Mnangagwa’s son in ‘mysterious’ accident

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son, identified as Samora, reportedly survived a head-on collision that occurred at the Watershed College turn-off in Marondera on Monday morning.


Police declined to comment over the accident, but sources said the crash involved Samora’s Ford Fiesta vehicle and a bread delivery truck coming from Marondera heading towards Harare.

Although details of what transpired were sketchy, it was alleged that the Marondera-bound Ford Fiesta was being driven by Mnangagwa’s son.

Vice President Mnangagwa
Vice President Mnangagwa

Sources who witnessed the accident, said the van overturned twice before landing on its roof, while the Ford Fiesta swerved to the other end of the road before Samora, an unidentified man and a woman were pulled out of the car.

They were believed to be critical and rushed to a hospital in Marondera.

When NewsDay arrived at the scene about two hours later, both vehicles were still at the collision site with a male police officer guarding them.

It is understood Mnangagwa’s son appeared to be in a critical condition, but police in Marondera and deputy national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said they were unaware of the accident.

NewsDay is reliably informed that the vehicles were released to their owners and were reportedly not taken to the Vehicle Inspection Department as per procedure.

The accident came at a time Mnangagwa is at the centre of a fierce succession storm, with the Zanu PF G40 faction fronted by First Lady Grace Mugabe, allegedly throwing spanners in his bid to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Last Friday, Grace publicly accused Mnangagwa of plotting Mugabe’s ouster so he could take over as President.

A few days earlier, Hurungwe East legislator Sarah Mahoka had challenged Mnangagwa to publicly declare if he had ambitions to succeed Mugabe or he could become a victim of his own machinations.

Following Grace’s public outburst, Mnangagwa is alleged to have confronted Mugabe, asking the veteran politician to rein in his wife.

Early this year, Mnangagwa had his Justice ministry office broken into for the sixth time in as many months, in what analysts believe was part of the ongoing factional fights.

A number of high-profile people have been involved in mysterious accidents in the past, with one claiming the life of MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife Susan in 2009.

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  1. Show us the picture of the vehicles at the accident scene, we’re tired of Mnangagwa’s picture.

    1. With the level of wealth that Ngwena has got, there is no way his son could drive a piece of shit like a Ford Fiesta (competes with toyota vitz). This is a lie by alarmists…

    2. Why are being shown Munangagwa’s picture instead of the one involved in an accident, is it part of the mystery too. I guess the journalist uploaded the wrong picture.

  2. So what’s “mysterious” about a collision of a private vehicle and a delivery van?

    1. honestly ….

  3. We are tired of Mnangagwa’s lies all the time.

  4. So how is it a mysterious accident?

  5. This man is a liar mhani. Tanzwa nemanyepo ake ahh nxaa. Tipei zvedu zvokudya isu tine zhara mhani. Ngavachizorori mhani vakuru ava mmmm haiwawo tanzwa isu mmmmm ahhhh

  6. Haa hamheno ikoko mhani.Hatinei navo ana Mnangagwa avo.Ndiri kutotengesa hangu bhutsu pafood world Copacabana.Ndezveikoko izvo

  7. hamheno havo ikoko.Grace dzinga mhondi iyo.zistupeti remunhu

  8. collision with a bread delivery van,quite obvious someone was wrong.Is that “mysterious”. kabepa aka!

    1. Lets boycott Proton Bread until the BIG MYSTERY is solved. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Never Maswerasei

    Kasukuwere declared in Chiweshe “lets remove gloves and fight with bare hands”. Anybody can guess this is the beginning. Ndanzwa vamwe vachitaura vachiti “Ukarova asi wotadza kuuraya yaurikuti nyoka, that same snake will bite you one day”. “Saka ngavatoenda vanomupedzisa muhospital imomo, otherwise vakatadza pachanetsa”. Hameno zvogovonekwa.

    1. Uridacha remunhu if you believe whatever is being tried to be linked to this ordinary accident involving ordinary people. This is nonsensical reporting at its worst. Anyway WHO CARES ABOUT SAMORA, ED HAS MANY CHILDREN ALL OVER ZIMBABWE. YOU CUD BE ONE OF THEM. MAYBE SAMORA IS YOUR BROTHER AND THE REPORTER ALSO. BUT TO US ITS JUST HOGWASH.


    Give us the latest on that Mnangagwa’s daughter who terrorised a white farmer with AK 47 RIFLES as well as demanding 2 million.

  11. NO MYSTERY. its an ordinary accident. Do not spice up stories out of nothing.

  12. What is mysterious about a collission between a Proton Bakers Truch and Mnangagwas son’s car?

    Is Proton Bakers, those Greeks, now part of plot to oust Mnangagwa on behalf of G40?

    Lets boycott Proton Bread then. What say you, Newsday. That will fix them.

  13. Munangagwa should do better Pliz. His own son driving a Japanese $1200 tiny car. And newsday, there is nothing mysterious about this

  14. vakuru vanonyepa kuda publicity chete trained to kill @ 74

  15. nhema vakuru ivava vanobika nyaya, vachizvipazira office voti ndapazirwa

  16. The Watershed college turn off is a black simply because there is no turning lane into the road that leads the college. The situation is worse on school closing and opening days when there is a sudden influx of vehicles in an out of the school as parents pick their children. When the road was redone it was prudent to create turning lanes at such busy turn-offs i.e. Watershed, Peterhouse and Springvale colleges.

  17. guys ati accident iri mysterious ndiED here kana kuti Newsday???????

  18. someone is cashing in on that

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  20. Why the commotion nw povo inenzara apa the birthday raGushungo wl spend $800 000 whlst 2million people needs poverty aid and are at stake eish

  21. If Newsday arrived when the vehicles were still there where are the pictures?

  22. Daily News mune problem yekunyepa kutengesa bepa. This is an ordinary accident and we know who is using you to hammer on Mnangagwa. Mazezuru, one of your own is the one who authorizes killing of people in Cabinet.

  23. Wezhira wambodya nhasi iwe? Unezhara shuwa, Daily News yapinda papi report iri yeNewsday. Enda undovhiya mbudzi.

  24. Wezhira shuwa ane zhara..his brain is not functioning. Sop this tribe thing you idiot. This is a story not plain truth which has nothing to do with Zezuru or Karabga nonsense

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