Latest:Tomana arrives at court under heavy police escort

Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana arrived at the Harare Magistrates Court this afternoon while under heavy police escort.

Staff Reporter

Although he was not in hand-cuffs, Tomana was accompanied by four detectives and several uniformed police officers including anti-riot officers.

His bail hearing is underway at the magistrates court but his charges have not been made clear yet.

More details to follow…

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  1. Zvaiwana ngwarati

  2. yaaa vamupandukira. A girl was raped by a male politician and you refused to prosecute. a man wants to sue to recover money $4m owed to him by Bredenkemp and you refused because you said its a sensitive political matter.

  3. Imi i live here or iam dreaming?

  4. Tomana.dont worry brother u will see our courts are transparent. If u guilty or innocent it will show

  5. Difficult to comprehend – how can there be a bail hearing for an unknown case? Hope am still awake and in control of my faculties.

  6. ya tsvatu waro raiti rakangwara kkkkkkkk

  7. Aita sei nhaimi Tomana uyu?

    1. Amama Tomana or Tomama hameno ikoko

  8. dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe.apa ndiwe.its a fair game.good

  9. Johannes? What is he trying to do? why drop charges of attempted bombing of president’s property? Urikuzama kumboita sei chaizvo chaizvo?

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