Live Updates: Zanu PF politburo meeting

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe will today preside over a bitterly divided Zanu PF politburo amid heightened tensions, as the acrimonious succession wars threaten to boil over.

Reporters: Richard Chidza/ Everson Mushava

Compiled by Annegrett Dube

We asked our audience  their expected outcomes from the Zanu PF politburo meeting:

politburo comments 2

12: 39: “Provincial Committee  will deal with those that have stopped others from coming. We will see if we can take what you said. Say exactly what is happening. Lets talk about issues. We are seen as more divided than Tsvsngirai’s MDC. He is happy but does not realise he does not have a party. He has a piece of a party. He must just admit he has failed”

12:35: Jonathan Moyo arrives  

12:34: “We talked after cabinet yesterday and asked people to stop it. There is a party structure to resolve differences.Do not give stories to opposition press.”

12.32: “We must toe the party line .The party line is to be strong and united. We heard what Mahoka said. She talked about a lot of things mixing things but we heard her. The opposition is happy that Zanu PF is at each other’s throats.”

12:29: Charamba arrives. He is booed by about five youths.

12:28: Whites should not come here with a superiority complex. That period is over. Some country’s are still dominated including by France which has military presence in some African countries. Some leaders are afraid to associate with us and refuse invites to come here

12.:23: “It will not help for us to remain in an organisation in which we are not treated as equals. We can walk out and form our own organisation. We can form a bigger organisation than UN if we join hands with China and India.”

12:08: Mugabe  chronicles his time as AU chair and the meetings he attended. IMG-20160214-WA0017 (1)

11: 54: President Robert Mugabe comes to address the gathering. He thanks women for the gathering.  Spells out Grace is behind all this . I want to have a chat with women’s league chair. Sorry youth league chair and we will meet this week. I want to have a chat with him. We are sorry if some did not understand ans stopped some women. I only heard about it three days ago. If everything had gone through the normal channel then they should not have stopped people. It was our way of empowering women. Now our girl children have surpassed boys. We have a theme of gender equality in the African Union. Respect for women. When I was appointed chair I did not want to disappoint  or bring the country into disrepute through failure so I did my best. We took some days to look at the previous leadership along with foreign minister Mumbengegwi. Kasukuwere takes the.microphone. Sings ‘regai vatonge’. The party is behind your leadership. Let us give him the chance to work and give his best We support the leadership you chose.

11:30 “ We are aware they want to bomb the dairy, kill my children and all.  It is not good. They are threatening Mugabe but you know him. He will not be intimidated by words. We want peace so the leadership must get to work. We want the politburo to concentrate on real issues not petty things. We made promises to the people and we must deliver. Journalists the negative stories u write can cause instability and it will affect us all despite political affiliation. We must not scare investors with negative stories Some seem to have gone to school to learn obscenities. Stop It. We must unite its our country all of us. Let us forgive each other when we err and we must wash dirty linen in public. We must not blame the media because we feed them with information. Imiwo musangonyore zvese zvese. Nobody is perfect”

“Sandi Moyo, President we heard people wanted you to continue as AU chair. You have put women’s issues at the forefront of human rights. The whole world is looking East because Mugabe said so. We are worried that people plan to bomb you But God is there and will protect you. We are with you all way. We have over 20 000 women here and a few men. People are being intimidated in the provinces. Youths have been send to stop some buses.Some forced their way here. It must stop.We want our children to follow the party. Our youths are being taught bad things. Some seem to be paid to intimidate people. We have so much we want to tell you but this is not the time.

 11;29: Grace Mugabe addresses the crowd

11:22: Tabeth  Kanengoni Malinga reads part of Charamba’s interview

11:21: Mahoka goes for Charamba “We want to know if the President sent Charamba.”

11:17: Mahoka goes on a fawning expedition. “We have not said anyone must be fired”. She asks Mnangagwa “,People must play with your name and you keep quiet. You must stop it!. Do not act like a duck, speak against it, abuse of your name” “There is no problem with you VP Mphoko, We are violated in your name. We are not saying Mnangagwa must be removed but his people are speaking.” “I am ready to die for the party and Mugabe,”  firebrand MP Mahoka declares. “You will die because of this, Mahoka tells Mnangagwa.”

11: 14: Mahoka addresses the crowd. She speaks out against factionalism, “We are being used and we are not fighting the leadership even if you choose a person we  hate we will accept” “Herald is lying” Mahoka tells Mugabe. “We will not brook any nonsense particularly people denigrating our leader as women.

11:08: Government businesses at a standstill as most ministers are here.

11:02: Women’s League leadership sloganeering

10:55: Zanu PF supporters chant “Pasi nezvinomuka”

10: 52: Sarah Mahoka calls for provincial chairpersons to come forward. Six chairpersons are available.

  • Tavengwa Harare
  • Kizito Chivamba- Midlands
  • Joel Biggie Matiza-Mashonaland East
  • Ezra Chadzamira-Masvingo
  • Chengeta-Mashonaland West
  • Matabeleland South Chairperson

10:50: Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa arrives. Reports clasim that his counterpart Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has been at the Zanu PF headquarters since 7 pm.

10:49: Jonathan Moyo and War vets minister Christopher Musvangwa have not been seen. 10:46: Mugabe goes straight to the podium under heavy guard and assistance.

10:45: Chants of Gushungo ring out. 10: 44: President Robert Mugabe arrives to rapturous applause.

10:40: Midlands provincial chair Kizito Chivamba, Obert Mpofu and Shadreck Mashayamombe who is reportedly a key g40 figure arrive for the politburo meeting.

10:39: Sarah Mahoka is running around seemingly in charge of the preparations. 10:36: War vets are reportedly present

10:33: Zanu Pf Spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo arrives 10:29: Oppah Muchinguri walks in 10:13: Sydney Sekeramayi arrives amid muted . 10:01: Christopher Mushowe and Joram Gumbo arrive.

  • Headquarters front and car park  almost filling up, the delegates are mainly women and youths. Morale is high among the youths and the women are clad in party regalia.

politburo comment1 09:47: Women cheering as Kasukuwere waves at them. IMG-20160214-WA0011 Zanu PF national political commisar Savoiur Kasukuwere and Zanu PF Hurungwe East Sarah Mahoka arriving. zani-sl

There is heavy police presence at Zanu PF headquarters. People are being frisked as they are getting in.


  1. Dai vari mai vangu vari kutamba avo,ndaivaramba!nxaaaaa

  2. Professor Manyongori

    waiting patiently for Jonas tweet in or soon after the Politburo meeting #theHouseOnFire

  3. yava nyama yekugocha baya wabaya

  4. Hopefully, they will find time to discuss about the dire situation that the country is facing. Seeing how good they are at mobilising resources to fight their factional battles, they should channel that towards mobilising resources to feed the starving population (and hopefully stop spending ridiculous amounts on birthday celebrations)

  5. Obviously Moyo and Mutsvangwa were instructed to be at the venue early enough povo isati yaungana kuitira kuti vasakonzerese.

  6. It’s mid week people are supposed to be at work, but since there is no employment people must be kept engaging in these trivial factional wars.Emotions run high over these wars, while bread and butter issues are relegated to the peripheral.Zimbabweans with their high literacy rate in the continent are simple a disgrace,nothing reflects that perceived monumental achievement.Instead of demanding the 2 million jobs and delivery of goods and services promised in 2013 by their constituency representatives they simple dance and ululate in the scotching tropical sun of Africa.Someone simple gets away with murder.

  7. Never seen so much interest in the politburo meeting…Schuks, I had forgotten… its circus season!

  8. At the end of the day nothing much will be discussed or done, except just a minor admonishen against everybody – a balanced admonishen because everyone is doing something towards succession……then it will continue like that. we wait for another Politiburo …and another and another and later in the year it will be a people’s conference. That is the cycle!!

    The media should help us with one thing. Just igonre these people and do a Live coverage of starvation, vending and all the iolls these Zanu people have brought. Just a media blackout for one week!!

    1. well said George

  9. Who is this Mahoka????Blood flithy,s**k!!!!

  10. Uyu Mahoka imboko saMphoko wake amutuma kutaura zvaari kutaura. Munhu waMnangagwa ndiyani ngaamutaure. Chete kungoti kazhinji kacho most women politicians are of dubious character. Vazhinji Havana varume zvino vongoti kwati nana Mugabe ivo vakaramba vavo. She is a factionalist coz chinoita kuti afarire Mphoko achivenga Mnangagwa chii. Mugabe please fire this woman now because she has shown disrespect for Mnangagwa in front of you. Mbudzi yemukadzi. Nxaaa

  11. Its a wonder we are still willing 2 spend time following this soap


    1. Herald lied. They said War Vets would demo against Professor Moyo and Kasukuwere. There was no such demo. Instead, the ageing Mnangagwa was publicly humiliated by Women’s leagues Mahoka.

      The Professor is The Professor

  13. I love mu country and the leadership God has blessed us with, Long live President R G Mugabe, and his vice Ps, …… May the meeting produce results that will see the nation moving forward, preparing the future of our children….

    1. Dream on!

    2. Calie don’t get carried away. Loving your country is a good thing but there is no leadership hence the country has fallen apart. You are displaying your stupidity to the whole world which is not good.

  14. Wezhira Crescendo

    its a coup detante. all key institutions are now under ngwena’s control, the public media, the army. Team Lacoste has taken over and mugabe now can only mumble unity but deep inside he knows its over for him. infact he has to start dancing to Mnangagwa’s tune or they will do a kabila on him together with his quarrelsome wife. i foresee a Somalia-after-Siadi Barre unfolding in Zimbabwe. they used him to eliminate people who could have stood by him during these trying times (Rex & Teurai) and he got carried away by his obssessive love for power. he fell for this evil plan, now its time for him to go whether he likes it or not. call it the evil plan of the “wezhira crescendo”

  15. Where is Mutsvangwa and his War Veterans? Did they block Moyo?

    1. i suspect he got a good hiding ku cabinet yesterday….

  16. The President is no longer as shrewd and cunning as he used to be . ut is very clear that he is siding with the G40. He has actually praised Mahoka for rebuking his VP in public something alien in the party. The writing is on the wall for team lacoste .Go back to the drawing board .

    1. There is only one Professor. Ask Mujuru.She did not know what hit her.

  17. Ngwena ichatonga zimbabwe chete.mahoka kungotaurawo kwemunhu anorwdziwa

    1. pamberi napresident pamberi nangwena pasi namahoko dofo remunhu

    2. Ngwena yachembera. We need a younger leader to succeed Mugabe in 2023

      1. 2023? Kwese uko? Nhasi chaiye!!

  18. ill-discipline is now the order of the day…the centre is no longer holding.

  19. pipo deserve better from the politburo than busing women from all over the country to worship one man.

  20. zimbabweans deserve better from the politburo than busing women from all over the country to worship one man.

    1. Did you want them to walk?

      1. You just missed the point man. Please next time u need to focus!!!!!

  21. cry my beloved zanupf

  22. Hanzi na mama Mahoka : Mnangagwa usangoita kunge chituta. You have a voice, Use it to state your position. Uri kuda here chigaro chababa Chatunga or not. Then Charamba hanzi usangoswera uchitaura zvinhu zve kunhu kwausina kuswera

  23. Sad, very very sad……I mean about hunger and dispondence stalking Zimbabwe right now!

  24. dear editor please titarisirewo nyaya ye bindura north constituency pa farm rinonzi Morebridge rine mafamilies akagariswa muna 2004 under fast track resettlement.Pane ari kuzviti ndiye muridzi wepurazi anonzi Makaya .he wants to remove poor families dziri ipapo for his own greedy we constituency iyoyo akangoti zii.malands officers akangoti zii.saka zvinoreva izvo kuti akabhadhara vanhu ava chioko muhomwe kuti vanyarare.this issue is also directed to the MP.Gadzirisai nyaya iyi once and for all.ndosaka takakuvhoterei kuti mutakure zvichemo muchienda nazvo kuna President as matter of urgency.editor tipeiwo feedback panyaya.

  25. Prediction for politburo outcome….. Those lacoste people who prevented women from coming will be purged while Jonso will be asked to tone down. Lacoste was dangled a bait and took it. Notice Mahokas confidence. She has Dr Graces(and therefore Bobs) backing.

  26. Chief Charumbira

    Who is Mahoka to chide ED in the presence of the President? History will judge her harshly for destroying the revolutionary party from within. She equally a factionalist by openly siding with the G40 Crew who are also keen to have their own succeed His Excellency. Team Lacoste is within its rights to promote one of their own to succeed the President. Is it a crime to harbour ambitions?

  27. At this stage it looks like the G40 has gained ground judging from the vibe coming from Doc Amai and RGM culminating in Tyson’s great lyrics praising RGM and Mahoka(them getting the floor/mic is also telling) publicly confronting Lacoste.
    The jury is still out though pending the outcome of the politburo meeting and who will fire the first salvo across the others bow(then we will know who has been silenced)

  28. Very interesting.War Veterans threatened to stop Moyo,and the women mobilised.Otherwise today vaibvisirwa hembe na Mahoka.It appears Women’s League and Youth are part of G40.

    Ma one.

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    ➜➜➜➜➜➜ w­­w­­w.­W­a­g­e­9­0­.­C­o­m­­

  30. David killed his tens of thousands Saul his hundreds! Is it now the same between Ngwena and Mugabe?

  31. GUSHUNGO displayed some leadership qualities during his tenure @ the AU i will like to say thank you and wish more people would realise this

    1. There goes a lunatic again. Maybe u need to check what ‘leadership’ means before u start misleading people.

    2. I will pray 4 u Gerald!!!

    3. Bambo imi muri kuhumana , chiyi chakaitwa kunze kwema talk shows as usual

  32. pray for yourself Joseph

    1. Oh man this is really painful. Whatever Jet Fuel and Gerald are smoking is very dangerous. Its probably nyaope. U cant keep on supporting a dead donkey. These guys need devine intervention.

  33. Viva Gushungo

  34. Munhu were kunaamai

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