Mnangagwa allies dare Grace


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association national executive member Francis Zimuto, whose Chimurenga nom de guerre was Black Jesus, has dared First Lady Grace Mugabe, telling her she was just a “young girl”, whose behaviour was “unmotherly” and in sharp contrast to her predecessor, the late Sally.


Zimuto said Grace should “ship out and go home to cook for her husband, instead of meddling with the army, war veterans and the party”.

“We all know what is killing our party, but most are afraid to say it. But some of us are war veterans and will say it as it is,” Zimuto said.

Grace Mugabe chat with Ignatious Chombo during a Zanu Pf congres yesterday Pic Shepherd Tozvireva1-001 First Lady Grace Mugabe

“The late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo’s wife was an orderly woman, even the late Vice-President Simon Muzenda’s wife, Maud, is very humble and you would not think she was married to someone who was second-in-charge of the country.

“We had President [Robert] Mugabe’s first wife, Sally, who was very down-to-earth and died like that. Why is she (Grace) challenging the powers of our President in public?”

Zimuto told a Zanu PF provincial co-ordinating committee meeting: “Tell her that, ‘Mother, go home, sit down and cook for your husband’. We expect that someone who is the President’s wife should behave motherly. When I look at Grace, she is a young girl, calling her First Lady is not our culture because she is even younger than me. Young girl, you got it wrong.”

Zimuto said Zanu PF and war veterans were inseparable.

“We should not be afraid of her, but respect her. I am like a first born to Mugabe,” he continued.

“You hear people singing Zezuru unconquerable, and she is clapping, where do you get it from? A First Lady dancing to tribalistic tunes, have you ever heard of things like that? Is it a crime that I was born in Masvingo? I did not apply to be born in Masvingo. What of others who were born mid-air in airplanes?”

This sets the stage for a bruising showdown between two rival Zanu PF factions after both sides yesterday said they were spoiling for a fight, amid fears the clashes could degenerate into civil unrest.

Tension between the two factions — the ambitious G40, believed to be aligned to First Lady Grace, and another sympathetic to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa — heightened last Friday when Grace publicly accused the VP of plotting Mugabe’s ouster.

This came as Mnangagwa’s supporters, comprising Masvingo war veterans and the Save Zanu PF Campaign group, urged Grace to be content with being Mugabe’s wife and Women’s League secretary and stop meddling in issues outside her jurisdiction.

Addressing journalists in the capital yesterday, Save Zanu PF Campaign national co-ordinator Godfrey Tsenengamu challenged Grace to stop abusing her position as Women’s League secretary to publicly dress down senior party officials.

“Don’t force us to confront you as a politician that you have become and as secretary for women’s affairs, for it is that position that is giving you the right to address party gatherings and not because you are the President’s wife,” he said.

“This is not a threat, but a promise and you know we can do that and we expect change at your next rally.”

Tsenengamu accused Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko, Higher and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo and Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere of misleading Grace and fanning factionalism.

“We love you (Grace) and genuinely support you as our secretary for women’s affairs in the party and pledge our genuine support for the Women’s League of the party Zanu PF,” he said.

“Without saying much, can you be reminded that you are not the party or a State authority, as you claimed at your rally in Chiweshe recently, because in 2013, we elected President Robert Mugabe to the office of the State Presidency.

“At the party congress in December 2014, we elected President Mugabe to be the party president and first secretary and you as secretary for women’s affairs and that authority vested in the President in either capacities, as the one centre of power cannot be abused by a mere secretary for women’s affairs.

“A doctor’s wife is not a doctor and cannot undertake surgical operations, just as the kombi driver’s wife cannot use her husband’s driving licence to drive on (public) roads.”

But in Mutare, Zanu PF deputy youth secretary Kudzai Chipanga said his charges were ready for a fight with war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa’s group and party youths sympathetic to Mnangagwa’s faction.

Chipanga told party youths in Mutare that he was ready to take the fight to War Veterans minister Mutsvangwa and his followers’ doorsteps if they continued savaging Grace.

“If we say let’s go to war today, how many war veterans are there? They are very few. We constitute 65% of this country, but there are two people who are intimidating us,” Chipanga said, describing Mutsvangwa and war veterans secretary-general Victor Matemadanda as “sickening rabble-rousers”.

“It’s high time for youths to put your structures in order to defend the President. So be ready, and we are going to call you when the time comes. Who are Mutsvangwa and Matemadanda? They are not going to do anything, we will give them a 100-metre race and they will fail to run. They are sick with sugar (diabetes) (sic).”

Manicaland acting youth chairman Mubuso Chinguno also said they were ready to defend Grace and threatened unspecified action on party youths sympathetic to the Mnangagwa faction.

In a related matter, Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene, who claimed she had assumed the war veterans’ top post after reportedly ousting Mutsvangwa, addressed a Press conference in the capital, where she accused her predecessor Mutsvangwa and his executive of planning to bus in people to Harare to demonstrate against their ouster.


  1. President Mugabe was elected to run this country for five years from 2013. However, we have the First Lady announcing pending dismissals in government, like she did with Joice Mujuru. She is now telling us someone’s days are numbered, obvious referring to Mnangagwa and others, but I do not believe anyone, including Grace, should usurp the president’s powers to run government affairs. Our constitution stipulates that we have an executive president, but if we are not careful we will soon end up with a ceremonial president and an executive first lady.

    • bu the president is old, incapacitated and unable to exercise his powers which is why Grace and G40 are now acting on his behalf. Is that so difficult to see? Complaining that you voted or nikuved an old person into power who cant use it now because he is by nature unable to use it is neither here nor there. You should have known better and done a risk analysis before putting a blind person on the wheel on N1 (No disrespect to the visually impaired). You would have known that someone was going to drive on his behalf…or else ypu would all crush. I am not sure which one between these two is already happening…my guess is both. Someone is driving on Mugabe’s behalf and eventually ZANU PF will still crush because you have puyt an unlicenced and excitable driver on the seat.

    • As if that was not enough – Zanu PF has been making all sorts of noises telling the whole world that Mugabe is their chosen candidate for the 2018 elections. If that is not pure stupidity and lunacy then I don’t know what it is. The man can’t even walk and you expect him to run a country – really!!

  2. Is he not the same Black Jesus who butchered MDC-T supporters in 2008 elections and the One Big Chitoro unless l am confusing the two. Watch your back you dont know where Dr Amai is getting the nerve from.

  3. Mugabe’s birthday bash is in MASVINGO. We want them to come here and sing their zuzuru rubbish song here iye Garce, Zhuwawo naKasukuwere. We are ready with our knobkerries!

  4. Big Mistake By Team Lacoste. Taking Bob head on. That’s what G40 wanted. We all know what’s coming. They (Including the war vets) voted for a new constitution which clearly states “Mugabe is the centre of all power both in Zanu Pf and Government”. If he can fire a Vice President when he feels like it, what about a Provincial Chairman? Mangwana does not understand party politics.

    • Emmerson is the achitecture of Party politics. His only threat was the Late General Rex. the rest are kindergarten in as much as Zanu Politics is concerned

  5. Apa kwazvakuenda ah ah ah. Apa soup yakora muto. Ndaposeka hangu kikikiki hanzi ‘A KOMBI DRIVER’S WIFE CAN NOT USE HER HUBBY’S LICENCE TO DRIVE ON PUBLIC ROADS’. Ah

  6. Sometimes truth hurts and this Black Jesus, i think he smoke ganja, where does he get all the courage to talk like that? The first wont take those words lightly, and attacking is similar to attacking the nonegenarian. How is the leader gonna react to this? Last year, he told the nation that no one can stop ‘Cde Stop It’. Iyi nyaya ah haisiri yema jokes.

  7. Zanu PF has been in existence for over 45 years and have been the government of Zimbabwe for over 34 years. Since then Zimbabwe has been on continues downward spiral. We are worse off than Rhodesia. What a shame! The reason; Zanu PF has remained a freedom fighting organisation. Zanu PF has failed to transform into an administration but have preferred to remain guerrilla group. Vo-Black Jesus, Big Chitoro do not belong to the new world. Force; murders; coercion black mailing; kidnapping are dark force. This is where Grace the wonder woman is coming in. Grace persuades opposition, gives food to all including the opposition. Grace the wonder woman is there to transform political landscape as a progressive force. She fire Joyce Mujuru. Where were you? Black Jesus, you talking just like Jabulani. Where is he? Basopo, Grace the woman will shaft you! Viva Grace!

  8. The first lady wont take those words lightly. Attacking her is similar to attacking the president. NB: Zimbabwe is not SA where Malema can do whatever he wants and can undress Zuma in public. Just yesterday when i was watch SA news, Malema told Zuma straight in face words that can not be said to a national leader. This Black Jesus wants to behave like Malema.

    • A president makes executive decisions that affect people’s lives, people should be free to vent their anger to him, should they feel like it. Mugabe is not a ceremonial president, thus if his decision making is poor, anyone affected should ridicule and ask for explanations. We cannot continue living as though presidents are gods, they are public servants and they should be accountable.

  9. Let us not go tribal you and I my brother George . l hail from Chiweshe and the rally where the zezuru song was sung was held at a high school attended by my kids. I attended Bota primary school in Zaka myself, this I’m sure makes you and I one people. What you and I need to do is to put our heads together and figure out how we can dislodge this system which seeks to devide you and I. Tokarobwa tikamanya muna 2008, mhosva yacho, takavhotera pasipo. Put your knowbkerry away my brother, judgement day is coming. Only time will tell.

  10. The first lady wont take those words lightly. Attacking her is similar to attacking the president. NB: Zimbabwe is not SA where Malema can do whatever he wants and can undress Zuma in public. Just yesterday when i was WATCHING SA news, Malema told Zuma straight in the face words that can not be said to a national leader. This Black Jesus wants to behave like Malema.

  11. Morgan Tsvangirai was elected, the diabolic thugs around Bob stole the vote. He said so himself.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day that those with “degrees in violence” would unleash it amongst themselves. I’m pretty excited to find out:-
    1. if this will be called political violence
    2. if the ZRP will ask the complainants to bring the perpetrators to the police
    3. if those who want to “go back to the bush” will do so, when and how.
    4. how many of these ZPF people are actually sleeping these days (nights).

  12. We are sick and tired of these war vets who always say ‘we died for this country’. Cde first lady asked a question, WHO FORCED YOU TO GO AND FIGHT? You did not answer her question. If you want to fight pliz leave the civilians alone becoz we suffered a lot rather go and fight with your kids and wives.

  13. Democracy is alive and well in S.A. although it is often abused by some. Zvino kwedu kwaSadza chero constructive criticism inoifira, ingava nyika here yakadaro. Hee Zanu PF ndiyo irikutonga, umwe akati vaMugabe chete kuState house, aaaaaah, asi vatove nema title deeds kani?
    Tirikutongwa mhosva ipiko? Hutongi taramba toda leadership. Zimbabwe is NOT a kingdom.

  14. kkkkkkk u think grace is more powerful nhai. Dont u knw that, zdf is behind Mnangagwa(karanga giant). Grace mugabe:s days are numbered. Mnangagwa is the next zanu pf president, hwever Tsvangirai will win the election, hence the next presiden of zim tsvangirai. Just wait!

  15. Maakuda imwe hondo ko iyi yenzara maipedza here? Motisekesa nevatakavakidzana navo. Vana vari mu ma barack ndivo vomoda kuti vazhakane imi makavanda muma “dale dale “muchidya, muchimwa, makawokerera dstv muri pa instagram. Kwegurai kwazvo already!

  16. George that was a good analysis. Zanu..yarumwa..nechekuchera. Let them suffer for it. Apa..Ngwena..yapinda..busy zvomene. Tichingotonga..Tichingotonga. ..dzokorora…futi. ….kkkkkkkk. Wakanga..wafarisa…

  17. Cde Chinx hero basa, kwanzi naanamkoma ngatidzokerei kudondo, paakuda “morari” apa. Cde Opah paManica valley apo, yasvika nguva iyaka “muchifadza ma “shef”. Mongwarira pekunika ma g-string, Cde Chris havatambi vanonanura.

  18. Muri mboko zevanhu mese muzanu pf nemawar vet enyu nhsi zvaipa dai mukaurayana,and leave this country day of reckoning is coming pasi nezanu pf not different from nazi hitler manje muchafa mese mbwende dzevanhu,kuhondo kwacho wkarwa wega pfutseki namai venyu vemasvosve grace nhasi zvaipa,zimbabwe will never die bt you suckers will

  19. Dr Amai,Dr Stop It is Unconguarable.She said ari kutonga kudhara.Muchaona zvenyu.
    Vamwe vakadzi va Mugabe vari Zii.
    Joyce Mujuru smiley smiley.

  20. Grace, having been born in SA is arguably less Zimbabwean than every1 else & shld not dictate to us from which tribe we shld draw our nxt leader. She shld jus shut up. But I honestly believe TBJ’s prophecy – one Southern African prez will go through peculiar times. First (peculiar) tym that his wife is being ordered back to the kitchen etc etc

  21. kkkkkk, this is a fight for the doctors, just watch and learn. i remember Jabu’s words, “WE DO NOT TOLERATE A BEDROOM COUP” hezvo you were right zvenyu ka comrade. chematama ziiii hacho ne “many women” dzacho, zanu yourayana………………ALUTA CONTINUA CDES. kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  22. truth is no one wants both ngwena and grace to be one wants zanu pf to be the rulung party .so tsvangson zii zvake semunhu mukuru zvichingoitika zvega sekudhota

  23. taingodzi dzidzai neshungu mugova vatungamiriri vemagwana……vamwe vangu vaida kuzova mapresident vakatofa vakango mirira. when wilb this tmor u promised us????. tipeiwo nguva timbotongawo. who ar u to cei no to other ppl? kana uricewe ziva zvawakavinga kuharahwa iyi. makaro ako akanyanya. rega mdara azorore….siyana nezvekumuisa mbhara.

  24. Its better vanhu vanonzwana Masimaba ku Rally kwacho tigoona kuti iye Gracce anozoenda here mu war tone zone this very good Ma Youth anofanira kurovana iye Grace ari parally mukasaona ave kumhanya …Game on …Good idea. Thats security issue on its own good, that will stop Grace’s silly rallies

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