Mnangagwa confronts Mugabe

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday reportedly confronted President Robert Mugabe in protest over his verbal battering by First Lady Grace at a rally in Chiweshe last Friday.

BY Everson Mushava/blessed mhlanga

Although both Mnangagwa and Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba were not picking calls yesterday, NewsDay was reliably informed that the meeting took place at Mugabe’s residence on Saturday where the VP reportedly complained that Grace had publicly accused him of plotting to oust her soon-to-be-92-year-old husband.

The development came as NewsDay was told last night that Mugabe’s party had called for an extraordinary politburo meeting tomorrow to discuss the internecine fights between its top officials.


“Yes, the VP met President Mugabe, who offered to deal with the VP’s concerns. Mnangagwa raised issues regarding the attacks on his person,” a well-placed Zanu PF source said. “The VP made the move to push the President to intervene and avoid an embarrassing ouster like what happened to former Vice-President Joice Mujuru.”

The source told NewsDay that after last Friday’s unexpected attack by Grace and the G40 faction, Mnangagwa and his sympathisers, including security advisers, allegedly held an emergency meeting in the capital where others urged him to resign in protest.

“Members of Team Lacoste (Mnangagwa’s faction) had a crisis meeting in Harare on Friday night. They were shocked by the developments. Some were of the opinion that Mnangagwa should simply resign while others opposed it,” the sources said.

“Right now, members are mobilising to stage massive demonstrations at the Zanu PF headquarters to implore Mugabe to rein in his wife. The President assured him (Mnangagwa) that he would address his concerns and there will likely be an extraordinary politburo meeting on that this Wednesday (tomorrow).”

Mnangagwa has lately been on the receiving end from G40 members opposed to his bid to succeed Mugabe.

Despite the verbal assaults from key G40 members – who include Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao and Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere – Mnangagwa has not publicly responded, preferring to use “quiet diplomacy”.


  1. Solution seeking is applauded. Talk differences and patch up. a divided empire does not last. Please do not divide the people at will.

    • Ngwena, the Ides of March are coming whether you like it. I prophecy that you are going to form your own party soon just like Big Sister. How about ” Zimbabwe Patriotic Front” as the name of your party?

  2. That is the way EDM speak to the old man you have being in the trenches for a long period with him musha weZANU PF MUKURU they will always be novice like Saviour,Jonahthan,Mubhurandaya Patrack,we are solid behind you Ngwena the throne is yours no doubt Jongwe needs you in this trying times Pamberi neZanu pf pasi nevanoda kunyengera Mai.

  3. Mugabe is too much of a cunning trickster & it would be very naive for Mnangagwa to ever trust Mugabe again. Mnangagwa was betrayed just like everybody else & must either resign or live with it

  4. U deserve the throne cde ED dont be intimidated. RG owes you a reward for your loyalty over what u did for him and the nation. VIVA CDE. Grace shut up and stop it.

  5. But Mai Mujuru never confronted the nonegenarian during the days she was ‘picked to pieces’. She kept quiet and the very same people who denigrated Mai Mujuru are now crying foul becoz its their turn. DINDINGWE RINONAKA RICHAKWEVA RIMWE KANA IRO ROKWEVEWA ROTI MAVARA ANGU AZARA IVHU.

  6. Politics is a dirty game. It needs you to have foresight. I can see G40 has a sealed deal. They know who should go and who must stay.
    They want to rejuvenate the party. I am sure they fear if Mugabe leaves office with all this, it will not be easy to deal with hard people, who always talk about among those who did not go to war.
    I would rather feel that Mugabe would have given their pension and ask them to leave their position and give way to energetic people. Mnangagwa must form his party if he wishes.
    Jonathan, Saviour, Grace, Partrick believe ages.
    But I dont think this combination is the right one to lead Zimbabwe.

  7. Mnangagwa you allowed yourself to used like a condom Mugabe used you now you are useless he no longer wants you even if the politburo sits wednesday it wont help the damage Grace and Kasukuwere have done to you men in ZANUPF muri vakadzi va mugabe you can see the right and the wrong when mugabe says anything you can not say no stupid people Look at that woman Mahoka Grace is using her just like she did with Muchinguri akazochema munoda zvigaro at any cost stupid fools

  8. they failed to handle their succession due to power hungry of Mugabe now they are facing the bleak future because of hero worship,What goes on top will come down. Its party of thugs that survive on gangsterism and thugish. the revolution is now eating its sons and daughters .

  9. 2018 its going to be interesting if the old man does not reign on his wife I for see a protest vote from the Manyika and
    Karanga people. There is no way they will vote for a Zezuru candidate after what has transpired at the Chiweshe rally where people were singing Mazezuru are unconquerable. This time around Kamba yasangana ne ane demo.War veterans and military will not allow the revolution to be hijacked by the Gay 40.On the other hand Mnangagwa is testing his own medicine he is the one who amended the ZANUPF constitution giving the president powers to do all things he may deem necessary to promote his dynasty .

    • Same script, Zvobgo changed the constitution which came back to haunt him, ED has done the same, anyway if they had all retired in time their legacy would have stayed now I will tell you the fall of any one of them calls for a champagne bottle. I will tell there will be more celebration of death than it has ever been in this country if one of these drops down.

    • ISo if or when people where singing “Mazezuru are unconguerable”, what was going thru the minds of the good Prof and the other VP

      • Jonathan and Mphoko were supposed to leave in protest. That statement, Zezurus are unconquerable, is most reckless statement the G40 has ever coined. We condemn naked tribalism and warn people that this a very dangerous ground. It is no doubt that everyone in ZANU PF is trying to carve a future post Mugabe era. The fact is that most senior party cadres harbor presidential ambitions. There is no problem with that but if you move too early you will stopped, and if you delay too much opportunities will evaporate. After vanquishing Team Lacoste, the G40 will split into pieces, because already some have already paid dearly for the faction and they expect nothing but rich rewards, which in politics don’t just come easily. Ask Muchinguri and she will tell you the folly of expecting things not reduced in black and white.

  10. ZPF is dead, it will be buried soon. RIT (I can’t wish them to rest in peace but in turmoil).

    Hopefully Zimbabwe can start on a cleaner slate with a better value system as a national foundation, we need it.

    • I have always wished someone to tell me why Mnangagwa, as Minister of State Security, is the one who is blamed for the Gukurahundu killings yet these were allegedly carried out by the Fifth Brigade of the ZNA and yet nothing is said of the then Minister of Defence

  11. The centre of all problems is Mai na Baba Robert Mugabe. We are faced with imminent genocide ma comrades. Mugabe Robert and Grace must be nippped on the bud. Unemployment, nzara, ma sewer, kuputsirwa dzimba, stressed society, hopelessness. Ndi Mugabe na Grace. Come on EDM and the Service Chiefs. Pindai ne coup. The West will support you.

  12. Kumwe kuronga kunoda kuona ,ED we will remember you as one of our vice president, but look very carefully you did intelligence ,look at your daily duties and the efforts you are putting on them, cant you see that you yoked such that you wont see what is happening on your backyard. Didn’t Chinese warn you that you are out of picture .Get this from me you wont be our president .Resign ,we will ever remember you .

  13. Can’t you just say “her husband” rather than “her soon to be 92 husband” and secondly I wanna say munhu wese kuna Amai if you don’t want that move out and form your own party it’s allowed in a democratic country like Zimbabwe

  14. How are we going to have a president who cannot see things before they happen? President who cannot stand up and be his own man? They were all watching while things were going from bad to worse and actually plotted the savage attacks of their fellow people like form VP Mujuru and now its their turn they react because it is being done to them. These are the people who must lead us who can easily betray each other like this? Will they care for us when they do not care for their own? Icho!

  15. The problem is they also never realise that they have no power at all and the President has all the powers in his hands. If they are careful they will land into serious trouble because the president can charge them with serious crimes and send them to prison and that will be their end. War veterans? Yes they deserve respect but there is a world of difference between respect and power.

  16. Kasukuwere, Zhuwawo, Gire & Moyo must never be allowed 2 rule this country. We will all suffer more than wat we’re experiencing now. These G40’s hve no clue in running their respective ministries let alone their constituencies. Look @ Zhuwawo just busy driving investors away on a daily basis all in the name of indiginasation of which these G40 are the only ones beneffiting. These G40 crooks must be stopped.

  17. The g40 IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO zIMBABWE, THESE TERRORIST KNOWN AS WAR VETERANS HAVE BEEN LOOING FOR THE PAST 35 YEARS. Change is imminent, but not through puppets like chematama, but withing ZANU PF ITSELF. thats all what it is to be revolutionary.

  18. what goes around always comes around .Mugabe thought he was intelligent by murdering people who were suppose to be the leaders of this country.You take land from people who were productive and full time farming and you never pay them for everything they lost.Now you are ruling and controlling us instead of leading us.You take those farms to buld empires and controlling people to do your wishies.Day will come wen everything you think belongs to you the new government will take everything for state use.Munangagwa u should not cry who leave with blood will also die with blood.It’s your time zanu pf people to merry,feasting and partying but only one day will come to individuals of you to confess your evildeeds.On that time you will see you wasted years and time,violating,murdering people instead of letting progress and productive for your children and the coming fire.What start with fire will end with fire,God is not a fool he sees everything

  19. Zvimwe zvinoda kunyara after squandering millions in the middle east at the expense of civil servant’s bonuses matanga futi marally nemari dzedu.?? The time z near Mugabes u will lose everything back to the rightful owners

  20. They dont deserve sympathy. They can have verbal wars and they can even take their wars to the bush. Their stomachs are full and so are their wallets. They know why they are fighting. For more power, more wealth e.t.c What about the ordinary Zimbabwean? He has suffered for his entire life. Who will wipe away his tears?

  21. there is one thing that makes me proud of the president of the republic of zimbabwe, despite all these so called ups and downs , president always dont take a quick response and always reserved, this character i like it, if ua a father, be reserved and have wisdom of determination. interesting hey

    • You have got all your facts completely wrong. Bob doesn’t care about Zimbabwe. He only cares about himself and his family. There are many things you can be proud of but certainly you can’t be proud of a dictator. From what you have written its clear that you are not in touch with what is happening on the ground and you have not been following the situation in Zimbabwe. I really doubt that you are in the country – its like you are reading newspapers and you think you know politics. Please try something else which is not related to politics otherwise you will make a fool of yourself.

  22. Who cares what happens to the so called croc,,,,, Thousands are in unmarked graves in both Matabeleland and Midlands…

  23. Mugabe chimusiyayi mudhara uyu haasisina zvaachagonawo kana zvinhu zvamira zvakadai. Ndapota veduwe. Wasvotwa ngaangobuda muzanu pf macho sezvakaita Mai mujuru and form own party, so should Ngwena do the same and form your own party.

  24. Budai pachena vakuru panhau yeSuccession. Factionalsm occurs when there is no talk of the future leader. Kana muchida kusiira madam kana mwana budai pachena. Be decisive because makuraka. Nothing lasts for ever saka ipai vamwe mukana, otherwise chaos is eminent. Izvozvi inzara, now tribalism yatotanga, hakuna mabasa, ari kungopera (2.1 mil jobs iri kupi), Dangote kuti achadzoka hameno, Chinese gov yakangoti zii, charimwa kana kucherwa hapana. Really attitude has to change b4 all is lost, remember mashoko aJabu. Vana Mutsvangwa zvarwadzwa zvemakatanga naTeuraropa, nhasi mochema. All leaders from, President, vana Simba, Tsvangi, Teu, Dongo, Biti, Welsh, Mwazha, Magaya, Makandiwa, Strive, Mawere, Nyemba etc need to sit down and map the way forward. Garai pasi muite Grant coalition nekuti vana nevazukuru Havana nhaka yemunovasiira. Nyika ndeyedu tose irrespective of race, tribe, gender, religion,party…. A day of prayer is required because anongova manyama amire nerongo. Cry my beloved country

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  26. It’s unfortunate for Ngwena that things will never be the same again. Do you honestly think that mother would stand in Chiweshe and rubbish a vice president without the husband knowing. The fight to the finish has started and so stand ready or resign or kneel down. Your image is now soiled by this constant attacks on your person.

    • Its actually fortunate, you reap what you sow. Mnangagwa has been looting the country of millions of dollars and its time to go. He is the epitome of all the evil combined in Zimbabwe.

  27. Mnangagwa will be made to walk the plank like Joice..Mugabe is very very cunning a deceiver and a devious serpent….., he pretends as if he has no control over his wife..Mugabe is a friend to nobody…..muchamama chete….Kereke will be the first to fall to opprobrium….

  28. Welcome vaMnangagwa to the real world of Mugabe’s politics….ndaseka handu. Hanzi kushandiswa seCONDOM na Mugabe. Iye ndiye anonakirwa achitundira muplastic…kikikkiki
    Kanonzi Bob ikako, a real serpent. It’s all over EM pack your bags and f%$#k off and form your own Zimbabwe Pepole Last party ZPLwith Chris Mutsvanga as secretary – general and Matemadanda as spokesperson. Dongo akataura kare kuti you are all Bob’s wives…anokukwirari kana yake yamira anytime he likes

  29. some people are just shameless. Zim politics and its leaders are in a game of shamelessness. and lack of respect for the people. Very soon we will have a 94 year old man who has rules the country for 38 years appointing his wife as vice president. Surely you Zanu Pf are thje most spineless beings around.

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