In pictures: Zanu PF Politburo meeting






George Charamba (2)

Jonathan Moyo arrives for the politiburo

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  1. G40 won this fight hands down. Lacoste is finished. The drunken taxi driving war vets chickened out. You Mutsvangwa, where art thy verbose bluster now, thou chicken Rambo. Better take heed, the end of thee is nigh. Thou shalt soon be cast into the dustbin of history. Thou shalt be nothing.

  2. The so called crocodile is lizard without a tail after all.

  3. Idzo mai idzo hadzinyare kutamba muchongoyo vanhu vakatarisa. nxaaaa

  4. Love, love, love for the first lady and her dress.

  5. Fred are’nt you The PROF??? no more twitter

  6. War vets silenced forever.Vanonzi Dr Amai.Grace anetsa mudhara.He did acknowledge mabasa a Grace ose aya.Vari kuda kuuraya vana vake and bombing her dairy.Saka she wants to finish everyone off before running away to Malaysia.

  7. The first family appears fit and raring to go. Cadres should therefore be reminded that the centre still holds, thus there is no need to fight. Even vultures don’t fight for that which is still moving.

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