It’s my right to bomb Mugabe’s property: Kuchata

LITTLE-known Zimbabwe People Front party president Owen Kuchata yesterday reneged on his “guilty” plea bargain deal with the State on charges of attempting to bomb Gushungo Dairy processing plant, thereby setting the stage for a full public trial.


Kuchata was initially jointly charged with military intelligence officers Borman Ngwenya, Solomon Makombe and Silas Pfupa, on insurgency, sabotage, banditry or terrorism and money-laundering charges. They were remanded to February 16, but Kuchata was brought to court earlier after reaching a plea arrangement with the State.

However, Kuchata, while all but confirming financing and planning the bombing of the Gushungo Dairy processing plant, questioned how President Robert Mugabe’s private property could be termed State property to sustain the sabotage or terrorism charges.

Gushungo Dairy

“I have one question for the prosecutor: Has Robert Mugabe’s private property anything to do with government?” Kuchata asked.

Prosecutor Michael Reza was taken aback before he attempted to explain how the property can be classified as State property.

“This was an attack on the Office of the President. The attack was aimed at the institution of the Presidency,” Reza said.

Presiding magistrate Hosiah Mujaya ruled that he had changed the plea to not guilty and now the matter would have to go for full trial.

“If you are disputing the facts, I am left with no option, but to change your plea to not guilty and then have the matter go for a full trial,” Mujaya said.

On the second count of money-laundering, Kuchata confirmed supplying the money used for the purchase of the material used to make the petrol bombs. He, however, said he had a right to bomb the property because Mugabe was causing the suffering in the country.

“As a representative of the masses of Zimbabwe, I had a right to bomb Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s private property,” Kuchata said. Mujaya then told the accused that when pleading guilty to charges, it simply means one has also to agree with the facts that form the charges.

“In the circumstances, the court alters your plea from guilty to not guilty and you will have a full trial.” Earlier Mujaya ordered the State prosecutor to have shackles removed from Kuchata if he is in court. The police officers had brought the accused wearing remand prison garb and he was kept in shackles allegedly for security reasons, but Mujaya said people in court should not be shackled or handcuffed.

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  1. Now that’s a tough question – are Mugabe’s cows state property?

  2. bombing private property is insane but in this curse it is a good evil Mugabe my leave no one will ever regret


    True. Kuchata’s question is tough. I believe this guy is a fearless character. Akafa kudhara.

  4. akashinga murume uyu

  5. politics of diversion.

  6. State property. No farm was bought. The property was acquired by the state and Robert Gabriel Mugabe was given a 99year lease. A leasee id not the owner. The leaser is the owner. That question is not hard. Only an idiot would find it wise, brave or good defence. Hokoyo netambo muhuro. I treason iyo!

  7. Anyway Joseph Kanyekanye petrol-bombed Chimanimani Sawmill complex, Stapleford Sawmill and Cashel Sawmills to pave way for his stolen mobile mills and looted 1billion dollars worth of timber together with Nhema and Mujuru. He was rewarded with all his office furniture and company car to run the same scandal from TS. Chinyani, Marowa, Mlambo, Tadzingwa and Kujinga still move around with state cars forming people first. Company money, state money used to destroy the state property. No charges laid so far. Treason chiiko nhai?

  8. The day Joseph Kanyekanye gets into cells thats when this country can say it has rule of law. Right now it is rule of kanyekanye so zvese zvichapiswa kusvikira masunga mujuru, nhema, marowa, chinyani, mlambo, mahari nemadzakutsaku awo?

  9. These guys confuse Mugabe with Zimbabwe. Mugabe is not Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is not Mugabe.
    Mugabe’s private property is not Mugabe and an attack on it should be taken as an attack on any other similar property owned by any other person.
    You cannot say an attack on anything Mugabe owns is an attack on the presidency. Where do you draw the line?
    Is an attack on Mugabe’s delivery vehicle an attack on the presidency? What about an attack on his livestock?
    An attack on Sate House would be an attack on the presidency and not any attack on a loss making dairy.

  10. Tough question. Let’s go to the thefts at the same place. Who was cited as the complainant?
    Was it the farm or the presidency?

  11. Hey getting tired of zim always this and that nothing is changing instead is going from bad to worse because of this fighting within the ruling party . Today mugabe tommorow mnangagwa nextime moyo ,heee mutsvanga ,mai mujuru this and that to be honesty with you comarades Zimbabweans are tired of this shit dramma, we love our country but one day is one day.

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