Jose Mourinho prepares to axe Juan Mata again as incoming Manchester United boss

…gears up for summer arrival at Old Trafford

Jose Mourinho will begin a ruthless purge of the Manchester United squad by selling £37million Juan Mata and £27m Marouane Fellaini if he is given the job.

Daily Mail

Jose Mourinho (left) sold Juan Mata to Manchester United from Chelsea in January 2014
Jose Mourinho (left) sold Juan Mata to Manchester United from Chelsea in January 2014

The former Chelsea manager, who is in advanced talks to replace his friend Louis van Gaal at Old Trafford, has told executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward to sell the midfield pair.

Mourinho, who has never made any secret of his ambition to manage United, outlined his intentions for the squad during a meeting with Woodward.

Mata does not fit in with Mourinho’s ambitious plans at Old Trafford and he wants the Spain winger out of the door before he takes over at the club.
Fellaini is also on his way out of Old Trafford if United come to a financial agreement with Van Gaal at the end of the season and replace him with Mourinho.

The Belgium midfielder has failed to make a significant impact at United since his move to the club from Everton in 2013.

Mourinho will also be given a sizeable pot of money to make the necessary adjustments to the squad in order for them to compete with Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal next season if he gets the go ahead to take charge.

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  1. Mmmmmmm pakaipa

    1. Atanga MOU uyu, hakusi ku Chelsea . Despite age wise Mata is one of the forces currently driving United midfield, why sell him. beckoff MOU

      1. Driving Man U where?

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  3. Jose its time up u swallow your pride and adjast can mata fail to make it to your plans yet he enjoys recognition in spain national team and had since played pivotal role in current man u which has attracted yo personal pliz!destroy not man u mr nomadic gaffa!

    1. tsano endai kuchikoro monodzidza chirungu kana zvanetsa nyorai nerwaamai

  4. I don’t care what he is going to do with the team .I just hope they will come to an agreement and let him lead Man U…. #teamMaurinho

  5. chikande ranganai

    mata ane munyama wo akenda kuarsebal mourinho unoteverawo

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