Mutsvangwa — who has been accusing him of being a liberation war deserter — of being a “coup plotter”.

Moyo is believed to be one of the architects of G40, a Zanu PF faction reportedly opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeding Mugabe.

The Higher Education minister yesterday poured scorn at the Mnangagwa faction, particularly Mutsvangwa, war veterans’ secretary-general Victor Matemadanda, and Charamba, whom he said could find themselves as victims.

“Perhaps, but who knows? They might just find themselves holding the wrong end of the stick. Watch the space,” Moyo tweeted.

He said Mutsvangwa, Matemadanda and Charamba were “successionists”, not nationalists.

“This account defends Mugabe, the party, government and country, and opposes successionists without any apology whatsoever!,” Moyo said, at the same time querying why the meeting addressed by Matemadanda — to attack him — was held at the Presidential Guard Barracks in Dzivaresekwa.

Mutsvangwa, however, said there was nothing sinister about their meeting at the army barracks, justifying it on the basis that war veterans were retired members of the defence establishment.

“War veterans are all retired members of the defence establishment, so we have an umbilical cord, even as the reserve force,” he said.

“Moyo has scant knowledge of military conduct and is scornful of us, the hardened war veterans who finished off the war business he cowardly abandoned.”

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  1. if someone can just shut those stone age overzealous war vets up once and for all it would be greatly appreciated

  2. chipfukuto chinonzi moyo hino choiparadza zanu iya from inside chakatanga namai mujuru now mutsvangwa panozopera gore chenge chava pana sekuru gudo vacho

  3. Wezhira wezhara

    I am ZANU PF but the way Moyo disrepects a Party second secretary and Country’s VP should not be allowed. Chase him away together with vana Saviour ivavo because vauraya musangano. Even iyo Mboko iya iri too ambitious zvekutoti aka declare kuti hapana senior VP they are equal naNgwena. Is he implying that the President does not know the Constitution of our Country which specifies that there is a 1st and 2nd VP? Shame on you successionists. Its not Mnangagwa who is factional but G40 yaMboko naMoyo. They know very well that in case anything happens to the President, the 1st VP automatically takes over till 2018 so minus Ngwena, Mboko yopinda kkkkkk. Manyangira yaona.

  4. What people don’t realise is that Mugabe doesn’t give a toss what will happen to Zanupf or even Zim after he is gone. Somehow he actually enjoys seeing factions tearing at each other while his own position is safe

  5. Does Moyo know that Mnangagwa is the Vice President meaning he is more senior than him, but his continually disrespect of ED is beyond measure and Mugabe must not allow that to happen because this is the main reason of anarchy on ZanuPF. Moyo thinks Mugabe is zanupf and zanupf is Mugabe and he tries hard to bootlick him when we know at the end he wants to bite the bum rather than kiss it.

  6. This succession issue has become motonous now.Just yearsterday Geoge Charamba was fighting Mutswangwa today Geoge fights Jonna and later this evening its Jonso Vs Chris just because of Mugabe’s guily of his past.However, my dear countrymen I know you know that I know we submit to this type of nonsense because of our limitations in financial and politicall power.It is my humble appeal to all who vividly see and experience this darkest our to apply their obligation to social responsibility in order to realize the fundamentals of frredom.To be frank Zanu PF has neglated while priotising Mugabe’s estate that includes a first lady of loose morals like Grace Marufu Mugabe, Pamire Makamba etc.

  7. These guys should just fight. These factional fights are now getting more interesting, lets see what Mutsvangwa will say in return.

  8. Jonso arikutemba kuti chero zvazvaita bhurugwa rebenzi. He asked why Chris and team held their meetings at the presidential guard baracks, but he forgot to ask why Charamba held a press conference to fire salvo at the state Housse? check the levels of state institutions being dealt with and understand better. the other way jonso may be privy to some infor yekuti akaenda was so haachina chekunyengerera. Maenda prof. tinehurombo. ndozvoita kugwa nechikuriri

  9. Yaa the use of state house and the use of presidential guard to attack Jonso.Please Jonso be careful or you might be the next Dzamara.

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