Military gag on Gushungo bombing flops


Military intelligence bosses have waded into the ongoing trial of the four men accused of attempting to bomb the First Family’s Gushungo Dairy plant by approaching the High Court seeking a gag order against the media.


The order was sought in the matter involving Owen Kuchata, Borman Ngwenya, Solomon Makumbe and Silas Pfupa, who are facing treason charges in an alleged foiled bombing of President Robert Mugabe personal company last month.

Ngwenya, Makumbe and Pfupa are all military personnel and have links to the military intelligence department.

OWEN Kuchata Owen Kuchata (RIGHT)

In an urgent High Court chamber application filed last Friday, the military was granted an order to have the proceedings held in camera and the media gagged from reporting even from the record of events.

However, the military’s bid yesterday fell by the wayside when presiding magistrate Vakai Douglas Chikwekwe dismissed the order, saying it was meant to usurp his powers and had an effect of directing him on how to handle the trial.

“The order leaves a lot to be desired. Any application should have been first made in the court a quo (this court). Therefore, the order is wrong both at law and in fact,” Chikwekwe ruled.

Chikwekwe said the magistrates’ court was a properly constituted court created by the Constitution and, as such, enjoyed its rights from the supreme law, hence its work could not be interfered with.

“The conduct of the Registrar of the High Court is a nullity and the purported order is tantamount to direct this court on how to do its business. The order is not legal and is void ab initio (from the beginning),” he said. It is ironic that the military sought the gag order on the same Friday that First Lady Grace Mugabe attacked the institution for being involved in a plot to murder her son Chatunga at a rally in Chiweshe.

The case was remanded to March 1, 2016.


  1. The magistrate is right this are serving members of the military who committed a crime they must be tried according to the laws of the land (Zim) then either a conviction of guilty or not guilty then the military may ask the courts to try the same culprits through its court martial,the military must not interfere with the magistrate its their something the military bigwigs want to cover is Grace right that commanders of the Army are involved in the bombing of Gushungo Dairy.

  2. Where is the centre of power now? Magistrate challenging a Higher Court. Prosecutor General being prosecuted. STOP IT (this nonsense)

  3. I do not understand something here, where is the treason charge coming from? What is treason? Maybe i am not learned enough, i thought treason was an act against the government or something that has to do with trying to kill or topple the sitting president uncostitutionaly . So is bombing Gushungo dairy anything to do with the government

  4. The magistrate is right. The case must be tried in the open to avoid meddling in lies especially when heard behind camera. We need to hear the truth of the matter.

  5. someone out there must be taking Zimboz for fools.this was a setup from the start.a trained military intelligence officer, buying a bottle of petrol and a packet of fertilizer to bomb poor workers underpaid by Gushungo dairy ? for what. why not steal grenades from the armory or better still make a bomb from real bullets, if we have many cases here were bullets are found at the door steps of political figures and our police has a good record of not tracing were they came from. I smell G40 machinations here led by Matsanga trained Saviour Kasukuwere to jolt our hyperactive Gire into a mantra. they have studied Gire and seen her to be the weak link otherwise our own sober Mr Mugabe could have seen all this rot. Nyoka yapinda mumba Gushungo chenjerai kupisa musha.Ngwarirai.

  6. these guys think we are dummies hantie then if this is the military inteligence we have our country is doomed. this is a setup mhani something doesnt hold water apa
    the military are now involved the prosecutor general now involved lies will always come out

  7. We’ve heard of soldiers attempting a coup, and the next best thing is their families had secret funerals and some of them disappeared without traces. So whats so special about these ones who should be taken to court?

    Its high time Mugabe tried doing some good for a change. “ides of March”

  8. No Treason here, Just corrupt old men and women who want to cling on to power and have no idea as to how to turn around the misfortunes of a failed Zimbabwe, including how to hide their ill gotten wealth especially from Chiadzwa. What a load of rubbish!!

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