MDC-T won’t go to bed with Mujuru’s ‘Zanu PF’: Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai said his party will not join Zanu PF through the back door by entering into an alliance with former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who now leads a new political party, Zimbabwe People First.


Addressing more than 500 MDC-T supporters at the party’s provincial offices in Chinhoyi yesterday, Tsvangirai said the opposition risked “limb and arm” fighting Zanu PF and would not allow somebody “who saw the light recently” to lead them.

“Some (opposition parties) have just come out saying we are better and for us we do not shout at them, but we encourage them to join hands with us to fight for free and fair elections in the country. You shall hear very soon in the papers that Tsvangirai and Amai Mujuru are in a coalition – that will not be true . . . we are happy that they have seen the light which we saw long back and they cannot just say they want to lead us. No, we cannot come out of Zanu PF and risk our lives to revert back into Zanu PF.”

morgan-tsvangirai Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai also took a swipe at Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko’s remarks that there were some people within Zanu PF saying that after President Robert Mugabe’s reign a person that comes as leader should not be of the Karanga ethnic group. Tsvangirai said all tribes in the country had a right to lead the country.

“There are no second-class citizens in this country. If you bring such mentality within our people, you are dividing them along tribal lines and it is not developmental,” the former Premier said.

The opposition leader said people should not take seriously Mugabe’s assertion that the country should withdraw from the United Nations.

He said this was destructive, adding people should learn better from Zimbabwe’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth which cost the country in financial terms and other support.

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  1. tsvangirai the un educated fool.

    1. as if you are educated

    2. @ tt
      iwewe ndiwe zidofo chairo. haugone kunyora pakati ‘UNEDUCATED’

    3. Your educated Mugabe has achieved what in 35yrs?

  2. That is a short step in the wrong political direction.The unfolding political trends may leave you and the organisation in the political cold.

  3. At first I thought the opposition was up to any good towards the public suffering only to realise that they equally were wolves clad in sheep’s skin, mere selfseekers. No hope at the end of the tunnel as they will end up splitting the votes.

  4. why Tsvangirai u always want to join hands with others, afta all u hv different ideologies even if u succeed the prbm of factionalism will not end. To be honest u ar nt the right person to lead this nation and it will never happen

  5. This is the most unstrategic statement I have ever heard 2yrs before the election. The political landscape changes and is changing so fast to make such absolute declarations so early. This is a total misfire that does noone no good.

    1. I have to agree..and how does this statement benefit his party?

  6. Powertel hungry monkers nxaa

  7. Cheap politics and propaganda is making the ordinary people suffer and die .The crownies need only votes so that they can loot .

  8. Mr Tsvangirai never say never. Its better to use your energy to mobilise and rejuvinate your supporters. Don’t talk of other opposition parties either good or bad , you may alienate yourself. An opposition alliance/coalition is the best but for it to make a difference TIMING is very very very important. This is not the time , the time will come.

  9. Words from Tsvangirai who once was also in bed with Zanu pf in the GNU. For as long as opposition parties remain divided u will not win an election. Isu tave ve people first.

  10. I feel this is a good move done by Save and his party. ZAPU died the same way people wants MDC to follow so that is not acceptable. Mujuru must harvest from ZANU and Morgan to continue with his MDC and the two will eventually battle it out for supremacy in the last round.

  11. MT is very right. He’s simply responding to Rugare Gumbo’s typical zpf style arrogance when he said they will not allow MT to lead the coalition. Who is he to make such a preposterous declaration? Shows Zpf blood still runs deep in his veins.

  12. Tsvangirai haaone zvemberi..that explains why he was addressing around 500 supporters only . Wapera muto.

    1. @ wapera muto
      iwe zvaunoona zvemberi ndezvipi? zvanzi vanhu around 500 here kana kuti vanopfuura 500. usaverenge zvaurikufunga asi zviripo

      1. Sori vakanga vari 501 kkkkkk rega ndiseke hangu. Zvandiona zvemberi ndezvekuti murume uyu zvakaramba zvekutonga izvi.

        1. This was not a rally. He addressed supporters at the provinces offices.

  13. MT is very right. He’s simply responding to Rugare Gumbo’s typical zpf style arrogance when he said they will not allow MT to lead the coalition. Who is he to make such a preposterous declaration? Shows Zpf blood still runs deep in his veins. Makes Mujuru & co intentions dubious.

  14. Elizabeth Chikondowa

    WAPERA MUTO is confused. Addressing 500 supporters who came willingly, freely and without being threatened makes everyone proud. This means genuine supporters not intimidating people to cpme to your rallies or closing people’s flee markets.

  15. I think people are just too sympathetic with Mai Mujuru …. Mai Mujuru did not come out in the open to say Zanu is bad and she wants to work for the people … she was forced into that corner .. are we saying everyone who will be chased out of zanu pf like the war vets who now claim to be with the people have all changed and realized that zanu is bad today? they have always known but as long as they were part of the looting system they preferred to pay a blind eye, these war vets are said to be rallying behind Mujuru so who will make up the next gvt if Mujuru wins, the same people whio were in the zanu gvt???? , if these people could ever change they would have seen and realized that zim can be a better country during the GNU , hate Tsvangson as much u may like but we know he is the true face of opposition

    1. Yes. These ejectees from zanupf respect no people interest at all. They follow the wind and hope they somehow land among a large majority from which they can sing and dance hoping to grab any opportunity to destroy any semblance of progress.

    2. Yes once Zanu always Zanu..they are responsible for our current state of affairs, it would be fool hardy to join hands with those fools.Mai Mujuru has not repented, she still is keeping money from past acts of thievery….and now only denounces Zanu because she is no longer benefiting..she will soon be joining forces with Mutsvangwa…..

  16. I respect Mai Mujuru but she cannot claim to be a big tent and want to come with a big sister or brother mentality. This is what I read from the story, don’t end at the headline.

  17. iri rimwewo dofo rega rinzi rakutowana zvekutaura because of ana Mujuru otherwise his a closed chapter o finished career

  18. Tsvangirayi is mad…cant he see that this is another Simba Makoni type thing to dilute the vote? he should just shut up and form an alliance with Joice to circumvent a potential vote split.

  19. He makes a valid point. Why should he be led by the same people who were part of the group that watched over a declining economy for more than 30 years? How will he then transform the economy if he is being led by people with the same Zanu pf ideologies?

    All the people who are pro people first are also pro Zanu pf


    TSVANGIRAI HAS BEEN TRIED AND TESTED for the past 2 DECADES. There is no ray of hope anymore that one day MDC will rule. It performs better as opposition just like EFF in South Africa. LETS GIVE MAI MUJURU A CHANCE TO PROVE HERSELF. ALL WE WANT IS A GOOD RULER TO IMPROVE ON ZIMBABWE’S ECONOMY, create jobs, industry etc etc. WE DONT CARE WHO DOES IT as long he/she is a Zimbabwean. POLITICAL AFFILIATION MEANS NOTHING TO US. ALL WE WANT IS A GOOD PRESIDENT FOR ZIMBABWE.

  21. Tsvangson has never lost a credible election to Zanu PF … even when zanu pf was united now zanu is so split up why then does tsvangson need mujuru to win……… we should be pushing for credible elections and not pushing for zanu pf to continue ruling with just a different face on the front……. why are we Zimbabwe so mentally colonized to think that revolutionary leaders are the best transactional leaders……??? we need to move into a new dispensation were acknowledge war veterans for their role and appreciate that we its now 36 years after the war……..

  22. josphat mugadzaweta

    mai mujuru is the architect of the current suffering of the people of Zimbabwe. remember she used to have a lot of clout in zanu before she was officially cashiered in 2014. to vote her now is just giving credit to a murderer who set a bomb, have people amputated by the bomb and sets a clinic to have them cured. mujuru is only good and looting as she did at chiyadzwa. we don’t need to unite with her even for a second as she is a zanu tentacle. for all those who think morgan can take power alone, please go back to school and stop smoking ganja. in cote d’ivoire the people claimed power form gbagbo when ouattarra was robbed, in Burkina faso last year the same thing happened. please register to vote and go the streets when mudede steals your votes and stop this tsvangirai this morgan that. VIVA SAVE 2018 VIVA!!!

  23. Actually who said that Mai Mujuru is a good leader???? If I am not mistaken Mugabe propped up Mujuru to be where she is …So basically Mujuru was imposed on the people which is why the Moyo’s went for the Tsholothso declaration as they were opposing Mujuru’s credentilas to lead……. if you think that Mujuru is a good leader then you surely cannot oppose Mugabe and therefore we can never expect you to rally behind Tsvangson

  24. but after all this suffering in the hands of a political party that we all banked our hopes on, it is better to consider the opposition.

    1. Its unfortunate that the majority of Zimbabweans are short sighted and that will ever cost the future of children for decades to come. Most believe being educated is equal to excellence in everything. You don’t need to be educated to be a good leader, all you need is conscience and wisdom. Wisdom is not acquired from any university but one is born wise. Wisdom is neither bought over the counter nor given to anyone. The trend is like the more educated one becomes the more cunning, selfish, pompous and divisive one becomes. Its a pity that some of us don’t have politics of their own but only waits to follow what one preaches without our own analysis, we are just like flies following a corpse to the grave and unfortunately we will be buried with the corpse just by not analysing what could be taking place. what if it is party x’s grand plan to scuttle the opposition by forming many parties from the main party and come 2018 confusion will be reigning in all corners. Think twice before you embrace a new friend especial. Maruva haasi muchero .Zimbabweans lets think beyond today.

  25. Mahweda Mwendamberi

    People, leadership requires casting eyes into the future and seeing what everyone is not seeing. Mutasa and JTRM were in the dance floor all these years when the emperor was beating the drums. Now the emperor has flushed them out of the dance floor, suddenly he is not beating the drums well. Supporting the recycled leaders is like kissing a cobra, it will remain to make you dinner while there won’t be any time to reserve the decision. I rest my case.

  26. the worst case is to join hands wth zanu pf mujuru……very stupid ideas from stupid pple

  27. Guys strategies are needed. MDC can never remove ZANU from power whether it has won or not. The ZANU will simply not accept that and what else will MDC do. It has been winning right, but has it ever been in power? What strategies has it done to fight against stealing of elections? Nothing. So better we try a different path which is Mujuru and a path whose winning is more acceptable to the ZANU PF old guard. Fromn there eventually we will clean the country out of ZANU

    Just to take you back to 2000. We rejected the constitution which had 2 year limits for presidents because it was giving RGM another chance for fresh two year term. Suppose we had accepted it, RGM would have finished his two terms and we could have been somewhere now ….. FOOD FOR THOUGHT

    1. Have you also considered what happened or is happening in Algeria, Uganda, Congo, DRC, Rwanda and Burundi where the guys in government changed or are trying to change the constitution so that they continue to rule?

  28. rangarirai chidzidzo chatiwona panyaya yevana veIsrael mu Egypt, ichasvinga nguva mwari vachasunungura zvizvarwa zveZimbabwe.

    Mugabe nehama dzako muchaenda kugehena nehutsinye hwamurikuitira vana vamwari.

  29. Mai Mujuru and Tsvangirai we trust you for 2018 elections. We are solidly behind you. Team Zimbo, Team hombe, Chinomakwa nani, chero kuita rigging pakadai unotonyara. iyi i walk over. But on one condition, put your egos aside

  30. So this means Mugabe wins again in 2018. These opposition leaders never learn for real. U did it in 2008 with Simba Makoni and Zanu won. Just join hands and defeat them once and for all.

  31. Morgan is a baboon

    remember tchisekedi of zaire during Mobutu’s rule. thats tsvangirai for you. anongohumana zvisina nenjere. he will remain an opposition figure never to rule this country vamwe vachiuya vachitopinda

  32. All this will be long gone soon. Do not fool yourselves that ZANU PF will rule forever.

  33. its so sad to hear such silly and stupid statement from the so called god father of opp politics in zimbabwe. we equally thought tsvangirai was out to save zimbabweans from the jaws of zanu yet he wants us to continue suffer. not only silly but yu r very very very stupid tsvangirai

  34. mazimba mandi kona muri ma dunderhead you cant see thru what these ex zanoids are scheming?hee morgan atadza kuvisa zanu hee this.zanu fought smith for 16 long years vari armed to the teeth with lots of support from within and ouyside the country and morgan is banking on you lousy cowards for support.give the man a break what has been your contribution so far.i bet most of you have never been inside a voting booth.shame on you

  35. The reason why Mugabe is still leading the country is becoz we zimbos we are afraid of change…. Mujuru swore that she has only zanu pf in her life and she will always be zanu pf…. now then that she has been fired from zanu we now think that she is going to be the change catalysts ……… tsangson cannot win an election without you going to vote….. for those who do not go and vote your votes automatically count as zanu pf votes when the rigging machine is ” switched on” and then you blame tsvangson for not winning the election…………

  36. All this bad mouthing on Morgan is coming from Zanoids..who are scared of losing their loot and want to perpetuate bad governance and destruction of this country. This time hamulume… Batanai..neNgwena..yenyu..moita..coalition yemakoronyera. Thieves and blood suckers

  37. Salute SAVE…I say NO NO NO to a re-branded ZANU PF. Ever thought why they still want something to do with ZANU by calling themselves ZPF. Here are possible names that Joyce and clowns could have used
    1. Movement for National Salvation
    2. Zimbabwe Union of Democratic Alliance (ZUDA)
    3. Musangano Wedu
    4. Kubatana kwevanu vasichadi Zanu

    Why do you need only English names you colonised idiots, too many useless Doctorates, PHDs, MBAs, PolAds etc

    Pamberi naSAVE, pasi naMugabe, pasi naJoyce, pasi naSimba, pasi na Dabengwa,

  38. We have a lot of people with sharp minds and some with foolish minds , if you check most of our youth don’t have IDs but they go and buy party cards but it is written on most party cards a section to fill your ID, so it wasting time to sell or buy card if you don’t have an ID.I am appealing to the youth to go and take IDs they are not for sale they are issued free of charge and then go and register to vote so that we can change this evil system. Mujuru is a coward and is Zanu PF she said it from her stinking mouth so when has she changed so soon, during the liberation struggle these are the kind of people who were called sellouts or selouscouts because they would have crossed the floor from freedom fighters and joined Muzoriwa and pretended to be fighting for the people. Morgan you have started the struggle you must finish it , in a struggle there are so many difficulties so don’t look backward.In Mozambique we have know Dhlakama before MDC was formed but he is still leading his party, in Zambia Micheal Sata was in opposition politics for more than 20 years but he won when he was around 70 something years, fighting for democracy is not easy and is not a journey it is a process .ICHO

    1. taurai zvenyu asi isu se People First tosangana 2018….vanoda zvavo go to Budiriro and check if there still remains any MDC structure.

  39. if it wr u,what wld u do as a president?(my simple to hear but hard to answer question)

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  41. Please don’t use “Going to bed with “….and Tsvangson in same sentence.

  42. tsvangirai ita mushe we don’t want to be controlled because of donations.You are misleading people Mugabe and his doom team mapolicy avo ndiwo akadhakwa.See how the world is burning because of America and Britain

  43. Africa for Africans

    handeyi tione

  44. Vanhu kushamwaridzana vanga shamwaridzana asi kwete kushamwaridzana nevanhu vakauraya hama dzakako.Save muri right asi mind the way you say things

  45. Zanu pf is cracking and dismantling hapana chaichambohwina, so Amai mujuru na Tsvangirai vacha pedzerana pama election e 2018. zanu vaparadzana vega already

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