Mnangagwa ouster plot thickens

ZANU PF hawks opposed to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s bid to succeed President Robert Mugabe have reportedly devised a strategy to kick him out of both government and the ruling party through no-confidence votes emanating from various provinces, NewsDay has learnt.


The latest strategy was reportedly hatched recently, after earlier attempts by First Lady Grace Mugabe to expose Mnangagwa’s “shenanigans” seemed unsuccessful.

Vice President Mnangagwa
Vice President Mnangagwa

At a rally in Chiweshe two weeks ago, Grace launched a subtle attack on Mnangagwa, vowing she would push for his ouster on allegations of plotting to overthrow Mugabe.

In her attack, Grace also alleged the military could have been involved in a plot to kill her youngest child, Bellarmine Chatunga.

A few days after the rally, the military and war veterans reportedly met Mugabe and raised their concerns over the VP’s public humiliation.

Sources who attended the meeting said Grace was asked to desist from dragging the military into the succession wars and to stop stoking factional fires through her rallies.

With Grace’s move having failed and in a renewed bid to get rid of Mnangagwa, suspected members of the G40 faction met last Friday at a top Harare hotel, with provincial political commissars, where another plan was mooted.

Sources said the meeting, which spilled into the early hours of Saturday, was held with G40 proponents, who include Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, women’s league national secretary for finance Sarah Mahoka, several provincial commissars and other executives drawn from various provinces.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Kasukuwere said: “Whoever is peddling those rumours should just grow up. We are sick and tired of those lies. Who has the power to pass a vote of no-confidence on the VP?

“He is appointed by the President and it is not up to anyone in the party to challenge what the President has said. Those people should just shut up and allow us to concentrate on running the country.”
It is understood that the meeting reportedly agreed to mobilise party structures to oust Mnangagwa’s allies in the provinces.

“The meeting agreed to boot out Mnangagwa and the Midlands provincial co-ordinating committee through passing a vote of no-confidence,” a Zanu PF source told NewsDay on Tuesday.

“They agreed that the provincial commissars will push a vote of no-confidence on Mnangagwa. Mashonaland West will do that on Friday, February 26 (tomorrow), and then other provinces could follow suit.
“This will ratchet up pressure on Mugabe, who seemed unmoved by attacks on Mnangagwa last week.”

The source said Midlands province’s G40 proponents were asked to mobilise people from their constituencies to demonstrate at the provincial party offices and push for the dissolution of the provincial co-ordinating committee.

According to the sources, the party hawks had tasked a team to stage a series of demonstrations against the Midlands provincial executive, and pass votes-of-no-confidence in party deputy secretary for administration July Moyo, provincial deputy chairman Daniel Mackenzie Ncube, Gokwe-Kana MP Owen “Mudha” Ncube and Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena – all believed to be Mnangagwa’s close allies.

“The hired people will demand the suspension of Moyo, Ncube, Mackenzie Ncube and Wadyajena. Kasukuwere will then endorse the push,” the source said.

But, Midlands provincial commissar Makhosini Hlongwane, who allegedly attended the meeting, accused Mnangagwa’s blue-eyed boys of spreading the false information.

“Go and talk to Mudha and (spokesperson Cornelius) Mupereri,” he said.

“I know they are the ones, who gave you that information. I am not a small boy, you were given your information by those people, so go back to them and ask them to give you details of what transpired, who said what and where. That’s my official comment.”

But, Mupereri dismissed Hlongwane’s allegations, saying: “We were not at the meeting and, therefore, (we are) not party to that bogus arrangement, so (we) cannot peddle information over issues we are unaware of.”

Mahoka, who publicly berated Mnangagwa last week for not reining in his supporters, challenged people accusing her of plotting against the VP to “call her in person”.

“Those people should call me and discuss this matter with me, not through the Press. Otherwise if it’s not them, you are wasting my time and disturbing me,” the Hurungwe East legislator said before hanging up.

Kandros Mugabe, who was suspended from Zanu PF for five years on allegations of siding with axed former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, together with miner and businesswoman Smelly Dube have been fingered as major sponsors of the planned Midlands demonstrations.

However, Kandros yesterday denied being part of the alleged plot, saying the reports were meant to tarnish his political image.

“As you know, I am serving a suspension for five years and, therefore, have no influence in party structures. I, therefore, have no capacity to mobilise any Zanu PF structures and if that plan does exist, I am not party to it,” he said. Smelly Dube’s mobile phone initially went unanswered and later appeared, switched off.

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  1. Mnangambwa shld do the honourable thing to resign.Thats the problem with this Zanu thugs.They wait to be kicked out like wht happened to Joice.Mnangambwa ws in gvt since 80 and he together with Robert destroyed a once basket basket of Africa to a basket case.Haana dhiri uyo.

  2. Ngarirove pasi Zimhondi iro.I heard someone in Zanu pf saying Mnangagwa haatengeseke kuvavhoti.Ko adii hake kuchizorora.Vakaba kare.Munhu ari kuma 70 yrs oda kuramba ari panyanga.haa pamberi nekudzinga mhondi iyo

  3. Ngwena or should I say lizard and army chiefs were getting too big headed cause of Chiadzwa. Hence abrupt move to cut the money supply. The great architect dangled the diamond carrot and like Tsvangison the baffon they took a bite and forgot it was delegated and borrowed authority.

  4. How does Tsvangirai comes in here,nhai iwe Observer?Unenge unorwarawo pfungwa iwe.

    1. Ko Tsvangison kana akutswaga publicity ne vasikana zvakureveyi. I guess any publicity is good publicity right. Saka ndati ibaboon. There is lack of strategic thought.

      1. haaaaaa kana washaya nyaya kwenya mapundu nxaaaaaa

    2. Siyana naSave iwe kuna usingamudi vamanikidzwa here, plus futi haamanikidze vanhu kumuda

  5. This is all tribal. It’s Zezuru vs everyone else. Mphoko and his G40 said it. They seem determined to monopolize power so that noone from Masvingo, Manicaland or Matebeleland would ever become president. Emmerson should not team up with those who are openly tribalistic to the extent of publicly abusing him on tribal grounds. Why doesn’t the VP just leave government? Why does he seem to put up with a system that abuses him?

  6. This is all tribal. It’s Zezuru vs everyone else. Mphoko and his G40 said it. They seem determined to monopolize power so that noone from Masvingo, Manicaland or Matebeleland would ever become president. Emmerson should not team up with those who are openly tribalistic to the extent of publicly abusing him on tribal grounds. Why doesn’t the VP just leave government? Why does he seem to put up with a system that abuses him?

    1. Good morning. Why copy my comment?

    2. MACHAKACHAKA your contribution has been stolen by the greatest social media thief in the name FURY.

      1. True

  7. We the Povo and the down trodden have been following this story of unsitting the President from his throne with keen interest. Zviri pachena kuti the faction shouting the most is cooking up a situation to confuse the nation. Can the Youth League and Political Commissar prove to us that Munangagwa made utterances or circulated a document declaring his love to un sit the President?
    Ndivo varikungotaura vega , vachitukirira mhomho ye Zimbabwe. Can someone tell those who are talking the most that mashoko ese ekutuka avarikuburitsa mumiromo yavo are directed to all inocent citizens listening and reading the their speeches.

    Stop abusing the nation by making accusations that you have so far not provided substantive evidence. Tipeiwo humbowo whacho . Munhu uyu anonzi Munangagwa hatisati takambomunzwa muromo wake kubva zvaakaitwa VP. Imwi munozviti ndimwi munoda President , munonongedza chigunwe kuti, ngana haadi President, ngana haadi First lady , on what solid proof are you basing these accusations.

    Please regai kushandisa VP to gain your ground to the state house . Ingoendai makanyarara tinokuvhoterai kana muchikodzera. Haikona kusvibisa mazita avamwe .

    Amai Mahoka makanongedza chigumwe kuna VP instead yokunongedza towards the people vanovenga president wacho nemhosva yei? Munotya vanhu ivavo monohwanda nezita ra VP kuti mugoita hero ??? Muri magwara mese imi vanodenha VP vakazvinyararira. Nangai munhu wacho ataura kuti anoda kubvisa President not to imagine kuti VP is talking through other people. VP is his own man and so is everyone else who has a right to speak on their own behalf.

    Please, the Commissariat must desist from causing divisions in the party . Commissar is the one going around making hate speeches instead of managing his portfolio. Garai mu office va Commissar , do not manage your office through rallies. How can you make announcements to suspend, fire and hire office bearers at rallies? Ha! ndizvo zvamakadzisiswa ku management school here izvozvo? Just do your work professionally.

    Now you are compromising the integrity of your office by making pronouncements before you carry out due diligence on matters impacting on the integrity of the party . Tichataurira First lady to remove you because you have demonstrated immaturity and indiscipline in managing your office

    1. Pakaipa POVO YARAMBA wataura wena Sarah akada kuzviita akapenga kunongedza VP pa rally kuty apihwe ??????????????

    2. wakadhakwa

  8. Gonzo nachin’ai zvatosvorana

  9. zii zvangu semunhu mukuru

  10. mnangagwa must just answer the question mahoka asked,and what is tribal by saying the presidency is not available on tribal basis?are his supporters unwittingly admiting that apart from him attaining the presidency on tribal rotation,his chances are non existent?

  11. makadini kwese kwese? We nid kubatana

  12. josphat mugadzaweta

    what loads of stinking rubbish when the country is burning. baba vachine zanu mumoyo Havana urozvi. kutaura chete chabuda hapana since 1980!!!

  13. Observer shut up kana usina chekutaura, or else read Kwaedza rakafitana newe.

  14. Observer you have shown immaturity here,what has Tsvangirai to do with Zanu pf succession wars? Ukawana nguva utikwanire,kana kuti unorwara uri kwawakaroiwa

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  16. Chisinoshura ,azvarwa nhedziso kufa. VaTsvangirai havapinde munyaya dzeZanu bodo. Siyanai navo. Ibvai zvakanaka. VP vadiiko. Haunyare . Think twice. Hatidi vanhu vanorota masikati,rota kana varara husiku.

  17. team lacoste bhora mugedhe!

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  19. No one is going anywhere dream on suckers , the more the plans flop the more it shows how naive and lack of intelligence on the G40,,,,,,Ngwena haidjiwe zveku mhanya imi ndimi munoenda Ngwena achisara Kwa!!!!

  20. @Truth why should Ngwena answer to Mahoka who is she??? Ngwena has one boss Bob if he has an issue with Ngwena he will ask him and Ngwena sahll answer..Who is Grace , wo is Joao , who is Jona , who is Kasuku to ask Ngwena anything ,,,Ngwena has one boss not all these little Chihuahuas to those saying Ngwena should resign why?????Zanu haizi yaGrace, Kasuku or Jona…Ngwena does not have a prob he is doing his work quietly aane problem shld resign asingade kushanda naNgwena should resign THE END

  21. @newewo,its zhuwao not joao unless you harbour some xenophobic ideas,being a supporter of ngwena,the ruthless architect of murdering defenceless villagers in midlands and matland,its hardly surprising that your only opposition to zhuwao is his heritage

    1. Ngwena killed people from the Midlands and Matebeleland yet Mugabe who was the Prime Minister didn’t. Even Mujuru who was the Commander of the Defence didn’t and so is Sydney Sekeramai who was the Minister of Defence. I don’t get the logic.

  22. Handei tione

  23. Uyu we Povo Yaramba must first bring the evidence of Mujuru wanting to kill Mugabe.What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  26. Strange! Why was Joyce victimised for aspiring to be a president? Mnagagwa today is being clobbered for the same aspiration. So people are accused for daring to dream. RG Mugabe has a narcissism disorder. Why have you Zanu PF people kept a sick man at helm of the ship? The Zimbabwean populace indeed vote RG Mugabe out but you Zanoids have used all tricks in the book to keep him. You have killed people and rigged elections just to keep a mad to ruin our country. 95% of Zanu PF supporters want Mugabe out but they do not want to tell him in face that he must go. Why

  27. disorder is the order of the day. soon everything will be history

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