Macheso takes Tsoka Dzerwendo to Centenary

HUNDREDS of Alick Macheso’s fans, who thronged Club Changaz in Centenary, Mashonaland Central on Friday night, were left clamouring for more despite the sungura musician’s eight-hour performance.


The die-hard Macheso fans, with some donning regalia emblazoned with his picture and name, defied the odds as they travelled from as far as Muzarabani, Guruve, Chiweshe and Mvurwi to pack the venue, despite heavy rains that poured a few hours before the show.

Throughout the performance, the band kept fans on their toes singing along with some perfectly aping the Orchestra Mberikwazvo’s well-choreographed dance routines.

Alick Macheso Etched

During interludes Macheso would invite some of his fans on stage, giving them an opportunity to showcase their dancing prowess and they were also a marvel to watch.

Security personnel had to work over time to control the excited crowd, as they jostled for a minute of fame on the stage with Macheso who was only picking one fan at a time.

The Madhawu hitmaker’s playlist was made up of yesteryear hits including Madhawu, Charakupa, Madhuwe and Mundikumbuke.

Fans in the tobacco farming community, usually starved of entertainment by such top acts, had the opportunity to sample tracks from Macheso’s forthcoming studio album titled Tsoka Dzerwendo.

The musician performed three songs from the album, which were well received by fans, who wanted more from the band.

“Thank you Centenary for the unwavering support. I heard some have travelled as far as Muzarabani, Guruve and Mvurwi, much appreciated,” Macheso shouted amidst his performance.

One fan screamed: “Well done BaSharo . . . Good performance. Well done BaSharo good performance, we want a new album now it has been long the godfather of sungura.”

Speaking to NewsDay on the sidelines of his performance, Macheso saluted his fans for the support despite the economic hardships in the country.

“Things are tough, but our paymaster continuously comes to support us
and bearing that in mind, that is why we do our best on the stage to give them what is of value for their hard earned cash,” he said.

“The promoter, Zacharia “Changara” Five, has done something good for both, musicians and fans by building this venue, today we are meeting our fans in Centenary and other surrounding places.”

Macheso conceded he had starved his fans for long without new stuff, but urged the fans to be patient promising that the album will be out soon.

“I know the fans are waiting for the album, they must be patient it is coming soon,” he said.

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  1. Manganeez del Piero

    Aleck Macheso is our God-given Sungura ace. Keep it up Master Chisale. Fans are in need of u kuno kuNyanyadzi.

  2. uri kuzama kuda kusvika pana Zhakata ramba wakadaro

    1. Kwana iwe..Nhabvu…Cheso naZhakata imvura ne oil…Zhakata haatombokwana kana mbichana!!!

  3. Macheso kumberi

  4. zhakata vanhu vakuru

  5. baba shero kwaakumberi

  6. cheso weee

  7. Makoena Donald Buthane

    Mr #zimguitarmaster come perform in Pretoria South Africa bra

  8. baba sharoooooooooooooooooooooo

  9. Achisale mayenera cheso to the fullest .big up mdhara ,father sungura the best unogona new ndakainzwa pakaipa mheni ,hanzi munhu nemunhu pakurarama haashaye aakafanana naye zvimwe mafambiro kan………….

  10. akaramba achishingirira zvimwe angasvike pa level ya Zhakata

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