Man claims partners get pregnant mysteriously


A HARARE man, Albert Foda, yesterday left the gallery in stitches when he told the Civil Court he does not have an idea how his girlfriends fell pregnant, and is always surprised to hear them claiming they would have conceived.


Foda’s remarks came when magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza asked him why he kept on siring children, yet he was struggling to maintain them.

Foda told the court he has seven children with three different women and has another one who is also pregnant, but he does not understand how his women conceive.“I don’t understand these women. They just start claiming they are pregnant,” he said.

Foda was responding to a maintenance application made by his ex-wife Cathrene Simba, who was claiming $160 for their minor child.

Foda told the court that he could not afford the claimed amount because he already had other children.

The magistrate, however, ordered Foda to pay $110 a month, saying the fact that he had other children was not a reason to deprive the child in question.

The magistrate went on to caution Foda to control himself, saying children are a parents’ responsibility.

“Tell those women to stop telling you that they are pregnant, go and look for the money,” he said.