Manicaland Zanu PF youth leader denies anti-Grace campaign

First Lady Grace Mugabe

UNDERFIRE fire Manicaland youth leader, Kelvin Manyengavana has denied allegations by the Save Zanu PF Campaign that he is part of their project.


Manyengavana said he had nothing to do with Save Zanu PF Campaign, a group of suspended and serving Zanu PF youth chairpersons, as well as other affiliate organisations.

“I was not present at the Press briefing nor was I ever consulted about this Press statement. I know only Zanu PF and I don’t know that group. I only know Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe,” he said.

grace-mugabe 3 First Lady Grace Mugabe

The Save Zanu PF Campaign, fronted by Godfrey Tsenengamu, Vengai Musengi and Godwin Gomwe, told journalists in Harare that Manyengavana, among other provincial youth chairpersons, were part of them.

The group fired a salvo at First Lady Grace Mugabe over allegations that she was fanning factionalism in the ruling party.


  1. Thouogh it is not deniable that the first lady is the enemy of party unity because of her miscalculations and bad utterances it is equally dangerous for ousted members to express links to serving members in the same way G40 is miscalculating by courting Jabulani Sibanda or the very mistaken utterances by the first lady at her destructive Mazoe rally where she said Goche was a loyal war veteran unlike others who are pompous, when he, Goche was ousted as Gamatox member.

  2. G40 is President Mugabe faction.It does not need to court Sibanda or any war veteran.It is desperate Lacoste Herald looking for relevance.Until ZanuPF removes Mugabe,Grace Mugabe acharamba achitonga.

  3. Theris nothing bad whats hapening in zanu.we need change.change of direction.our party leader is old.all those who say mugabe foreva r just singing for is playing catchup to other liberation movements,.anc,swapo,frelimo,ccm all playing keep up to modern why shuld zanu always play catch up,which it is way behind.president mugabe is 92now .isnt it logical he wont be around next 5 yrs.simple.what zanu needs is to rid itself of characters of moyo,kasukuwere n mphoko .these fellows r nt good for the party.mnangagwa has to stand up on this n fodge ahead .zanu cannot die wth president mugabe,it must move on.elections r 3 yrs time.very close.yu think president will stand at 95?madnes.

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